How to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie 2023? [14 Pro Bloggers tips]

Driving traffic to your website is hard if you are a beginner with zero experience in this field.

Do you know that over 90% of websites on the internet don’t get single traffic from Google?

Which makes this problem even bigger.

So, to solve this problem I have contacted 14 pro bloggers who will give their personal tips on how they drive traffic to their blog as a newbie.

In this roundup post, you will get to know:

  • How to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie in 2024?
  • Mistakes to avoid while driving traffic to your blog.

So let’s get started.

1. Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal response on how to drive traffic as a beginner on blog
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Anil Agarwal is a pro blogger and affiliate marketer who blogs at He has been in this blogging industry for more than 10 years. If you want to know blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing from scratch then you should definitely follow his blog. You can read Anil Agarwal interview here.

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If you’re a newbie and looking to drive more traffic to your blog, here are a few tips I highly recommend.

Target long-tail keywords: Targeting long-tail keywords are the best way to increase your search traffic. They are also easy to rank for. You can use tools like Semrush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, etc to find low-competitive long-tail keywords.

Build links: If you want to quickly increase your search traffic, you need to build the authority of your blog. The best way to do that is to build backlinks. You can use various tactics like guest posting, blog commenting, quora, etc to build links for your blog.

Connect with influencers: Make sure to network with influential bloggers in your niche. Frequently link to their posts, leave comments, retweet their stuff, email them regularly to stay in touch.

Here are a few mistakes to avoid generating more traffic.

  • Stop publishing new posts without doing keyword research. Always find primary and secondary keywords for every post you write.
  • Don’t forget on-page SEO. Use plugins like Rank Math to optimize the on-page SEO of your posts.
  • NEVER copy content. Most newbies create content by copying other articles. It’s NEVER going to help you.

2. Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie
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Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj is a master Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and YouTuber. He is creating awesome content for newbie bloggers from his blog and YouTube channel so that they can excel in their blogging and affiliate marketing journey. You can read Mangesh Interview here.

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This question is very common and I got this lot of time on my Youtube videos and social media accounts.

Let me tell you, getting organic traffic on a new blog is quite difficult in the initial 5 to 6 months until and unless you are working on a very very low competition niche.

So what do we have to do to get traffic on a new blog?

My simple and straight answer is to focus on other platforms and ways to get traffic.

It means utilizing social media platforms like FB group, FB Page, Instagram, Twitter, Social bookmarking.

Just do all the above activities, it will give you some initial traffic for your new blog. Not only traffic it will also help you in increasing the visibility of your site in search engine result pages.

Growing a blog is not a rabbit race. It is a tortoise race slowly-slowly your blog will grow organically and through social media.

And yaa don’t forget to utilize traffic goldmines that are Quora and Pinterest.

These 2 platforms are my personal favorite that I always use to get initial traffic on the new blogs.

Q2. Mistakes to avoid while driving traffic to your website?

A common mistake that every newbie makes for driving traffic to a new site is that they share their blog posts everywhere.

Like in FB groups, telegram group, FB post comment section, and where not. This is the most common mistake.

Instead of getting traffic, it will harm your blog. If you share it in the irrelevant group then most probably no one visits your blog.

Those who visit your blog are not interested in your content. So they will visit and in few seconds they will bounce back, and this will increase the bounce rate.

As a result, you will not get good engagement on your blog and your ranking will also suffer.

So keep in mind, blog promotion is very important. But sharing it in irrelevant places is the worst thing.

You can see my Hindi video on this topic to get more value.

3. Ayush Mishra

Ayush Mishra response on how to drive traffic on your blog as a newbie
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Ayush Mishra is a Passionate Blogger and Affiliate Marketer who blogs at He is providing awesome content through his Blog, Instagram, and YouTube channel about blogging which would surely help bloggers to make big in this industry. You can check Ayush Mishra interview here.

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There are many ways to drive traffic to your new website and here I have shared the most practical tips to increase traffic to your website as a beginner.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – An SEO strategy helps you tune your website to be as search-engine-friendly as possible.

2. Build Community – You should start building a strong community & for this, you can use social media. I had also started with Facebook groups & now there are 8.7k+ members in my private FB group community.

3. Build Email List – Start focusing on building an email list from day one. According to research, 70% of users leaving your website will never return. This is why you need to start building your email list so you can bring your visitors to your blog again and again.

