9 Best GeneratePress Alternatives To Make Stunning Websites

Looking for the best GeneratePress alternatives for your website?

If yes, then I promise that this post will help you choose the theme of your dreams.

So, without any further delay.

Let’s jump to it.

Why do you need GeneratePress alternatives?

GeneratePress is one of the favorite WordPress themes for bloggers. The main USP of this theme is its super-fast speed which makes it one of the fastest WP themes.

It currently has 90k+ happy customers and has got 1000+ 5-star ratings on wordpress.org.

It is a freemium theme so you can try out its free version on your website right away.

However, if you want full control of this theme then you should definitely go for its premium version.

GeneratePress offers you two simple pricing plans which are:

Key features of GeneratePress

  • Coded with a clean and lightweight code which helps in making your website super fast.
  • Can be paired with the GenerateBlocks plugin to design your website without using any bulky page builder.
  • Comes with Hooks and Sections features that help you design your website easily.
  • Fully SEO and Schema optimized theme which helps your website rank higher on Google.
  • Has super fast support to solve all your queries regarding this theme.
  • Extensive tutorials on the GeneratePress theme are available which help you design this theme easily.

You can read my GeneratePress Free vs Premium review to know more features of the GeneratePress theme.

After knowing all the good things about the GeneratePress theme you might be thinking that – “If GeneratePress is so good then why do I need to try its alternatives?”

The answer to this question is quite simple like any other WordPress theme, GeneratePress also has some problems too.

GeneratePress Downsides

  • The free version of this theme is trash.
  • No drag and drop header and footer builder is there (Even in its pro version).
  • The theme still uses a lot of outdated features which can bloat this theme.
  • Has a learning curve, especially for beginners.

Now let’s jump to the best GeneratePress alternatives that you can use on your website if you don’t like the GP theme.

Best GeneratePress alternatives – At a glance

GeneratePress AlternativePricingLifetime Plan
Kadence ThemeStarts from $59 per yearAvailable
Astra ThemeStarts from $47 per yearAvailable
Neve ThemeStarts from $60 per yearAvailable
Thrive ThemeStarts from $228 per yearNot Available
Ocean WP ThemeStarts from $39 per yearAvailable
Genesis ThemeStarts from $360 per yearNot Available
Divi ThemeStarts from $89 per yearAvailable
Avada Theme$60 for lifetime updatesAvailable
MTS Schema ThemeStarts from $59 per yearAvailable

Hand-picked list of best GeneratePress alternatives in 2022

Now let’s get started with my best GeneratePress alternatives in 2024.

1. Kadence Theme

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I previously used GP premium on this website.

But now I use Kadence on this website because of its extensive customization features.

Both its free and paid version gives you a lot of features that you can use to make your website look great.

I am totally in love with Kadence.

A must-read – Kadence Theme Review 2024 – Is it the best WordPress Theme?

However, to unlock the full potential of this theme you should use it with the Kadence blocks plugin.

The best part?

Kadence blocks are FREE!

It adds a lot of new and amazing features to design your posts and page.

Also, all the designing thing that I have done in this post is just with the Kadence theme and Kadence blocks.

No fancy page builder is used!

For example, I have used Kadence blocks to design my Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Page.

And many of my blogger friends like Nitin Dabas are thinking that I have designed it with Elementor pro which I can’t afford.

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You can make any kind of website, ranging from simple blogs to agency sites, just with the help of the Kadence theme and Kadence blocks plugin.

Kadence Theme Pros

  • Both free and pro version comes with a hell lot of features.
  • Full control on page layout, colors, and more even in the free version.
  • Comes with a free and simple page builder that makes it easier to design your website.
  • Has a lot of free and paid demo sites if you don’t want to design your website from scratch.
  • The pro version of this theme is quite reasonable and worth the money.
  • A super lightweight theme that helps you load your website fast.
  • Great integration with Learn Dash and Lifter LMS.
  • Woocommerce ready both free and paid versions of this theme.

Kadence Theme Cons

  • Not much extensive starter templates library like the competitors.
  • Different websites for Kadence theme, blocks, blocks, etc can be confusing.

Kadence theme speed test

Here is the speed test of Ankit Singla’s website using the Kadence theme:


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Page Speed Insights

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Kadence Theme Pricing 2024

Kadence pro comes at the price of $59 which is similar to the price of GP premium.

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However, in GP premium you get pro demo sites as well, which you won’t get in Kadence pro.

Also, if you want lifetime access to Kadence pro with all its bundles, stater templates, and pro features, then you can buy its lifetime bundle for $599.

