How To Start Event Blogging? (Definitive Guide)

If you are in this blogging world for a while then you might have heard this saying that to earn from blogging you will have to wait.

However, what if I say that there is a way in which you can make money through blogging fast?

It is with the help of event blogging.

However, there is a scarcity of genuine information regarding event blogging on the web which is the reason why most event bloggers fail to make money through event blogging.

But not to worry because in this event blogging guide I am going to break each and every aspect of event blogging which would help you start your very own profitable event blog.

Excited? Let’s get started.

Event Blogging 101 (Infographic Version)

Event Blogging Infographic
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Note – You are more than welcome to use this infographic on your website. However, add a credit link back to this post while using this infographic.

What Is an Event Blog?

An event blog is a blog that is based on a particular event for example Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, and more.

To start an event blog you have to first pick an event of your interest, create content around it on your blog, promote it to drive traffic, and at last make money through it.

I have seen a lot of bloggers creating an event blog around IPL (Indian Premier League) every year and making a hell lot of money through it.

Along with that, there are a lot of other event blogging niches that you can work on for a short time and in return, you can earn a lot of money through it.

Event blogging is kind of similar to micro-niche blogging where you have to find a hyper-targeted niche, find long-tail keywords, create content around it, and at last monetize it.

Is Event Blogging Dead?

From the last couple of years, it is said that event blogging is dead because of the huge rise of event bloggers.

But is it really dead? No, it is not dead if you set up your event blog properly, write quality content on it and monetize it properly.

However, it is dead if you are taking your event blog as a no-effort get rich scheme, writing crappy content on it, and monetizing it without thinking much of the user experience of your blog.

How to start event blogging?
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So, if you create your event blog just like I have said above then no one of your competiton can limit you from earning through your event blog.

What Is the Future of Event Blogging?

As I have said that in the future only those event blogs would make money which would emphasize creating useful content for their readers not for bots.

So, always create quality content on your event blog which focuses largely on solving your reader’s queries and these types of event blogs would definitely succeed in the future.

Who Should Start an Event Blog?

Look I am a huge fan of authority niche blogging nowadays because I am currently building one for myself too.

It can help you generate consistent revenue, build your own tribe, and have a lot more awesome benefits.

However, still, I can’t deny the fact that event blogging is a great way to earn a lot of cash with a little amount of effort as compared to niche blogs.

How to start event blogging?
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So, if you want to earn money from blogging quickly just by working part-time on your blog then I would recommend you to start an event blog.

However, in the event blog, you would earn money only when the event would come and for the rest of the year, you would get little to no earnings.

And on the contrary, you get consistent income throughout the year if you have a successful niche blog.

Why You Should Start an Event Blog?

Here are some reasons why you should start an event blog instead of a regular niche blog.

1. Low Efforts High Returns

It takes a lot of time and effort to build a profitable niche blog which is not an easy job especially when you are doing it with your full-time job.

So, in that case, you can build your event blog where you have to put in fewer efforts as compared to niche blogs and the rewards would be higher too.

But one thing which you should always keep in mind is that if you want to make your blog successful then you have to put consistent efforts into it whether it is a niche or an event blog.

2. High Monetary Intent

You might know that many of the bloggers target Black Friday related keywords on their blog.

But do you know why?

Because the monetary intent of these keywords is super high especially when the event comes near.

So, then targeting review or vs related keywords are a waste?

No, it is not because it also helps you generate revenue through your blog but on normal days it is tougher to get sales.

So, you can start your very own event blog based on the Christmas, New Year, or Black Friday sale and monetize it through affiliate marketing.

It will surely help you get a lot of $$$ inside your pocket.

3. Can Be a Great Part-Time Income Source

As I have previously said event blogging is less tiresome as compared to niche blogging.

So, you can easily do that along with your full-time job.

You can even start a lot of event blogs but at the start, I would recommend you to entirely focus on a single event blog.

And after getting success in it you can try out your luck in different events.

4. Get First Page Rankings Fast

Getting first-page rankings on Google is a tough process nowadays.

To do that you have to write awesome content, promote it, build backlinks to it, and a lot more.

The worst thing? There is no guarantee that you would get first-page rankings even when you have done everything right.

However, this is not the case with event blogs because in event blogs you target long-tail keywords with low search volume and competition.

So you won’t have hard time ranking your event blogging articles on page one of Google.

How to Create an Event Blog and Make Money Through Event Blogging?

After understanding the basics of event blogging now is the time to deep dive and know the process of creating a profitable event blog.

Step 1 – Choose the Right Event (10 Best Event Blogging Topics Inside)

The first and foremost step is to identify the right event you can make your event blog on.

Here are my top 10 favorite events that you can make your event blog on.

  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale
  • Flipkart or Amazon sale
  • Board exams or entrance exams
  • IPL or any other sports tournament
  • New Year
  • Halloween
  • Holi, Diwali, or any other festival
  • Elections
  • Oscars or any other award shows
  • Mother’s day or Father’s day

However, before choosing an event you should use the Google Trends tool to know if the event is popular in your region.