4. Leverage Social Media – There are many social media websites available but most of using them are just for entertainment purposes. You should use them to maximize your business growth. To drive traffic to your new website you should regularly share your blog posts with your audience.

5. Use Q & A Websites – There are thousands of Question and Answer websites on the Internet. The benefit of answering questions on these platforms is that your answers will remain online for a very, very long time, which means that your blog will receive regular traffic. You should start with Quora.

Now you know the best effect to boost your site traffic, but you should avoid these traffic generation mistakes to take your blog to the next level.

1. Writing without knowing the ideal audience

2. Not focusing on email list building

3. Not posting consistently

4. Not adding the value in the content

5. Publishing thin content

6. Not building relationships with other bloggers

7. Starting a free blog

If you want to make blogging a business then must have to invest in good hosting, branded domain name, & theme.

4. Yogesh Sambhare

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Yogesh Sambhare is a great Blogger and Digital guy who blogs at He has been in this blogging industry since 2018 and he is providing actionable blogging tips through his blog. Follow him to learn quality SEO and blogging tips.

Follow Yogesh on his social media –

First of all, thanks, Nishant, for inviting me for this roundup post

So, driving traffic on a website is not much hard, but if you are a newbie in this blogging or digital marketing world, with your brand new website then it’s a bit difficult.

Because when you start your blogging journey that time your website doesn’t have any authority regarding any particular topic,

Even if you are a master in your niche but don’t have a website, how can google understand your expertise?

Website age and authority matter.

So as a newbie for getting initial traffic is a bit hard, but I will tell you some proven tips using that you can get your initial traffic,

1. Social Media

Social media is the best way to get instant website traffic to your website. To get quality traffic from social media, you have to think like bloggers, which means joining different blogging and your niche-related group. Try to take part in their conversation, and add value to their use with your website link.

2. Do Proper Keywords Research

For keyword research, always focus on long-tail keywords and make posts on these for at least one year and after that, you can target some specific keywords as well.

3. Make pillar post or evergreen content

This means try to post some long and evergreen content, which never gets old or outdated by time, and always try to build links for these types of content.

4. Internal linking

Internal liking is the powerful way to distribute any particular page authority to all pages of your site, and ultimately boost your ranking and get good organic traffic.

Mistakes You Should Avoid as a new blogger.

  • Don’t go for a bot traffic provider. This is the biggest mistake if you do this. It won’t help you in a long run.
  • Always focus on quality traffic. Unnecessary useless traffic is waste of resources and money.

Read my guide on Amature bloggers always make lots of mistakes.

5. Sumit Sao

Sumit Sao response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie?
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Sumit Sao is an expert blogger and affiliate marketer who blogs at He is a super active networker at Facebook and due to which he has excelled his Facebook group from 0 to more than 40,000 members. Follow his blog if you want to know the exclusive blogging and affiliate marketing hacks. You can read Sumit interview with me here.

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If you have started a new blog then it may take time to get traffic from search engines.

Here are some methods which will you to get traffic to your site:

  • Quora: Go to and find questions related to your niche. Answer these questions and add your blog post links in a natural way.
  • Blog commenting: Commenting on other popular blogs related to your niche will also help you to get some referral traffic.
  • Secret Method: Make a list of all the bloggers in your niche who have lots of followers on Twitter or Facebook. Mention them in your blog post and inform them about it via email. There is a huge chance that they’ll share this article with their audience and you’ll get a good amount of traffic for free. 

Watch this video where I’ve invited 10+ Pro Bloggers who have shared How to get traffic to a new website. I hope that this video will help you.

Many beginner bloggers make a big mistake that they don’t try to convert their traffic into their audience. 

Let me explain the difference between traffic and audience with a simple example so that you can understand it in a better way.

If 100 people are visiting your blog daily then it’s just traffic that visits your site, reads your article, and leaves your site. If they have visited your site for the first time that there is a high chance that they may forget the name of your site and may never visit your site.

Now, let me explain what is Audience. If the same 100 people are visiting your site but this time you are using either an opt-in form to capture their email or you are encouraging them to join your Facebook Group.

Suppose, out of this 100 people, 20 people joined your email list or Facebook group now they are your audience. You can bring them back to your site whenever you want by sending emails or FB posts. 