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Why you should choose Kadence over GeneratePress?

  • The free theme comes with a lot of features.
  • Don’t want to invest in premium page builders like Elementor to customize your website.
  • A lot of free and premium demo sites which you can use on your website.
  • You can easily customize the website to the fullest even without a premium plugin.

Kadence Theme Reviews

Andy Kirk a professional WordPress designer telling that his favorite WP theme is Kadence.

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Ayush Mishra, founder of bloggers desire Facebook group, tells the reasons why Kadence theme is better than GeneratePress.

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itehmes is praising the free Gutenberg page builder, Kadence blocks for giving amazing features for free.

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Amit Garg from blogging beats has organized a poll where Kadence Pro is ranked 2nd as the best GP alternative.

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Many big bloggers and SEO experts are telling the real worth of the Kadence theme and how much they are enjoying using it.

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2. Astra Theme

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Astra is my second favorite GeneratePress alternative.

This is used in many leading websites around the web like bloggingx.com.

This theme is developed by Brainstorm force, a WordPress theme and plugin development company.

It has been operational for more than 10 years, and now they have over 60 employees

The main highlight of this theme is its super fast speed.

The developer of this theme claims that this theme with default WordPress data loads in under 0.5 seconds.

Brainstorm force developers have put a lot of effort into making this theme under 50kb in size.

Pros of Astra Theme

  • The super-fast loading speed of the theme.
  • A bunch of free and premium demo templates which you can use.
  • Great integration with third-party plugins and page builders.
  • This theme uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of jQuery.
  • Clean code which keeps the website secure and under 50kb in size.
  • A lot of customization options ranging from layout, headers, colors, and more.
  • Great support and tutorials help you customize the theme easily.

Cons of Astra Theme

  • No forum is there.
  • The free version comes with limited functionality.

Astra Theme Speed Test

Here is the speed test of Akshay Hallur’s Bloggingx which uses the Astra theme:


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Page Speed Insights

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Astra Theme Pricing

Astra pro has an edge over GeneratePress premium as it comes at $47 for 1 year, whereas GP premium comes at $59.

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But similar to Kadence pro, it doesn’t give you access to its premium demo site library in this plan.

Along with that, Astra pro also comes with a lifetime license which starts from $249.

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Why you should choose Astra over GeneratePress?

  • Great integration with 3rd party page builders and plugins
  • A lot of demo websites even in the free version as well
  • The Premium version of Astra costs less than GeneratePress
  • Astra premium can be used on unlimited websites, whereas GP premium can be used only on 500 websites

Astra Theme User Reviews

Akshay Hallur from Bloggingx is telling his honest review about using Astra pro on his website.

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In the FB poll organized by Amit Garg, Astra ranked as the best GP alternative.

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Ben Pines, CMO of Elementor, tells his experience of using Astra and how well it blends with Elementor.

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3. Neve Theme

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Neve is freemium WordPress theme by Themeisle

Many websites like onwodoc.com use it on their website.

This is a great GeneratePress alternative if you want to design your website to the fullest.

Neve theme Pros

  • A super-fast theme that loads under 1 second
  • Has Elementor booster feature which helps you design a beautiful website easily with Elementor
  • Both free and premium versions have a lot of features that you can use
  • A lot of website layout options to customize your website to the fullest
  • Bunch of demo sites template which you can use on your website
  • WooCommerce booster feature helps you properly make an E-commerce website
  • The AMP-compatible theme, so your website would load faster on mobile

Neve theme cons

  • Color customization of the free theme is limited

Neve Theme speed test

This is the speed test of a demo website that uses the Neve theme.


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Page Speed Insights

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Neve Theme pricing

Neve Pro starts at 60.55 dollars where you get premium features like header and blog booster, Elementor booster, etc.

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Along with that, you can go for the lifetime option as well which starts from $201.47 for unlimited sites.

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So, you have to just buy it once and can use it on unlimited websites.

Why you should choose Neve over GeneratePress?

  • This theme is fully AMP compatible.
  • A lot of demo site library to use on your website.
  • The free version of this theme comes with a decent amount of features.
  • Elementor booster, custom layout, header, footer, blog booster and more helps you design your website to the fullest.

Neve Theme Customer Reviews

Ankit Main from successpixel.com is telling that Neve’s free theme has enough features to make his website look beautiful.

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Eliyahna is telling her experience of using the Neve theme on one of her client’s websites. Read the review to know how much she really liked it.

