GeneratePress Free vs Premium – Comparison And Review!

Struggling to decide whether you should invest your hard-earned money in Generatepress premium or not?

Not to worry!

Because in this post, you’ll get an in-depth review and comparison of Generatepress Free vs Premium.

So, without any further delay, let’s take the flesh out.

NameGeneratepress FreeGeneratepress Premium
PriceFree$59 per year
SitesUnlimited500 websites
Layout SettingsLimited Yes
Demo SitesNoYes
Footer CustomisationYesYes
Colors CustomisationLimitedYes
Typography settingsLimitedYes
Generate Block featuresLimitedYes
Spacing and paddingNoYes
Secondary navigationNoYes
Editable CopyrightWith CSSWithout CSS
Disable elementsNoYes
Mobile ResponsiveYesYes
SEO FriendlyYesYes
Featured Image OptionsLimited OptionsYes
LinkGet GP FreeGet GP Pro

What is Generatepress theme?

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium - Comparison And Review (2021)!
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Generatepress is a very popular theme in the WordPress directory which is majorly known for its speed and structure.

Simply this theme is one of the best themes in the whole WordPress directory.

It has two versions one is free and the other is paid.

You can easily download the free version of this theme from your WordPress dashboard.

It comes with a decent amount of features.

The premium version of this theme is not actually a theme but a plugin that you get after buying GP premium from their official website.

Which would unleash the true potential of this outstanding WordPress theme.

I have tried almost all the top themes in the WordPress directory for my niche and micro-niche blogs.

But one day I got to know about Generatepress and bought its premium version.

Trust me, it was the best decision of my life.

GeneratePress Free vs Premium – Basic overview

Generatepress twitter review
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Generatepress is one of the trusted WordPress themes.

It has been downloaded over 3.5 million+ times, and currently, it has 4 lakh+ active installations.

Downloads and reviews of Generatepress theme
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Furthermore, it has over 1200+ 5-star reviews on its WordPress theme page.

Generatepress ratings on WordPress
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These positive reviews of this theme are concrete proof that how great this theme is.

And how hardworking the maker of this theme “Tom Usborne” is putting to make this theme better with each update.

This theme’s main USP (unique selling point) is its great speed, schema, SEO friendliness, and great design.

GeneratePress Free Vs Premium - Comparison And Review (2021)!
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Along with this theme, Tom has also made a plugin known as “Generate Blocks” which is a page builder which you can use to enhance the feature of this theme.

The best part?

It is totally free and can be used both with the free and premium versions of this theme.

Here is a basic features comparison between the free and premium versions of this theme:

Difference between Generatepress Free and Premium

Both Generatepress free and premium theme justifies the price point at which it comes under.

But there are some differences between the pro and free versions of this theme.

Which we will discuss in this section:

What is Generatepress Free Theme?

Generatepress Free is the free version of the Generatepress theme, which you can download and install on your website without giving a single dime.

Also, you can use it on unlimited websites you have.

The best part of this theme is its speed and schema markup, which you don’t get in most free WordPress themes.

You get some basic customization options with the free theme, which you can use to design it.

Generatepress free customization options
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But if you want to make this theme look good, then you have to invest in some premium page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and so forth.

Also, if you are not comfortable with bulky page builders then you can use Generate Blocks plugin to design this theme.

What is GeneratePress Premium (Plugin)?

Unlike the free GeneratePress free theme, the premium version is actually a plugin that you have to buy and install on your website.

After installing the GeneratePress premium on your website, you would get a lot of advanced customization options.

Generatepress premium blocks
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You can easily turn off any of these features if you don’t want to use them on your website.

With GP premium you get a faster website speed, more SEO friendliness, and Woocommerce features which helps you make any kind of website with this theme.

Generatepress woocommerce customization options
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But more importantly

You don’t need any fancy page builder to design a beautiful-looking website with a premium theme.

The premium version of this theme and generate blocks is enough to fully design your website.

Generatepress Free & Premium Features comparsion

GeneratePress free version gives you a lot of great features like typography, widget, menus, etc.

But it is true that if you want to take your website design to the next level, then you would need features beyond the ones which the free version gives to you.

Which you can get in the premium version of this theme.

Here is a detailed feature comparison between the free and premium GeneratePress theme:

Generatepress Free features

Here are the features of the free Generatepress theme:

1. Full width or contained

Generatepress free layout
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Generatepress free gives you the option to make your theme contained within the boxes or flowed across your whole browser window.

2. Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly test generatepress
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Nowadays, Google follows mobile-first indexing which means your blog post will be indexed first for mobile then for other devices.

So, the theme you use on your website must be mobile responsive.

Exactly what Generatepress free version provides you.

3. Fast Loading

You can understand with this example that if the page loads in 2 seconds its bounce rate is only 9%.

And if reaches 5 seconds that it can reach 36%.

GTmetrix test generatepress free
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So, for that, you need a fast theme which you would get both in generatepress free and pro.