I use the same method to build my audience on my Facebook group (43k+ members) and email list.

All the best.

6. Ayush Singh

Ayush Singh response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a beginner?
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Ayush Singh is a blogger and affiliate marketer who blogs at He is a great blogger who has mastery in finding keywords that require very few backlinks to rank. He just ranks his websites with high-quality content. Follow him to know how to write quality content. You can check Ayush Singh interview here.

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As a newbie, Generating traffic to your website seems so difficult. Don’t worry you’re not alone, I know this pain very well. 

However, if you use some good strategies at the beginning then it will help you to grow faster.

Here I am going to tell you the two most effective steps which will help you to drive traffic to your website as a newbie:

1. Write on low Competitive Keyword

Keyword researching is the main and very important part of any niche. As a newbie, you want to grow fast by writing on the keyword which has more searches.

But the fact is you will not be able to rank on high competitive keywords if your website doesn’t have some authority.

If you select a less competitive keyword, It will help you to generate some traffic from search engines, and there are lots of chances for your website ranking.

2. Social Media

This is one of the best and easiest ways to get traffic for your website. Almost everyone uses social media platforms, go to the places online where your target audience hangs out and shares content.

You can set up social media sharing buttons on your website too. If your audience likes your content asks them to share it on their social media handles.

Here I’m going to share few things which will surely help you:

  • Join relevant Facebook groups
  • Share helpful articles and videos on these groups
  • Leave thoughtful comments on user-generated content
  • Build good relations with your competitors.

Lots of people do mistakes while creating any website or driving traffic on their website. 

Here are few things which you need to avoid:

  • Don’t Write Low-Value or Less Content. 

You also heard somewhere that ‘Content is the king’, it’s damn true. Writing valuable content gives positive results to you without creating backlinks.

The chances of ranking will also decrease if you write less content in your posts. So, make sure you are not doing the above point on your website or blog.

Note – I have recently started using Jasper for my blog content creation process. You can try it for absolutely free using its free trial.

  • Don’t Write Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can seriously make you in trouble. Don’t even try to do that. If you duplicate any content from your website or another website then the search engines will never index your post.

If there are duplicate URLs that are used inconsistently, it causes search bots to be confused and consequently devaluing the URL or affecting your website’s search rankings.

  • Poor Loading Time

Using large images, videos or choosing bad web hosting will end up in the poor loading time of your website. 

This is one of the major ranking factors of search engines. If your website is poorly loaded, Google will never rank your website on its top positions.

Every time a user visits any web page directly from search results, search engines pay close attention to how long they stay on that page and the actions they take on the web page.

So, clearly monitor your website or blog speed and improve it.

7. Amit Garg

Amit Garg response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie?
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Amit Garg is a blogger and affiliate marketer who blogs at He is a master of creating awesome blog content, updating it, and networking with other bloggers. And that is the reason how he has made a great mark in this blogging industry in such a short time. Read Amit Garg’s interview here.

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Targeting the RIGHT keywords while implementing on-page SEO best practices is the ultimate key to drive long-lasting traffic to your website for free.

Blog commenting works well for newbies. It will not only help you bring more traffic to your blog but also build relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

More exposure and backlinks are some of the other benefits of blog commenting.  

Next, you can take advantage of Quora — the largest Q & A platform with over 300 million active users.

The best thing about Quora is that your answers remain live for months or even years that leads to consistent traffic.

Last but not least is social media, especially Facebook groups

Facebook has a massive user base and offers free access to Facebook groups.  

You can join relevant groups in your niche where you can promote your content and network with other bloggers.

Creating your own group is also a good idea that will help you make a community around your niche and grow your blog.  

In addition to that, these are the two basic mistakes you should avoid to boost your site traffic:

1. Quantity Over Quality 

Long-form articles work in any niche!

If you’re the one who’s more focused on the number of posts rather than the quality of the content, you’re making a big mistake.

So, stop doing this and start creating in-depth articles (at least 2000+ words) from today.

2. Not Optimizing Old Posts

Crafting new content is important but you can neglect the importance of updating the old posts. 

Moreover, you should track the keywords you are already ranking for on the first or second page of Google search results and then optimize (add more relevant content, screenshots, internal links, etc.) the relevant pages for those queries.