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Here is another positive review of the Neve theme, which I found on Product Hunt.

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4. Thrive Themes

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Thrive themes are not actually a single theme but a suite of various tools and themes by Thrive.

The tools which are included in Thrive suite are:

  • Thrive Theme Builder
  • Thrive Architect
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Quiz Builder
  • Thrive Apprentice
  • Thrive Comments
  • Thrive Ultimatum 
  • Thrive Ovation
  • Thrive Optimize

So, if you buy it, you won’t need any other theme or plugin to design your website.

It would help you get more sales with the same amount of traffic.

So, if you use it on your website, then surely you would see a huge conversion boost.

Pros of Thrive Themes

  • A full set of themes and tools, so you won’t have to invest in anything else.
  • Constant updates, access to future plugins, and theme by thrive for free.
  • Helps you seriously increase your website conversions.
  • Great integration with tools for email marketing, lead generation, etc.
  • Best theme and tools for lead generation and affiliate marketing website.
  • Thrive suite comes with access to Thrive University, which helps you understand the functionalities of the tools fully.
  • You can use these thrive tools with other themes as well.

Cons of Thrive Themes

  • It comes at a very high price as compared to other single premium themes in the market.
  • Not for those who just want to get a premium theme, not a bunch of tools.
  • Some tools of thrive suite can slow down your website.
  • A long learning curve to fully understand the tools.

Thrive Theme Speed test

This is the speed test of adamconnell.me which uses thrive themes.


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Page Speed Insights

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Thrive theme pricing

Thrive suite or theme whatever you call it comes in two pricing models.

The first is the quarterly plan, which costs you $90 and gives you full access to the suite for 3 months.

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Next is yearly which costs you $228 and gives you full access to all its tools, plugins, and themes for 1 year.

Along with that, if you want to buy the agency license, it would cost you $588 for 1 year.

Why you should choose Thrive themes over GeneratePress?

  • If you seriously want to increase conversions of your website.
  • Don’t want to invest in premium tools and page builders to design your website.
  • Want to get access to a lot of premium themes and plugins for free.
  • Access to thrive university to access to extensive tutorials to learn marketing.

Thrive theme user reviews

Philip Shaw tells how using thrive themes on his agency’s website has resulted in an increase in conversions.

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Jeff Sauer is telling how you can make your website into a million-dollar business by using Thrive suite.

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Thrive themes has got more than 100 upvotes on their product hunt’s page.

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Daniel Kaplan told how much he liked the Thrive tools arsenal.

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5. Ocean WP Theme

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Ocean WP is a beginner-friendly WordPress theme that is currently used by 7 lakh+ websites around the web.

So, if you want to have a theme that comes with a lot of customization and WooCommerce features.

But at the same time loads like lightning, then this theme is a perfect GP alternative for you.

Pros of Ocean WP

  • This theme gives you a good-looking website and a super-fast speed.
  • Ocean WP has special compatibility with WooCommerce. So you can easily design your online store.
  • Super SEO-friendly theme which would help you to rank higher.
  • With Ocean WP premium and Ocean WP extra plugin, you can design this theme to the fullest.
  • The Premium version comes with a huge set of features from layouts, header, footer, translation, etc.
  • The most unique feature of this theme is that it improvises the stock widgets of this theme to look them more eye-catching.

Cons of Ocean WP

  • A lot of theme customization options can be overwhelming for beginners.
  • This theme uses a lot of plugins to add elements that can slow down this theme.
  • Incompatibility with some cache plugins and using them with this theme can break your website.

Ocean WP Speed Test

Here is the speed test of a demo website that uses the Ocean WP theme.


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Page Speed Insights

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Ocean WP Pricing

Ocean WP premium comes at $39 for 1 year which is a lot cheaper than GP premium.

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However, in this plan, you can only use Ocean WP premium only on one website.

Themeisle provides you with a lifetime license of Ocean WP premium, which starts at $159 for 1 website.

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Why you should choose Ocean WP over GeneratePress?

  • Comes with both free and premium extensions to design your website to the fullest
  • Can easily make a WooCommerce online store with itA lot of features and demo sites even in the free version
  • Fully compatible with third-party page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc
  • This theme comes at a cheaper price than the GP premium. However, can be used only on one website

Ocean WP user reviews

Laurent Vergnaud told him how great even the free version of Ocean WP is and how much he liked it.

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Patrick Fermin is telling that Ocean WP fits perfectly with Elementor and also telling how the author of this theme Nick is putting hard work to make it the best.