For example, I have added the term IPL in Google Trends and as you can see its trend rises at the time when it starts.

Trend checking of an event using Google trends
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Next, I have compared it with the Olympics, and as you can see that the trend of the term IPL is much higher than Olympics in India.

Trend checking of an event using Google trends
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Also, as you can see for the term IPL the trend graph is rising enormously in April which makes it a lucrative event as at that time people search this term a lot of times on Google.

Step 2 – Find Profitable Keywords for Your Event Blog

Finding profitable keywords can be a super challenging task especially if you are a newbie with zero to no experience in it.

However, I am going to tell you the exact process that I use to find keywords for my event blog.

For that, I use the KWFinder tool which you can also use to find lucrative keywords for your event blog for absolutely free.

How? By using its 10-day free trial.

The best part? You can cancel the free trial anytime you want without giving a single dime.

However, before diving into the nitty-gritty process of keyword research you first have to know a brief about keywords.

Types of keyword intent
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Keywords come with four different types of intent which are:

  • Informational – User search these queries to get some kind of information. For example best SEO hacks etc.
  • Navigational – Keywords including some specific brand or person’s name. For example Brian Dean SEO course, Semrush affiliate program, etc.
  • Commercial – Users search for these queries when people want some information about a product or service before buying it. For example, Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit review, etc.
  • Transactional – Users search for these queries when they want to surely buy a product. For example, buy a Titan watch, etc.

I would highly recommend you to target informational and commercial keywords on your event blog.

Along with that, you can use some transactional keywords too in your review or comparison articles.

After briefly discussing the keyword intent let’s discuss something about keyword difficulty too.

There are two types of keywords – First are short tail keywords and the second are long-tail keywords.

Long tail keywords vs Short tail keywords
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The longer the keyword the lesser would be its competition. Along with that, the search volume of long-tail keywords are lesser too.

So, for an event blog, I would recommend you to start with long-tail keywords only because targeting long-tail keywords can rank your blog posts faster.

Now is the time to discuss how you can find awesome keywords for your event blog easily.

First, go to the KWFinder tool, add your seed keyword, choose language and country, and after that press enter.

Keyword research for event blog using Mangools
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Wait for some time and this tool would give you a bunch of awesome keywords that you can target for your blog.

Keyword research for event blog using Mangools
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You can get related keywords, Google autosuggest keywords, and question keywords using this tool.

Along with that, you can turn on the filter option to filter out profitable keywords for your blog.

For example, I have added the word count to 3 or more than 3 words so that this tool would give me long-tail keywords.

Keyword research for event blog using Mangools
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You can click on any of the keywords given in the list to get its difficulty, CPC, and more on the right side.

Keyword research for event blog using Mangools
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Actually KWFinder is a part of Mangools SEO tools and it consists of four more awesome SEO tools inside it which are SiteProfiler, SERPWatcher, SERPTracker and LinkMiner.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Mangools 10-day free trial.

Step 3 – Domain Research and Properly Setting up Your Event Blog

After knowing the process of getting profitable keywords for your event blog now is the time to properly set it up and running.

1. Find a Perfect Domain Name

Finding a proper domain name for your event blog is super important because it helps you establish your brand and helps your readers to easily remember it.

I use the business name generator tool to find the perfect domain name for my blog.

Just go to this website, add a word or two which you want in your domain name, and press generate.

Business name generator for domain name finding
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After doing that you would get a lot of domain names at your fingertips. Just click on the domain name you like the most and it would tell you its availability.

Business name generator for domain name finding
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You can click on it and directly buy the domain name from there. However, I don’t recommend you to do that because GoDaddy is one of the worst domain name providers.

For domain name registration I highly recommend you to go for Namecheap because it is the cheapest domain name provider in the market.

However, if you are new to blogging then I wouldn’t recommend you to buy the domain name and hosting separately because you get the domain name for free for the first year with almost all the web hosting providers.

2. Get a Cheap Yet Reliable Web Hosting

Hosting and domain are the two important pillars of any website. If the domain name is the address of your website then hosting is your website’s house where the content present inside it is stored.

Yes, there are some free blogging sites like Blogger which gives you domain name and hosting for free but in return it comes with a lot of drawbacks.

You can read my WordPress vs Blogger post to know how WordPress is better than Blogger.

So, if you want to start your profitable event blog then I would highly recommend you to go for a self-hosted WordPress blog.

For that, you would need reliable hosting which can handle your website’s data properly without getting crashed.

As a beginner, I would highly recommend you to go for Hostinger hosting which is cheap yet reliable shared hosting that can make your website load super fast.

I use its premium shared hosting for my blog and it works superbly.

Hostinger premium hosting
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Here is the speed of this website that is currently hosted on the Hostinger premium shared hosting.