8. Archana Tiwari

Archana Tiwari response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie?
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Archana Tiwari is an emerging blogger and affiliate marketer who blogs at She is a housewife and part-time blogger. She is a role model for all those housewives who want to do something extra. Follow her blog for in-depth blogging and affiliate marketing tips for beginners.

Follow Archana on social media –

No matter how you have created your blog and how many articles you have published on it, if you are not getting any traffic then your entire effort is worthless.

This generally happens with newbie bloggers when it comes to blogging. Do you agree with me? You must!

After all the question is, why does this happen and what is the solution for it. So let me clear all your doubts.

There are a lot of problems that affect your blog growth but here are some crucial points that you have to consider before you start any blog.

  • Learn the basics of blogging and explore how it works.
  • Take inspiration from professionals but don’t copy them.
  • Find your interest and passion in which you are comfortable.
  • Select that niche in which you can write for a long time.
  • Learn the niche related skills and tips to level up your knowledge.
  • Choose the right platform and tools to make your workflow easier.
  • Do proper research and make a solid content plan before you start writing.
  • And many more.

So, it is clear that if you start a blog on a well-researched topic with passion then you are able to achieve your goal.

There is no shortcut to grow online and present yourself as a successful blogger. You have to work hard but in a smart way.

When you have completed the above task and created a blog, now it is time to write high-quality content around your niche.

It is the most challenging task that requires a lot of research to find what your target audience wants to read.

If you are not doing so then again you are making a huge mistake that can destroy your blogging journey drastically.

Because “Content is Always a King” and you can’t compromise with it.

Apart from that, it determines the future of your blogging and how much traffic you are going to drive by creating quality content.

Here are some tips for gaining quality traffic on a new blog-

  • Do proper competitive research for finding right keywords
  • Explore topic ideas around your target keywords
  • Create content outline on selected topics
  • Write comprehensive article that covers all topics
  • Explain those points which are required.
  • Don’t mislead your readers and create problem solving content.
  • Distribute your content to the right people at the right time on the right platforms.
  • Enable social media share option on your each blog post.
  • Try multiple ways to market your content like email, notification, groups share, etc.
  • And many more.

Now the last but not the least point, what the common and critical mistake every new blogger makes to drive traffic on a new blog.

  • Not doing analysis before writing.
  • Not optimizing their article.
  • Presenting wrong irrelevant content in front of readers.
  • Not using a compelling headline (title) that describes the entire content.
  • Trying to write everything in spite of sticking to one niche.
  • Distributing their content everywhere (need to decide audience circle)
  • Writing low quality (thin) content that doesn’t fulfills user needs.
  • And many more

This is all about, How to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie and mistakes to avoid while driving traffic.

You can learn more here about how to promote & drive organic traffic on a new blog.

9. Nikola Roza

Nikola Roza response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie?
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Nikola Roza is a blogger and expert affiliate marketer who blogs at He has suffered a lot in his life and he has made that his motivation for making handsome money online with affiliate marketing. You should definitely follow him on his blog and other socials to know how to build a profitable blog. Check out his Nikola full interview here.

Follow Nikola on social media –

The best way to drive traffic to a new blog is to first publish a decent amount of articles in 3 months, let’s say 30 money pages, and then give Google 1 month to rank them as they want.

Then on the fourth month, you need to go into your Google Search Console and see which pages rank the best organically.

Because some pages will tank immediately, while others will rank unreasonably high.

Then you need to put 100% of your effort into those pages knowing that if Google loves you for them, and they’re brand new and have no links or any external signals, then what will happen when you start building links and doing proper SEO to them?

You will rank!

For example, my Grammarly student discount page ranked in the first 20 positions after only 21 days.

Google showed me they like that page so now I’m going to spend more of my time and effort to rank it.

For me in this case, contextual interlinking + footer internal link + regular content updates should do the trick.

Nikola Roza grammarly discount page
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10. Chayan Chakrabarti

Chayan Chakrabarti response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie
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Chayan Chakrabarti is a blogger and digital marketer who blogs at He provides quality articles about blogging, SEO, and digital marketing through his blog. He is also a great and generous networker so you can easily talk to him on his socials if you have a blogging query. Check out Chayan’s interview here.

Follow Chayan on social media –

Visitors to your website are not just a number. They came to your website to fulfill a purpose.