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Another user of Ocean WP tells that how many features even Ocean WP free has.

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6. Genesis Theme

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Genesis theme is a very popular open-source framework that can be used by both coders and non-coders too.

The free version of this theme comes with decent pricing.

But if you really want to take the advantage of this theme’s full feature set, then you should go for the pro version.

Along with Genesis pro, you get access to its 35 child themes which lets you customize your website properly.

Genesis theme Pros

  • Super SEO-friendly theme that would help you rank higher on Google.
  • You get top-notch support from Genesis if you invest in their premium theme.
  • Comes with a lot of customization features to design your website fully.
  • The developers of this theme regularly update it to keep it feature-packed.
  • Lots of documentation and tutorials, so you can easily customize it.
  • Fast loading theme gives your website a better user experience.
  • 35 child themes with the pro version which helps you customize the theme properly.
  • Adds extra elements to the Gutenberg editor, so you can use it on your website’s pages and posts to make it more attractive.

Genesis theme Cons

  • The price point at which this theme comes under is a bit expensive
  • You have to learn how you can properly design this theme

Genesis Theme Speed Test

Here is the speed test of a sample website that uses the genesis framework.


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Page Speed Insights

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Genesis Theme Pricing

Genesis pro comes at the price of $360 per year in which you get all the premium themes, tools, and plugins from studiopress along with the theme.

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Also, you can get all this for free if you have your website hosted on WP Engine or Flywheel.

Why you should choose Genesis over GeneratePress?

  • Genesis pro theme comes with 35 child themes to properly customize the theme.
  • You can use its pro version on unlimited websites.
  • You would get a lot of other themes from studio press along with Genesis pro.
  • Get Genesis and many other themes from Studiopress for FREE if you buy hosting from WP Engine or Flywheel.

Genesis Theme User Reviews

Anit C. on Twitter telling how much she liked the genesis theme.

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7. Divi Theme

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Divi is the leading WordPress theme and page builder from Elegant themes.

This theme currently has more than 8 lakh+ customers and a lot of 5-star ratings.

It helps you design each and every part of your website with ease.

So, if you want to start a normal blog website or a business website where you want to capture new leads for your business.

It is perfect for all purposes.

Pros of Divi Theme

  • Comes with a visual page builder to design your website’s posts and pages visually.
  • Best theme for all websites ranging from freelancers to agency owners.
  • Comes with a lot of demo sites if you don’t want to design the theme from scratch.
  • Value for money theme at the price it comes under.
  • Great theme for both coders and non-coders.
  • The coding of this theme is secured by Sucuri security, which makes this theme super secure.
  • Build-in E-mail Marketing theme, so you can easily capture emails of your visitors.
  • Full WooCommerce support to design your online store perfectly.

Cons of Divi Theme

  • The theme is packed with different features, so learning it takes time.
  • This theme uses shortcodes to add elements, which can cause problems if you migrate the theme.

Divi Theme Speed Test

Here is the speed test of the elegant theme’s website, that uses the Divi theme.


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Page Speed Insights

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Divi Theme Pricing

In terms of pricing, Divi has excelled over other themes in this list.

You just have to get 1 premium license of this theme, and you can use it on unlimited websites and unlimited users.

There are two plans for Divi premium available.

First is the yearly plan where you get access to four premium themes Divi, Extra, Blossom, and Monarch.

Along with that, you would get 100s of layout packs, premium support, and unlimited website usage.

It would cost you $89 per year.

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The second plan is the lifetime one, where you get all the features that I have mentioned.

And for that, you just have to pay for it one time, and it would cost you $249.

Why you should choose Divi over GeneratePress?

  • Comes with a full-fledged premium page builder along with the theme.
  • You can make any kind of website with it, ranging from simple blogs to agency websites.
  • A lot of demo sites that you can use on different niche websites.
  • Unlimited pro version license, so you can use it on your websites as well as on your client’s one too.

Divi Theme User Reviews

Howard Blunt is telling his honest experience about the support system of Elegant Themes.

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Another Divi theme user how great the support of Elegant themes is.

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Another review of Divi theme user who is telling how much she liked the theme.

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8. Avada Theme

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Avada theme is a premium theme by Themeforest.

It is their #1 selling theme.

The theme is up and active in the online space for more than 8 years and is trusted by 7 lakh+ customers.