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So, I would recommend you to go for the premium shared hosting from Hostinger as it is more future-proof and comes with a free domain name for the first year too.

You can read my Hostinger vs Chemicloud article to know more about this hosting.

Why you should go for Hostinger shared hosting?

  • Cheap and best-shared hosting that is totally worth its price.
  • Makes your website super fast even on a shared hosting server.
  • Comes with a free domain name for the first year (except for the single shared hosting plan).
  • Comes with SSD storage and LiteSpeed servers to fine-tune your website’s speed.
  • 1-Click WordPress installation.
How to Get Hosting From Hostinger (+ WordPress Installation Guide)

Here is a step-by-step tutorial of buying shared hosting from Hostinger and installing WordPress on it.

Step 1 – Click on this unique link to go to Hostinger’s official website.

How to buy hosting from hostinger?
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Step 2 – Scroll down there you would get its shared hosting plans lined up. Choose the plan you like the most (I recommend the premium one).

How to buy hosting from hostinger?
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Step 3 – Click on the add to cart button to go to the checkout page. Choose the plan duration (For max discount go for 48 months plan if not then go for at least 12 months).

How to buy hosting from hostinger?
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Step 4 – Create your account on Hostinger, after that choose the payment method and click on the submit secure payment button.

How to buy hosting from hostinger?
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Step 5 – Do the payment and after that, you would get your premium shared hosting.

Step 6 – After going into the dashboard click on the hosting tab on the top navigation bar and then click on the manage button for the website you want to add WordPress to.

how to install WordPress in hostinger?
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Step 7 – Click on the auto-installer button and after that, you have to click on the select button under the WordPress tab.

how to install WordPress in hostinger?
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Step 8 – Fill in all the details required to install WordPress on your website.

how to install WordPress in hostinger?
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Step 9 – To access your WordPress dashboard go to https://xyz.com/wp-admin (xyz.com is your domain name) and after that add your administrator credentials there.

And that’s it!

Which Blogging Platform Is Best for Making Event Blog?

I know some of your might be thinking that why start an event blog on a self-hosted WordPress blog?

Because there are a bunch of other free blogging platforms available in the market to start a blog on.

As I have said before that all these so-called free blogging sites come with a lot of drawbacks that can affect your site’s ranking and earnings negatively.

Also, the features that WordPress comes with makes its price totally worth it.

So, in short, if you want to start a profitable event blog then make sure to start it on a self-hosted WordPress blog.

3. Setup Your Event Blog Like a Champ

After finding the right hosting for the event blog and installing WordPress on it then you have to set up your event blog properly.

And in this section, I am going to tell you the same.

Best WordPress Themes for Event Blog

Finding the best WordPress theme for your blog can be hectic sometimes because there are more than 4000+ WordPress themes present in their repository.

I had a lot of problems in the past in finding the perfect theme for my WordPress blog.

However with trial and error now I have found the right theme for my blog that is the Kadence theme.

How to start event blogging?
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It is a feature-packed WordPress theme that comes with a lot of features even in its free version.

The best part? It is a multipurpose theme and can be used for any type of website.

However, by upgrading to its pro version you get a bunch of awesome features that you won’t get in any other WordPress theme.

It just comes at a nominal price of $49/year.

However, for more savings, you can try out Kadence bundles too.

Along with the Kadence theme, you can use its gutenberg blocks plugin to get rid of your bulky page builder which would make your website super fast.

You can read my Kadence theme review to know more about this theme.

So, in short, if you have a tight budget then you can go for its free version for your event blog.

However, if you have a good budget and want advanced features then go for its premium one. You won’t regret for sure!

Along with Kadence, you can also try the GeneratePress theme which is another lightweight WordPress theme.

You can read my GeneratePress Free vs Pro comparison article to know more about this theme.

10 Essential Plugins for Your Event Blog

Plugins are the thing that makes WordPress the most loved CMS around the web.

By using plugins you can add almost anything to your website ranging from a paragraph to full-fledged animation without even adding a single line of code.

However, using excess plugins on your WordPress website can make it slow. So, you have to use only the essential plugins on your website.

Here are the essential WordPress plugins that you should definitely use on your website:

  • WP Rocket The best WP caching plugin that I have found till now. It is one of the major reasons why my website loads so fast. You can read my WP Rocket review + tutorial to know more about this caching plugin.
  • Akismet Anti Spam A simple plugin to reduce your comment spam and get more genuine comments on your site.
  • GA Google AnalyticsSuper simple plugin to connect Google Analytics to your WordPress site.
  • Kadence BlocksAn advanced Gutenberg blocks plugin that helps you design your website with the power of Gutenberg.
  • Rank Math SEOI currently switched to this awesome SEO plugin from Yoast and found that it was way better than any other SEO plugin out there.
  • Pretty LinksA simple yet effective affiliate link cloaking plugin that you can use to make your affiliate links more clicky.
  • One SignalFree push notification tool that you can use to add push notifications to your website.
  • Social SnapAn awesome social sharing plugin that I use to add social sharing buttons on my blog.
  • P3 Performance ProfilerA plugin to know which plugins on your website are hampering your site’s speed the most.
  • Sucuri SecurityA security plugin that protects your site from all kinds of hacking and cyber-attacks.