4. SEO Optimized

It is super SEO friendly and is schema optimized, which helps Google to understand every piece of your website.

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Which helps your website to rank higher on Google.

5. Typography and Fonts

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In the free version, you would get 100+ fonts that you can use on this free theme.

Along with that, you can also customize the fonts by changing their typography like font weight, size, etc.

6. Custom CSS

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In the free Generatepress theme, you can add custom CSS to your website.

It helps you add the features which the free version of this theme doesn’t have.

So, if you have an idea of website development, then you can easily customize this theme by yourself as well.

7. One Click Reset

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Suppose you are customizing the theme of your website, but suddenly you realize that you want to start it all again.

But how can you do that?

With the GeneratePress free theme, you can completely reset your theme customization in just one click.

8. Back to Top

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In the free version of this theme, you can easily add it back to the top option of your website.

9. Text or Image Logo

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In the free GP theme, you can add text title to your theme along with your site tagline

Also, you can change the alignment of the title and tagline or add a logo to your website.

10. Navigation Bar Options

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In the GeneratePress free theme, you can place the navigation bar of your website inside, above, or below your site’s header.

Along with that, you can also add a dropdown menu to your navigation bar.

11. Footer Bar

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In the GP free, you can change the footer text of your website only if you have some CSS knowledge.

You can see this Hindi video if you want to know how to change the footer text:

You can add some of your affiliate links or links to your social profile.

12. Sidebar Layout

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From the WordPress editor, you can change the sidebar layout of a particular page or post.

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You can choose where you want to display your sidebar.

13. Footer Widget

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You can choose the number of footer widgets you want to display at the end of your every blog post.

14. Page Container

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You can set the content container size of each post or page of your website with generatepress free.

With this option, you can set the layout of the post or page as full width or contained.

Generatepress Premium features

Here are the features of GeneratePress premium:

1. Elements

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Elements are the most advanced feature of GeneratePress premium.

You can literally do or add anything to your website with this feature.

It has four modules:

A. Header

In GeneratePress free, you won’t get any header customization options.

Literally, you can’t even add the color to your website header.

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But with GP premium you can add a beautiful-looking header with the header element.

You can add color, text, buttons, text effects, and so forth with this feature.

B. Hook
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This feature is mainly for web developers out there which have knowledge of PHP, CSS, JS, and so forth

It helps you add anything to any part of your website.

You can add a custom-made author box and a lot more with this feature.

C. Layout
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This feature helps you change the layout of different pages and posts on your website.

It is very important in choosing which pages or posts you want to add sidebar and which to not.

D. Blocks
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If you are a non-coding guy like me who has no idea from heaven about coding.

Then this feature is the most helpful for you.

It helps you do advance customization of your website without writing a single piece of code.

You can get access to this element by downloading Generateblocks to your website.

Which would cost your $0

2. Backgrounds

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This feature of GP premium is not as important but can help you add a background image to your website.

Along with that, you can change the size, position, and so forth with this feature.

3. Blog

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This feature of GP premium takes blog customization to the next level.

With this feature, you can change the typography, layout, and a lot more of your blog.

Along with that, you can arrange the posts on your website into a grid, column, or masonry layout.

4. Colors

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The free version of the GP theme is very limited in the use of color.

But the premium version of this theme breaks the barrier, and you can literally change the color of anything on your website.

You get 60 colors to choose which color you want to add.

5. Copyright Removal

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As I have told you that in GeneratePress free you can remove the copyright text at the bottom with the help of some CSS.

But if you don’t want to get into this hassle of coding.

Then in the premium version, you can easily do that without any coding knowledge.

6. Disable Elements

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In Generate press premium, you can easily disable any element from your website if you don’t need it.

More elements can lead to the reduction in page speed which is not good.

7. Menu Plus

Generatepress premium gives you a lot of features but the best feature according to me is menu plus.

As the name suggests, it takes your website menu to its full potential.

You can add a separate mobile menu, sticky menu, transparent menu, and a lot more.

8. Secondary Navigation

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In GP premium, you can add more than one navigation bar to your website.

It helps you add some important external links that you want to market.

For example your social media profiles, affiliate links, review articles, etc.

9. Sections

It is one of the best features of GP premium because it helps you design the homepage of your website without any fancy page builder.

You can easily add sections to your blogs or home page to uplift the design of your website.

You just have to download the generate blocks plugin to your website and you are done.

Adding GP premium to your website not only enhances the theme but also generate blocks plugin as well.

It helps you save some of your bucks from buying expensive page builders.

10. Site Library

Are you a lazy blogger like me who feels lazy while designing your website?

If yes then GP premium has a solution for it as well.

It gives you 70+ pre-made templates for different page builders like Gutenberg, elementor, and beaver builder.

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So, you don’t have to design your website from scratch.

You just have to import any template to your website.

Do some basic customization and you are done.