Pros of Avada Theme

  • Form, Store, and Page builder helps you design form, WooCommerce store, and website easily.
  • Comes with a performance wizard which helps you increase your website performance and load it faster.
  • The Pro version of this theme comes with 6 premium plugins for free.
  • With this theme, you can easily make a mega menu for complex navigation.
  • Helpful community and documentation to fix problems and learn new things about the theme.
  • 40+ pre-built website templates to choose from.

Cons of Avada Theme

  • Leaves shortcodes after deactivation, which can cause problems during theme migration.
  • Not good if you want to create a simple blog because most of the features of this theme would be wasted.
  • Use a lot of plugins to add features that can slow down your website.

Avada Theme Speed Test

Here is the speed test of a demo website that uses the Avada theme.


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Page Speed Insights

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Avada Theme Pricing

The pricing of the Avada theme is quite simple. It comes at $60 for one of your or your client’s websites, for which end users are not charged.

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Along with that, you get future updates of these themes for a lifetime and 6 months of support from ThemeFusion.

Why you should choose Avada over GeneratePress?

  • Comes with 120+ design and layout elements to design your website.
  • Performance wizard to improve the performance and speed of your website.
  • Comes with free form bu to capture emails easily.

Avada Theme User Reviews

Henry who is a web developer was developing websites on WordPress with full coding for 1.5 years.

Recently he tried no coding website with the Avada theme and his experience was great.

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Square bird tells how much their clients love the Avada theme and that is the reason why they specialized in it.

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9. MTS Schema Theme

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MTS Schema is a very popular theme from My Theme Shop

This theme is majorly known for its speed, SEO friendliness, and ads compatibility

Schema theme is one of the best in the market if you want to make a Google AdSense website and earn money from it.

This theme is used by many websites in the online space like nikolaroza.com.

Pros of MTS Schema Theme

  • The minimalistic theme is best for creating a normal blog kind of website.
  • Schema and SEO-ready theme, which helps you rank higher on Google.
  • Integrated Related Posts and social media widgets, so you won’t have to install a plugin for it.
  • Comes with a lot of useful shortcodes to add different elements to your website.
  • In build review and ad management system, which makes this theme best for both affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.
  • Fully compatible with Elementor, so you can design a beautiful website with Elementor.

Cons of MTS Schema Theme

  • Price Renewal of this theme is quite high.
  • It is not the right theme if you want to make your business website with this theme.

MTS Schema Speed Test

This is the speed test of nikolaroza.com, which uses the Schema theme.


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Page Speed Insights

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MTS Schema Pricing

MTS schema theme costs you $35 for 1 website with 1 year of support and updates from schema theme support.

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Along with that, you can also take its membership which makes you eligible for all the premium themes and plugins which cost you $99 for 1 website.

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Why you should choose MTS schema over GeneratePress?

  • Inbuilt review system to write effective blog descriptions.
  • Inbuilt ad management dashboard to easily manage Google and other ads on your website.
  • Powerful theme panel to effectively customize this theme.
  • Schema and Snippet support to rank on the zeroth position of Google.

MTS Schema Theme User Reviews

Michal, a customer of MyThemeShop is telling the reasons why he likes MyThemeShop themes (the company who made schema theme) so much.

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Anthony who is another customer of MyThemeShop tells the benefits of themes and plugins from MyThemeShop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In my opinion, the best GeneratePress alternative is the Kadence theme because of the following factors:

1. Both free and pro versions have a lot of features
2. Kadence blocks plugin is a great Gutenberg page builder for FREE!
3. The structure and speed of this theme are some of the best

All three themes are some of the best themes in the whole WordPress directory and have quite distinct key features.

Kadence is known for its customization and speed. Whereas Astra and Neve are known for their huge library of demo sites.

I have used all three themes, but Kadence is my favorite.

Because first even in its free version it can beat many premium WP themes.

Second, even a beginner who doesn’t have proper knowledge of theme customization can customize the Kadence theme

GeneratePress, Kadence, Astra, and Neve are the fastest WordPress themes.

Astra and Neve are quite similar because their core features are similar.

Both of the themes are known for their speed, customization, and a huge library of demo websites.

But according to my, Astra is a winner because of its lightning-fast speed and Elementor compatibility.

However, the Neve theme provides more customization features in the free version than the Astra theme.

The END!

GeneratePress deserves every bit of the title as one of the best and fastest WordPress themes.

But in case you don’t want to use the GeneratePress theme or want to switch from it then this list of alternatives will do the trick.

Now tell me which of the following themes you like the most and planning to use on your website?

Tell me your answer in the comments down below.

Also, one request to share this post so that it reaches a wider audience.