Important Settings to Do Before Launching Your Event Blog

Launching your WordPress blog is super easy but to launch it properly is tough.

Here are some important settings (+ things) that you should do on your event blog before launching it.

1. Change Your Permalink

The first thing you have to do after starting your event blog is to change its permalink structure.

To do this first go to your WP dashboard and click on permalink under the settings tab.

How to change permalink structure in WordPress?
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After going there just choose this simple permalink structure that is great for SEO and click on the save changes button.

2. Control Your Site’s Revision

If your blog posts or pages have a lot of revisions then it can negatively affect your site’s speed.

So, you should definitely control your site’s revision to make it fast.

You can do that easily by using a plugin known as WP Revisions control.

After installing this plugin just go to the writing section under the settings tab, scroll down and add the revision amount there.

How to start event blogging?
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Next click on the save changes button to save all the changes that you have done.

3. Make Your Website’s Email Address

Making your site’s email address isn’t a super necessary thing but it is important if you are focussing on the branding of your event blog.

If you are using Hostinger hosting like me then you can create unlimited email addresses for your website.

You can see this video to know the exact process of making custom email address using Hostinger.

4. Install and Activate SSL on Your Website

Do you know that an SSL certificate is a ranking factor for Google?

So, it is necessary to have an SSL certificate up and running on your website.

Hostinger gives a free SSL certificate in all of its shared hosting plan. It helps you save some bucks from buying an SSL certificate for your website.

However, if your hosting provider doesn’t provide a free SSL certificate then you can use Cloudflare’s free SSL certificate on your website.

You can see this video to know how to install and activate Cloudflare’s SSL certificate on your website.

5. Add Your Site in Google Search Console and Analytics

Google comes with a lot of free tools that are super beneficial for site owners.

Two such tools are Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

You have to add your event blog in both these Google tools as soon as your start it.

You can see this video to know how to add your website to the Google Search Console.

And for Google Analytics, you can see this video.

6. Make Your Site Secure

Making your site secure is a must in today’s time.

If your site is not secure then it would take only a few minutes to hack your website and all your efforts in making it would be wasted.

You can use the Sucuri Security plugin to secure your WordPress site.

Along with that, you can use the WPvivid plugin to backup your WordPress website which would help you restore your site in case of any cyber attack.

7. Optimize Your Website for Speed

With the recent page experience update page speed and core web vitals have reached a new standard in Google rankings.

So, it is extremely important to optimize your website for speed right from the beginning.

I don’t do anything out of the box to get a super fast speed of my blog.

Here are the three things that I do to make my website super fast:

8. Add Your Site’s Basic Information

Adding your site’s basic information is not a tedious task but many new bloggers and site owners forget to do that.

So, you should do it as soon as you start your event blog.

To fill out your site’s basic information just go to general tab under the settings tab and there add all the information that needs to be filled there.

How to start event blogging?
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Step 4 – How to Write Awesome Content for Your Event Blog?

Bloggers often ignore to write great content for their event blog as it is relatively easier to rank for event blogging keywords.

However, I would highly recommend you to do the exact opposite which is to post high-quality content on your event blog.

Why? By posting quality content on your event blog you are giving your readers what they actually want from their blog.

It would help you get more traffic and earnings from your event blog. Here are some *insider* tips that you can use to craft in-depth content.

Note – I have recently started using Jasper for my blog content creation process. You can try it for absolutely free using its free trial.

1. Don’t Go Short With Content

I have just told you the exact reason why posting awesome content on your event blog is important.

Trust me there is nothing like quality content in blogging and not many bloggers are leveraging the real power of it.

So, in short, if you want to rank your event blog and want to earn money from it fast then don’t ever compromise with your blog content.

How to start event blogging?
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Here are some tips that you could use to create in-depth content on your blog:

  • Study your competitors and make your blog posts better – The best way to write a good blog post as a newbie is by studying your top 10 competitors on Google and doing better research than your competitor has done on that topic.
  • Use Quora or Answer The Public – Quora and Answer The Public are two of my favorite tools that I use to find keywords and subheadings for my blog.
  • Craft a proper blog post layout – This is a personal mistake that I have done at the start of my blogging career. I used to write my blog posts bluntly without making its layout which leads to a lot of wastage of my time. So, always make a full-fledged layout of your blog posts before writing even a single line of your blog post.

2. Make Your Content Skimmable

Writing in-depth content can make you stand out from regular event blogs.

However, along with making your content in-depth, you have to make it skimmable too.

Why? Because the user retention on blog posts has decreased a lot lately and to hold them to your blog post you have to make it skimmable.

Making your content skimmable can carry your readers forward and let them read your content fully.

