AppSumo Plus Review – Is It Really Worth It?

AppSumo Plus Review


AppSumo Plus is a reward membership program where you have to pay $99/year and in return, you would get 10% off on all the AppSumo deals and a lot of other awesome perks.

So, if you are a regular buyer of AppSumo deals then I would highly recommend you to go for this program which would help you save a lot of your bucks.


Are you a Sumo-ling who loves to buy new SaaS tools at a cheap price from AppSumo?

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If yes then you are at the right place. Why?

Because in this article I am going to give you a complete guide of AppSumo Plus – A premium rewards membership program that gives you a lot of perks on all the AppSumo deals.

By the end of this AppSumo Plus review you will get to know that:

  • What is AppSumo Plus and why you should join it?
  • The pricing structure of AppSumo Plus.
  • How to get started with AppSumo Plus and a lot more…

Let’s dive right in.

AppSumo Plus Overview

NameAppSumo Plus
Pricing$99/year or $8.25/month
Used ForGet discounts and additional perks on AppSumo deals.
Key Features1. Gives you a flat 10% off on all AppSumo deals.
2. 72 hours deal extension.
3. Access to an exclusive community.
4. Gives you access to members-only deals.
Free trialNo free trial is available.
Who should have this?Sumo-lings who loves to get LTDs from AppSumo regularly.
Money-Back GuaranteeNo refund is available as it is billed annually.

What Is AppSumo Plus?

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AppSumo Plus is a premium reward membership program by AppSumo which is for all the business owners out there who loves to buy SaaS tools regularly from AppSumo.

By enrolling in this program you get a flat 10% discount on all the AppSumo deals, extra hours to get deals, exclusive members-only deals, and a lot more.

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As you might know that AppSumo deals are mostly lifetime ones where you have to pay only once and you will get its access for a lifetime along with all its future updates.


So, if you are a Sumo-ling like me then you should definitely enroll in AppSumo Plus to save some of your bucks on AppSumo deals.

Pros and Cons of AppSumo Plus


  • Exclusive 10% discount on all the AppSumo Deals.
  • Extra 72 hours access to all the deals.
  • Access to the “SAUCE” community of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.
  • Get 5 favorite AppSumo deals at no extra cost.
  • Gives you access to members-only AppSumo deals.
  • Super affordable SaaS tools membership program.


  • Not suitable for those who don’t buy AppSumo LTDs regularly.

Why You Should Go For AppSumo Plus?

Here are some key reasons why you should definitely enroll in AppSumo Plus:

1. Flat 10% Off on All the Purchases

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Tools are a super important thing to manage and thrive a business and AppSumo is a great way to get lifetime deals on SaaS tools at a super cheap price.

However, buying a lot of them can cause a huge hole in your pocket. So, you can enroll in AppSumo Plus to get a flat 10% off on all the AppSumo deals.

I would highly recommend you to get AppSumo Plus if you buy SaaS deals regularly from AppSumo.

2. Helps You Get Into the Real Sauce

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Building tech businesses is a super tough thing nowadays because of the increase in competition.

But getting the right mentorship can help you build your tech-savvy business easily.

Along with a 10% discount, AppSumo Plus gives you access to “The Sauce” the exclusive community of tech entrepreneurs by AppSumo.

In this community, you will get regular talk shop (all about business tips and tricks), chat with the AppSumo team, and a lot more awesome things that would give you awesome insights to grow your business.

Along with that, you will get access to the remote work academy, freebies, and a lot more things with AppSumo Plus.

3. Additional 72 Hours to Deals

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This is my personal problem with the AppSumo deals that they end quite quick and we regret not taking that deals.

But this is not the case with AppSumo Plus because by enrolling in it you get extra 72 hours to all AppSumo deals.

So, you can easily get your favorite deals even when it is over for the regular Sumo-lings.

4. Gives You Access to Members Only Deals

Member-only deals are one of the key reasons why Sumo-lings love AppSumo plus.