If you can’t fulfill that purpose, they will not come to your website or search engines will not show them your website. So think about what your website providing to them?

Suppose you have a website where you post about education. There is a professional course about which you have written. You have provided all the information but have not been given the option of how to apply for the course.

Here you are not fully cooperating with your website users. You have to write in great detail, and there is no shortcut for that.

You should treat your website business as if you are providing a service.

As a beginner, you should focus more on getting that organic traffic. Yes, you heard me right. SEO isn’t dead and it can still give you massive traffic if you are disciplined enough.

Don’t target keywords that have millions or thousands of search volumes when you start. Try using keywords that have around 100 to 200 volumes and less competition.

It’s like when you get a car dealership, people will visit you and see what you are capable of. If they get a good discount, maybe they will refer their friends or upgrade their car from you.

Search engines also work the same way. So be focused and follow all the basic things that a webmaster should do to get some more users.

Now after that you can come up with things like SEO takes time and budget. Yes, I hear that, and trust me I also believe the same.

However, I believe that the foundation is important. It’s often observed that new bloggers operate with a predefined budget.

So along with SEO, they have to do a lot of manual work like link building and posting articles on sites like Quora, LinkedIn, and other social sites.

These steps will also give them some more traffic eventually. Once you have decent authority, then you can target those big topics, and eventually, the ranking and traffic will improve. This is not a one-day or one-month process.

I get questions like “I have done backlinks, but I’m not getting traffic. What should I do?” or “I have done complete SEO since I am struggling. I am getting frustrated. Won’t my blog make money?”

Let me break that for you. Don’t try to be a master or don’t think you are a master if you haven’t spend at least 5 years blogging.

As a blogger you have to make many decisions, some will work. Some won’t. That’s okay. Being a blogger isn’t easy, otherwise, everybody in our surroundings would have a successful blog.

Do not buy spam or bot traffic thinking that they will increase your AdSense revenue or give you more affiliate sales.

Stay calm, be focused, and follow the on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Leverage social media and if you have a budget then you can use paid ads.

And eventually, you will see growth. Growth may skyrocket, may be nominal, but that number shouldn’t be a deciding factor for your future work.

11. Venkat Randa

Venkat Randa response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie
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Venkat Randa is a blogger and digital marketing consultant who blogs at He is a super hardworking blogger who does a lot of things online and you can find him everywhere on social media, blogs, and more. Follow him if you want to get practical blogging advice as a beginner blogger.

Follow Venkat on social media –

Thank you, Nishant for giving me this opportunity.

You can get traffic to our new blog in different ways.

Social media is a great place to get the initial traffic. You have to make the profiles on Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Afterward, you regularly have to share our articles on these profiles. You have to add some native content also which would decrease the spam.

It’s better to open one dedicated Facebook group for your blog. Divert the blog readers to the Facebook group.

Regularly you have to share tips and strategies on this group and promote your blog posts in this group.

Next, you can also start a YouTube channel. It is somewhat easy to get traffic from YouTube when compared with Google. You can convert our blog posts to videos and upload them to YouTube.

You can include a blog post link in the description. It will surely help you to drive quality traffic to your blog.

Next, build the email list from day one. Send value and your articles to this email list regularly.

Next, install push notifications like OneSignal on your blog. This one also will help you to build the audience. You have to send value and your articles to this audience regularly.

You can conduct roundup posts like this. For that, you have to invite pro bloggers and they will contribute their part in the roundup post. This will also help you to get good traffic.

You can also interview the influencers in your niche. This method also will help you to get good traffic to your blog.

You can mention your blogging friends and influencers in your niche. Inform them about this mention via mail or social media. They will share your posts.

It is difficult to get traffic from search engines in the beginning days. You have to target the long-tail keywords to get the traffic from search engines like Google.

You can also run paid ads like Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads to get the traffic to your blog posts.

Mistakes to avoid:

  1. Building links from day one. First produce some articles and promote tehm. Based on the rankings available in Google Search Console you can build the backlinks.
  2. Not building an email list from day one.
  3. Not building a community like Facebook group or Telegram group or Whatsapp group.
  4. Not connecting with the other bloggers.
  5. Not leveraging the advantage of social media.