Here are some tips to make your blog content skimmable:

  • Use a Table of content – Adding a table of content in your blog post adds a new charm to it and makes it easier for your reader to navigate it. You can use the Kadence table of content block for adding TOC to your content.
  • Use a lot of subheadings – Subheadings breaks your content into big chunks which is easier to skim through as compared to big paragraphs with no subeadings.
  • Use graphics wherever you can – Adding graphics like images, gifs, videos and more binds your readers with your content and gives them a break from regular text content.

3. Create Short Paragraphs

I have seen a lot of bloggers using big chunky paragraphs in their blog posts which can super bore your readers which can lead to high bounce rate of your website.

So, you should always use short and concise paragraphs in your blog post to make it interesting for your readers.

I use paragraphs not more than 4 lines in all my blog posts.

4. Create Clicky Titles and Meta Descriptions

Blog title and meta description are the things which leads the user to click on your site and if you don’t make it clicky then it can lead to zero to very less visitors.

First, let’s see how you can write clicky titles for your blog posts:

  • Use questions in your blog headlines – By using questions you can actually persuade your reader’s interest which leads to more clicks.
  • Use a number (especially an odd one) in your headline – Number sparks interest in your reader’s mind and increases your blog’s CTR. It has been found that odd number headlines get a 20% better CTR than even number one.
  • Juggle with power words – Adding power words in your blog headline can compel users to click on your website’s link which would lead to more clicks. For example best, awesome, top, killer, etc.
  • Use a headline analyzer tool – A headline analyzer tool is an awesome way to test if the headline you are going to use is compelling or not. It tests your blog headline on various parameters and gives a score to it. You can use the Monster Insights headline analyzer tool for testing your blog headlines.

Now here are some quick hacks to write a killer meta description for your blog:

  • Start with a question – Question is a natural interest creator and starting your blog description with it can drive more clicks to your blog posts.
  • Keep it under limits – Google has an official word limit of 155 words for meta description and if you add your meta description more than that then it gets cut down from SERPs which can reduce CTR.
  • Add a CTA at the end – Adding a call to action like read the article to know more etc would drive more users to click on your site.

Read my blog description guide to know more awesome tips for optimizing your blog description for more clicks.

5. Create All Types of Content

I have seen a lot of bloggers who focus on only creating a specific type of content on their blog.

However, I would highly recommend you not to do the same. Why? Because all types of content drive a different set of readers to your website.

For example, review-type content drives visitors that are interested in a tool that you are promoting.

They might not be your most loyal blog readers but if you persuade them properly through your content then they can increase your sales.

Similarly informational and the best type of content drives you your loyal blog readers who would religiously follow your blog and would help you get consistent earnings.

So, instead of focussing only on a single type of content on your event blog try to cover every type of content.

It would help you build your tribe and at the same time would help you drive consistent sales.

6. Fix Grammatical Errors and Avoid Junk

Most bloggers think that they only have to write blog posts on their blog and after that their work is done.

But that is not true because you have to fine-tune your blog writing to make it error free and easier to read.

Here are some ways to fine-tune your blog posts and make them much more compelling:

  • Fix all grammatical errors – Grammatical errors can make or break your blog post. If your blog post have a lot of grammatical errors then it can harm your reputation among your blog readers. I use Grammarly to correct all the grammatical errors in my articles.
  • Proofread your article with new eyes – Proofreading is a super important process to fine-tune your blog posts and make them error-proof. However, to go one step higher in proofreading do it the next day after completing your article writing.
  • Make your blog posts crisp and avoid fluff – Adding a lot of fluff just to make your content long is not worth it and it can also bore your readers too. So, to keep your readers engaged make your blog posts crisp and on point.

7. Update Your Content Always

Updating your blog content is an awesome way to increase your blog’s position on Google and drive more traffic to it.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to update your blog posts:

  • Find new keywords and add them to your blog posts – Adding new keywords in your old blog posts adds freshness to your content and helps it to rank for a bunch of new keywords.
  • Proofread and fix grammatical mistakes – Proofreading your old content helps you remove all kinds of fluff and grammatical errors from it. It might be tiring but it is absolutely worth it.
  • Improve your blog images (if needed) – Adding low-quality images to your blog posts can negatively affect your site’s design and make your blog posts look awful. So, add new and improved images to your old blog posts regularly.
  • Add different types of affiliate links – I use all types of affiliate links in my blog posts and highly recommend you to do so as well. So, diversify the types of affiliate links in your blog posts at the time of updating them.
  • Add new content – Adding new content in your blog posts regularly is a common yet effective tactic to increase your website’s traffic and provide updated information about a topic to your blog readers.

8. Use Visual Elements Like Infographics

Adding visual elements in your blog posts makes it much more interesting to read and adds a new charm to it.

I use visual elements like videos, memes, images, and more to break regular text content in my blog posts.

I follow a simple rule that I have to add at least 1 visual element after every 300 words of text content.