By getting AppSumo Plus you would be eligible for member-only deals and plans which gives you an extra edge.

5. AppSumo’s Favorites…Free

I have recently bought SendFox from AppSumo which is one of the favorite deals of Sumo-lings.

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But do you know how can you get it for FREE? By enrolling in AppSumo Plus.

By getting AppSumo Plus you will get access to five AppSumo favorites for absolutely free which are:

  • Kingsumo
  • SendFox
  • EmailBadge
  • ShortySMS
  • SleekBio

You will get access to all these tools until you remain an active AppSumo Plus member.

AppSumo Plus Pricing

AppSumo Plus is a super affordable reward membership program. To enroll in this program you have to give $99/year. (Cancel anytime)

In short, you have to pay just $99 for 1 year which would cost $8.25 per month which would come back to you just after getting some AppSumo deals.

So, it is a no-brainer that you should definitely buy this program if you regularly get a bunch of lifetime deals from AppSumo.

Curious to know how to enroll in AppSumo Plus? Here is the answer…

How to Become an AppSumo Plus Member?

Here you will get a step-by-step tutorial on how you can become an AppSumo Plus member.

Step 1 – Click on this link to go to the AppSumo Plus site and after that click on the join now button.

How to become an AppSumo Plus member?
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Step 2 – You would be redirected to AppSumo’s checkout page where you first have to make your account on AppSumo.

How to become an AppSumo Plus member?
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Step 3 – Next you have to choose the payment method and after that click on the “Continue to order review” button.

How to become an AppSumo Plus member?
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Step 4 – At last click on the “Place order via secure checkout” and after that do the payment work.

How to become an AppSumo Plus member?
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After the successful payment, you would get an additional 10% discount on all the AppSumo deals and other perks of AppSumo Plus.

Simple, isn’t it?

Ready to join the AppSumo Plus program?

AppSumo Plus Reviews by Sumo-Lings

Here are the AppSumo Plus reviews that I have found by Sumo-lings.

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AppSumo Plus User Reviews
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AppSumo Plus User Reviews
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AppSumo Plus User Reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

AppSumo Plus is a membership program from AppSumo which you get at $99/ year where you get an additional 10% off on all the deals and other additional perks.

AppSumo makes money by charging commissions from the vendors that list deals on their platform.

The commission rate depends on the type of listing on this platform.

You can read this answer by Shehraj Singh to know more about this topic.

Yes, absolutely AppSumo deals are totally worth it.

I know that not all the deals on AppSumo are great but because of the 60-day money-back guarantee, you can take your money back if you don’t like the deal.

Here are all the perks that you get with AppSumo Plus:

  • Flat 10% off on all the AppSumo deals.
  • 72 hours extension for the AppSumo deals.
  • Access to the “Sauce” community.
  • Member-only deals and tools plans.

No, it is not free to join AppSumo Plus but it is quite affordable which costs you just $99/year.

So, what are you waiting for join AppSumo Plus now!

You can get 10% off on AppSumo and many other perks by becoming an AppSumo Plus member.

Sorry to say but AppSumo doesn’t offer a refund policy as it is billed annually.

Yes, you should get AppSumo Plus if you are a regular LTDs buyer from AppSumo. It would help you get an extra discount on all the AppSumo deals and many other awesome perks.

Final Verdict – Is AppSumo Plus Worth It?

Now after knowing A to Z about AppSumo Plus, now is the time to know – Is AppSumo Plus really worth it?

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Yes, it is totally worth it for those who regularly buy tools for their business from AppSumo.

So, grab your AppSumo Plus account if you invest a lot of your money into Appsumo deals regularly.

However, if you buy tools very occasionally from AppSumo then I won’t recommend you AppSumo Plus.

Now you tell me in the comment box that do you regularly buy tools from AppSumo or are you an occasional buyer?

Also, if you have any queries regarding AppSumo Plus then shoot them in the comments down below.

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