12. Mudassir Ahmed

Mudassir Ahmed response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a newbie
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Mudassir Ahmed is a great blogger and networker who blogs at The thing that I love about Mudassir is that he networks so well with different bloggers in this blogosphere. He regularly posts quality blogging articles and roundup posts with experts on his blog to give his audience quality blogging tips.

Follow Mudassir on social media –

New bloggers often aim for high-competitive keywords and spend a long time battling them out for the top SERPs, which can be challenging (or should I say Impossible?) to achieve with null or little website authority.

The secret is to identify and create content around low monthly search volume keywords that can align with your blog’s authority, start generating traffic and ensuring your topical authority.

You can easily rank for such keywords by composing great content, with little to no investment in backlinks and no domain rating.

As you go targeting unpopular keywords, you will have fair pieces of content bringing in lots of relevant and potential buyer traffic by some time.

You can interlink each piece with another relevant one, allowing you to pass SEO juice to the deserved posts and enabling your users with easy and well-organized navigation.

What happens is, instead of struggling to achieve success with a single big keyword, you are targeting low-hanging (low K.D) ones as you can and moving a step ahead over your rivals logically.

That’s not it.

You can optimize it for next-level keywords as you scale your efforts and results and compete with big guys.

Plus, your competition often overlooks low-volume keywords, and you can grab the opportunity without any second thoughts and make the most out of it.

How to explore such keywords?

Use tools like AnswerThePublic, UberSuggest, and Semrush.

Excellent and worth putting effort strategy for new blogs who just want to build more traffic. In the process, you may also find lucrative keywords that will pay off in terms of conversions.

13. Santosh Gairola

Santosh Gairola response on how to drive traffic to your blog as a beginner?
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Santosh Gairola is a blogger turned author who has a deep connection with writing. He blogs at where he shares quality blogging and SEO tips. Follow him to know how to start a blog as a total beginner.

Follow Santosh on his social media –

As a newbie blogger, your intention should be to establish yourself as an authority blogger in your niche.

It is a secret recipe for success. Lots of people have increased their traffic by presenting themselves as an authority.

There are a few ways through which you can establish yourself as an authority blogger.

  • Create only quality post which is helpful for your audience.
  • Write in-depth content and present it, visually appealing to the visitors.
  • Narrowing your topic, discussing everything under the sun around that particular Niche.
  • Don’t push sales, give unbiased views for any product or services you are selling online.
  • Help others and be genuine is the way to establish yourself as an authority.

Writing quality articles is the most important aspect of blogging. Give detailed information about the topic of your blog. 

In one of my blogs, I wrote an 8000-word article, which helped me to rank for multiple keywords. After writing that long article, it made me realized that after reading my post the reader doesn’t need to visit any other blog post on the same topic.

Therefore, writing quality posts will help you to establish your blog as a brand and the path of authority blogger will become clear for you.

The second thing that you can do is improve your blog design or theme by making it fast-loading on the browser. With mobile-first indexing, you must have a responsive theme for your blog.

One of the biggest mistakes that new bloggers make is keyword stuffing that can destroy your blog reputation in the eyes of Google crawlers. Google says to sprinkle the keywords on the specific place, not to stuff keywords in your entire post.

Filling your post with the continuously targeting keyword comes under keyword stuffing. Google doesn’t like the blogs which do keyword stuffing.

I hope this would help.


Santosh Gairola.

14. Ramesh Rawat

Ramesh Rawat Blogger response on how to drive traffic to website
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Ramesh is an expert blogger and affiliate marketer who blogs at He regularly provides actionable blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing tips through his blog and social media. Follow him if you really want to start your online journey.

Follow Ramesh on his social media –

Search engine optimization can be a brilliant strategy to increase your website traffic, but it isn’t always enough.

Imagine if your business depended on SEO for all of its traffic. What would happen when the search algorithms change? You could lose out on potential customers!

It’s essential to diversify your methods of increasing website traffic, as it can yield better results than changing only one method at a time. If you have multiple sources of traffic, changes in algorithms won’t wholly halt your business.

Optimizing your web traffic is crucial to keeping your business running smoothly. Diversifying your website traffic is also essential to ensuring your SEO strategy doesn’t work to your disadvantage.

It’s a constantly evolving process, and there are many aspects to it – from optimizing content to working out how to structure your pages.

However, we will look at effective strategies to drive traffic to your website without SEO, so you’ll not be stuck up if the algorithm changes.