I make my blog tutorial images with an Awesome Screenshot Chrome Extension, take videos from YouTube, and memes from Imgflip.

Also, one more thing don’t put images on your blog without proper compression as uncompressed images can slow down your website.

9. Add Actionable CTAs

Adding a call to action in your blog posts is a great way to encourage your blog readers to perform a specific activity that you want them to do.

For example, I use a CTA at the end of my article which helps me get more email subscribers.

Add actionable CTAs in your blog posts
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Along with that, I use a comment CTA at the end of my article which helps me get more comments on my blog.

Add actionable CTAs in your blog posts
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Along with that, you can add CTAs for affiliate links in your blog posts which would help you get more affiliate sales.

So, I would highly recommend you to add CTAs where it is needed in your blog posts.

Step 5 – How to Create High-Quality Backlinks for an Event Blog?

How to start event blogging?
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As I have mentioned thousands of times in this article that ranking for event blogging keywords is relatively easier than regular blogging keywords.

So, making backlinks for your event blog is not that necessary.

However, to future-proof your event blog you have to put some effort into making high-quality backlinks for your event blog.

Here are the two methods that you can use to build backlinks for your event blog.

1. Guest Posting

My favorite way of making backlinks for all my websites. I guest post a lot on other websites to rank higher on Google and it works like a charm for me.

You can use these operators for finding guest posting opportunities in any niche:

  • Your keyword “write for us”
  • Your keyword “guest post”
  • Your keyword “submit blog post”
  • Your keyword “guest post opportunities”

After finding the ideal website for guest post go to their contributor’s page to know their guest post’s terms and conditions.

Along with that there you would get the email address where you have to send your guest post pitch.

How to do guest posting for event blogs?
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Next, send them your guest post pitch on the email address that you have got from the contributor’s page. You can use this email template as a starting point for your guest post pitch.

How to do guest posting for event blogs?
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After the approval write an awesome guest post in which you can add one or two links to your blog posts.

2. Comment Backlinks

Comment backlinks are dead! This is what bloggers say nowadays but it is absolutely a fad.

I personally use this technique and this works like a charm for me.

Yes, I know that comment backlink gets a no-follow tag and passes no link juice to your website.

However, it increases your brand authority, helps you build relationships with other bloggers, and increases the crawlability of your website too.

For doing comment backlinks make a list of similar blogs and comment on their posts regularly, especially on the new ones.

But always remember that your comments should be value-packed and in-depth.

Blog commenting for event blogs
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Step 6 – Promote and Drive Traffic to Your Event Blog Like a Pro

You might have heard about the 80/20 rule of blogging which states that 80% of the time you should be promoting your blog content and 20% of the time you should be creating content.

This rule clearly tells how important is to promote your blog.

I know that this rule is quite exaggerated and both content creation and promotion are equally important for a successful blog.

But in short, what I am trying to say is that it is super important to promote your blog posts especially when your event blog is in its infant stage.

Here are some of my favorite blog promoting methods that you can use.

1. Focus On SEO

SEO is the backbone of any successful blog on the web. The quality of traffic that you get from search engines is far better than other types of traffic.

If you focus on SEO then it can help you drive a lot of traffic, leads, and sales for your business for absolutely free.

It might be slow but the results it gives are super fruitful.

You can read my article on how to optimize blog content for SEO to know more about creating SEO-friendly content that can rank on page one of Google.

2. Answer Questions on Quora

This is another way which I have tried and tested and it has worked like a charm for me.

As you can see that I regularly get views on the answers that I have submitted on Quora.

Drive blog traffic from Quora
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I use a simple tactic to find questions on Quora that can get a good amount of views.

I pick questions that have double or more than double the amount of followers as compared to the active answers on it.

Drive blog traffic from Quora
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This tactic is quite simple and has worked great for me. Along with that, I write in-depth answers to the questions that I answer on Quora.

And in between, I add a link or two of my blogs posts in my Quora answers.

3. Make Pins of Pinterest

Pinterest has got some crazy reach, especially for event or gift-based blogs.

To do that you have to first set up your Pinterest account properly, make some quality pins, add it to your Pinterest board with proper SEO and wait for some time until it explodes up.

You can see this video to know how you can drive traffic to your blog using Pinterest.

4. Share on Facebook

Facebook is another awesome way to drive traffic to your event blog when it is in its early phases.

Its organic reach might be at its all-time low but still, it has the potential to drive quality traffic to your blog.

To do that first add some friends to your FB account, share your blog content there and that’s it.

Along with that, you can also start a FB group for your event blog which would get you to get consistent blog traffic.

Step 7 – Best Ways to Monetize an Event Blog

How to start event blogging?
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Now at last it is the time to discuss the monetization aspect of your event blog.

You can use these three ways to monetize your event blog.

1. By Promoting Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing defination
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Source – Smart Passive Income

Affiliate marketing is booming right now.

It is expected that the expenditure on affiliate marketing in the USA alone would reach $8.2 billion by 2024.

Affiliate marketing expenditure graph USA
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It is the method that I use to monetize almost all my blogs and it works like a charm for me.

To monetize your site with affiliate marketing you first have to join the affiliate programs in your niche.

To do this you just have to type in “tool or service + affiliate program” on Google and it would tell you whether the affiliate program is available or not.

For example, I have searched for Semrush affiliate program on Google and it has told me whether the affiliate program exists or not.

How to start event blogging?
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After joining the affiliate program you have to create all types of content around it (informational and review) and in the content, you have to add your affiliate links.

Also, always use all types of affiliate links in your content whether it is button, text, or banner affiliate links.

It helps in adding more affiliate links to your article without making your content look salesy.

Along with that, you should always cloak your affiliate links to make them look much more clicky.

You can use a free plugin Pretty Links to cloak your affiliate links properly.

Affiliate Marketing Hack – Integrate affiliate marketing with email marketing and see how this combo can skyrocket your affiliate sales.

2. By Using Google Adsense and Other Ad Networks

Google adsense to monentize your event blog
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Google Adsense is another fan favorite monetization technique for event blogs.

In this technique, you have to get approval for Google AdSense or any other ad network and after getting approval you have to add its ads on your website.

Earning can vary for different bloggers as the ad income depends on how lucrative the event blog niche is for advertisers.

Along with Adsense, you can use Ezoic which would help you earn an extra income out of your event blog.

Ezoic best adsense alternative
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You can use this ad network along with AdSense or alone too.

3. By Paid Reviews and Sponsorship

Paid reviews and sponsorship is an awesome way to generate a ton of money from your event blog.

I have seen a lot of IPL event blogs getting sponsorship which helped them get huge cash into their pocket.

However, I would like to tell you one thing that you should choose sponsorship very carefully because generally a lot of bad sponsorships pay you a hefty amount of cash.

And many new bloggers fall into this trap and promote trash through their event blog which reduces the trust of their audience in their blog.

So, remember only take sponsorship when the quality is good and the thing you are promoting is not a scam.

Pros and Cons of Event Blogging


  • It is relatively easier to rank and get organic traffic to your event blog.
  • Event blogging can let you earn huge cash in a short period of time. If you are a pro in blogging then you can even earn $10k to $18k in a single week.
  • You don’t have to blog regularly in event blogging. You can start working hard on your event blog just 1 or 2 months before the event and can still earn a good amount of cash from your event blog.
  • If you are a pre-made event blog then it can let you earn big cash at the time of the event every year. For that, you just have to update your blog content at that time.
  • You can start event blogging through your main blog too.
  • A good way to earn a lot of cash just working part-time along with your full-time job.
  • Has a very good scope in the future as many people search for specific products during a special event for getting huge discounts.


  • Maximum traffic and sales that would come to your blog would be at the time of the event. So, you can make money from it only at the time of the event. To get consistent income from blogging start a niche blog instead.
  • There is a lot of work to handle in event blogging from making content, promoting it, adding affiliate links or ads, etc and you have very little time to do it. So, if you are just starting out then I recommend building a micro-niche blog instead of an event blog.
  • It is not easy to make backlinks for your event blog. However, as I have told you that you don’t need that much.

5 Essential Tips to Remember When You Start an Event Blog

After discussing the A to Z of event blogging here are my 5 essential tips that you should definitely follow while starting an event blog.

1. Have a Long Term Vision

I know that an event blog is a way to make quick earning but any type of blogging whether it is regular blogging or event blogging won’t succeed when you don’t have a long-term vision related to it in your mind.

So, always have a long-term vision for your event blog along with the short-term one which would help you make income for a longer time.

2. Create Content in Advance

Creating content for your event blog when the event you are covering is on the verge is not really a good idea. It can panic you and the quality of your content can degrade too.

So, to protect yourself from it you can create content for your event blog in advance.

For example, if you are covering NEET 2024 in your event blog then you can start preparing content for it at least 1 or 2 months before it.

It would help you deliver quality content and focus on other essential activities like promotion and backlinks etc.

3. Never Ever Use Cheap Tricks to Rank Higher

I know that your main purpose to start an event blog could be to generate a decent income from it quickly.

However, I would highly recommend you not to use any cheap tricks to rank your event blog on Google.

For example, I have seen a lot of event bloggers using the gray hat and black hat techniques to rank their event blogs.

It might work for a month or two but after that Google would know it and your blog can get manual action from Google too.

4. Do an In-Depth Competitor Analysis

A golden tactic in event blogging is to study your competitor well because they are doing it for a longer time than you and are getting success in it too.

So, always make a list of your competitors before starting your event blog.

After that, you can use the organic research tool from Semrush to do a full-fledged competitive analysis of all your competitors.

Organic analysis using Semrush organic research tool
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You can read my Semrush review + tutorial to know more about the Semrush organic research tool.