Why Should You Grow Traffic Without SEO?

You can quickly generate substantial traffic from SEO alone, but not all traffic is equal. High-quality traffic, including users more likely to convert, offers a better ROI. So it would be best if you prioritized it.

In addition, if you’re not an SEO expert, you may want to focus on other strategies to grow your website traffic efficiently.

You don’t have to ignore SEO completely. Regardless of their niche, all websites must follow the best SEO practices to avoid being penalized by search engines and to ensure that the site gets indexed.

These strategies will help you add to your SEO efforts. 

Content Marketing

These content marketing strategies include podcasts, blog posts, infographics, YouTube videos, free downloadable PDFs, etc.

Paid Ads

If you’re looking for quick results with a limited budget, why not try paid advertising? PPC ads can instantly generate hundreds, if not thousands, of clicks to your website. Additionally, with new advertising and social media platforms appearing and innovating regularly, getting your ads in front of the right people is becoming more accessible than ever.

Social Media Strategies

Engage with your audience: Post interesting, shareable content and encourage your followers to comment and share your content.

Work with PRs: Hire people who will work with you to get your stories out to your desired audiences.

Guest Blogging: Write content for specific audiences and post a guest post on their blogs. 

Link Building Strategies

Can Link building help you increase your web traffic without relying on SEO?

There are several tips for developing effective link-building strategies that will increase website traffic. 

You can use link building to expand your reach, get your content in front of new users, and generate conversation around your brand.

Interact With Other Blogs

Guest blogging is an excellent strategy for driving traffic to your site. You can leverage somebody else’s audience to broaden your brand’s reach. 

Don’t Neglect Email Marketing.

Content marketing is the foundation for a successful online business, but it’s not the only one. There are lots of other tactics that can help drive traffic to your website.

Email marketing is powerful. If done right, it can bring in massive amounts of new business. Just be careful not to flood your customers and prospects with relentless emails about everything you do in your business.

Mistakes to avoid while driving traffic to your website?

1. Don’t focus on one strategy while driving traffic to your website

2. Don’t just rely on other platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. instead, build your audience. 

Bonus! – My Blog Traffic Techniques

While writing this article I thought that it would be bad if I won’t tell you my personal blog traffic techniques.

Here are the blog traffic techniques that I use to drive traffic to my blog:

  • It is really difficult to drive organic traffic if your blog is new so focus on social media for traffic. However, don’t go for all the platforms at once just choose one or two platforms excel in it and then expand slowly.
  • Connect with other bloggers in your niche and grow your network. It would result in liking your post by them, sharing it on their account which would increase your traffic.
  • Blog commenting is an easy-peasy way to drive referral traffic to your website and make a strong relation with your fellow bloggers.
  • Focus on link building. 55.24% of the pages on the internet don’t have a backlink. So if you want to rank higher on Google then you need backlinks for that. As a newbie you can build backlinks by guest posting.
  • Publish interview and roundup posts on your blog. It would increase your website’s social share and would increase your website traffic.
  • Use law of reprocity to get more shares. By reprocity means that share your other fellow bloggers blog posts on your social media. Do this regularly and they would do the same when you would publish a new post. It would increase your blog post shares and get traffic.

There are a lot of mistakes that newbie bloggers do while driving traffic to their websites.

Some major mistakes are mentioned here:

  1. Beginner bloggers use gray or black hat SEO to drive traffic to their websites. For example spammy backlinks, buying backlinks, bot traffic and more. In short term it can increase your website’s traffic but in long run it would penalise you a lot.
  2. Don’t share your blog everywhere especially on your family’s facebook or whatsapp group etc. Just share your blog post only where you target audience is present.
  3. Don’t go for quantity traffic but for quality one because targeted traffic can drive your sales and earning. However, unnecessary traffic can would only put load on your hosting’s server.
  4. Please don’t use social media just for traffic not for building a community. Building a community on social media helps you get a regular traffic and helps you build a brand as well.

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Wrap up!

Driving traffic to your blog as a beginner is not easy but not impossible though.

Just follow the tips given by these pro bloggers, implement them for at least 6 months and you would surely see traffic coming to your website.

Now I would like to hear from you, which pro blogger advice on driving blog traffic you liked the most.

Tell me your response in the comments down below.

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