5. Only Promote Relevant Products

I know a lot of bloggers who have failed their event blog just because they started promoting irrelevant products through their blog.

There might be a lot of reasons for this for example getting huge commissions and sponsorships in promoting the irrelevant products.

But do you know why they actually fail? Because they were just thinking one way by promoting irrelevant products they might get some cash but due to that, they might lose the audience who are genuinely interested in their blog.

Remember blogging is not only the game of earning money for yourself but is also the game of providing valuably relevant content that could keep your blog readers engaged with your blog.

Without blog readers, no blog can get success.

Event Blogging Case Studies and Earning Reports

Many successful event bloggers have made a ton of money through their event blogs.

How to start event blogging?
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However, not many share it openly as it can lead to a significant rise in competition.

Despite that I have found two event blogging case studies and earning reports which would give you the motivation to start your very own event blog;

1. Anil Agarwal

The first event blog income proof is from Anil Agarwal who is a well-known blogger.

He has been doing event blogging through his main blog bloggerspassion.com on the events of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Do you know that he earns $10,000 in a single week at the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Here are some earning screenshots from his recent Black Friday event blogging campaign.

Anil Agarwal event blogging earning
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Anil Agarwal event blogging earning
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Anil Agarwal event blogging earning
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You can read his Black Friday case study for more income proof.

2. Gautam Roy

The next event blogging income proof is from Gautam Roy who is a founder of smartincomesutra.com which is a popular money-making niche blog.

Along with his main blog he also earns from his event blog and here are some of his event blog’s income proof.

Gautam Roy event blogging earning reports
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Gautam Roy event blogging earning reports
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Gautam Roy event blogging earning reports
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He monetizes his event blogs with both advertisements and affiliate marketing combined.

Frequently Asked Questions

An event blog is a blog that is based on an event such as Black Friday, Christmas, and more.

It is a relatively faster and easier way to make money through blogging.

WordPress is the best blogging platform for an event blog or any other type of blog.

You can use the Hostinger shared hosting to start your self-hosted WordPress event blog.

Yes, you can earn from event blogging just by working part-time on your event blog.

However, for that, you should have good knowledge about all the aspects of blogging and also you have to create content in advance for your event blog too.

If you can do all these things then you can surely make money through event blogging.

I personally use only two methods to build backlinks for my event blogs. These are guest blogging and blog commenting.

It is relatively easier to rank an event blog than a regular niche blog.

You just have to provide quality content, optimize it for SEO, promote it and that’s how you can rank an event blog.

Both types of blogging have their own pros and cons.

For example, normal blogging which is popularly known as authority blogging is time-consuming and takes time to get succeed in it. However, if you succeed in it then it can drive your regular income.

However, in the case of event blogging, you can earn money only when the event is nearby and for the rest of the year, you would hardly get any traffic or sales.

But at the time of the event, you can get a huge amount of traffic and sales from your event blog.

For beginners, I recommend going for normal blogging because you are a newbie and the workload of an event blog could be hectic for you.

However, if you want to earn part-time income from blogging then without any doubt go for event blogging.

The scope of event blogging is super bright because due to the work from home culture people search a lot for niche-related products at the time of an event or a sale to get a huge discount on it.

And trust me this craze is going to increase more in the future and so is the scope of event blogging.

Yes, absolutely you need a domain and hosting to start an event blog.

I know that there are platforms like Blogger where you get both hosting and domain for free but trust me it lacks a lot of essential features that can make or break your website.

So, if you want to start a successful event blog then make sure to start with self-hosted WordPress which requires a domain and hosting.

Yes, you can do that but I would recommend you to start a fresh event blog.

Yes, event blogging is still relevant and would be relevant in near future too.

You just have to pick an event, provide content around it, drive traffic to it, monetize it and that’s the exact process for making a successful event blog.

I would go with affiliate marketing as the best way to monetize your event blog as this industry has a lot of potential and it is going to grow even more in the coming years.

I would go with the cheap and best hosting platform Hostinger which I also use to host all my blogs.

I have tried a lot of other hostings too but no one has given me the quality which Hostinger provides.

Final Verdict – Should You Start an Event Blog?

Yes, absolutely you should start an event blog if you want to make a quick income from blogging by working part-time along with your full-time job.

However, as I have previously told you before that through event blogging you can only earn money when the event is near and for the rest of the time, you won’t earn that much.

So, if you want to make a regular income from blogging then make sure to start a niche blog.

It would surely be harder to make money from it but it would be totally worth it.

Over to You

So, that’s it for this event blogging guide. Hope you liked it and would have got the right guidance to start your very own event blog.

I am saying it again that always make your event blog with the help of self-hosted WordPress.

It would give you a lot of awesome features that you won’t ever get in any other CMS.

And to host that I would recommend Hostinger shared hosting.

Now you tell me in the comment box that have you tried your hand in event blogging in the past or are planning to start it in the future?

Along with that if you have any queries regarding event blogging then make sure to shoot them in the comments down below.

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