11. Spacing Options

Another big drawback of generatepress free version is the lack of spacing options in it.

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But you get it in fully with the premium version.

You change the spacing of almost anything on your website from the header to the content area.

12. Typography

In the free version of generatepress, you get limited font customization and typography options.

For example, you can change the font and typography from H1 to H3 in the free version.

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But in the premium, you can change the font of any text present on your website.

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Be it on the navigation bar or sidebar or the content of a blog post.

Also, you can change the typography options of the text as well.

You can change its weight, size, color, and so forth.

13. Import Export

Want to easily import-export your website’s design?

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Then you can do that easily in a matter of clicks with generatepress premium.

It saves your time in designing your whole website from scratch again.

14. Woocommerce

The Woocommerce features of the generatepress theme are exclusive for premium users.

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But in premium, you get a lot of woocommerce customization options to properly start your e-commerce business.

Extra features of GP Premium

Here are some extra features that you get with GP premium which makes it more valuable:

1. 24/7 Support

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Amit Garg on GP support

The biggest advantage of buying generatepress premium is its 24/7 support.

From the developer of the theme “Tom Usborne” itself.

So, if you have any queries related to the premium theme or problems with the theme, then you can directly contact and get your answers within minutes.

Here are some tweets about generatepress support to know how awesome their support is:

Elisabeth Klaar is telling how outstanding generatepress support staff is.

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Alston Antony and Do the Woo are telling how excellent their support forum is.

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Bud Kraus from Joy of WP is telling how he loves generatepress support so much.

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2. Updates

With the premium version of this theme, you get regular updates to the theme.

The developer is trying his level best to make this theme the best in the WordPress theme directory.

So, with each new update, you get a lot of crazy features which you surely don’t want to miss out on.

With the latest major update, Generatepress 3.0 the speed of generatepress has been improved a lot.

After this update, this theme has score 100/100 on the GTmetrix test.

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3. Documentation

It is true that if you are a beginner, then customizing the GP premium theme to its full potential is hard.

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But not to worry, you can use its detailed documentation and tutorials to customize the theme to its full potential.

Along with documentation, there are numerous video tutorials available to customize this theme.

GeneratePress Free & Pro Speed comparison

Speed is an integral factor in today’s SEO standards.

You can’t be successful in blogging while having a website that loads at the speed of 2G in this era of 4G.

This problem is fixed superbly by generatepress theme.

Also, any generatepress review is incomplete without a speed comparison because it is one of the most significant features of this theme.

Here is the speed comparison between the GeneratePress free and premium:

Generatepress Free Speed Test

Here is the speed test of one of my websites which has the Generatepress free version installed.

This is a new website that has only one post published with basic theme customization.


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Pingdom test

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Google Page Speed Insights

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You can even improve the performance of your free theme more by adding a cache plugin like lite speed cache and Cloudflare.

GeneratePress Premium Speed Test

From the speed perspective, Generatepress premium takes a good leap over the free version.

Here is the speed test of a famous website Blogging lift which is using GeneratePress premium on its website:


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Google Page Speed Insights

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GeneratePress Theme Pros & Cons Comparison

Here are the pros and cons of both GeneratePress free and premium themes:

GeneratePress Free Theme


  • Free of cost and can be used on unlimited websites
  • Equipped with decent customization options like typography, colors, navigation bar colors, and so forth
  • Fully SEO optimized and mobile responsive theme
  • One of the fastest free WordPress themes in the whole WordPress directory
  • Schema optimized theme, which helps Google to fully understand your website content


  • Lack of customization options like header color, footer layout, and so forth
  • No advanced customization options are available such as spacing, background image, etc.
  • If you want to design a beautiful website then you would need a premium page builder for it.
  • You can’t remove the copyright in the footer without proper CSS knowledge.
  • No one-click export and import option.

GeneratePress Premium Theme


  • You can customize the theme to the fullest without writing a single line of code.
  • A lot of demo sites if you don’t want to design your website from scratch.
  • You can make a beautiful-looking homepage just with Generate Blocks. So you won’t have to invest in premium page builders.
  • It has both normal and advanced customization features to customize your theme to the fullest.
  • If you are a coder then you can add any element to your website with the help of hooks.
  • Blocks and section feature helps a non-coder guy to add any element to your website easily.
  • Additional Woocommerce customization options to make a successful E-commerce website.
  • The child theme is supported so you can freely customize your website.


  • Expensive for newbies who don’t have funds.

Generatepress Premium price and renewal

Generatepress premium is one of the legendary themes in the whole WordPress directory.

But the best part of this theme is that its premium version is extremely affordable as it comes at $59 per year.

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Also, if you want to get this theme for a lifetime then it would cost you $249

You would get these features with any of the GP premium plans:

  • All premium features
  • Updates and 24/7 support
  • Use of upto 500 websites
  • All premium features unlocked
  • 30 days money-back guarantee

Is the GeneratePress Premium version worth it?

In my opinion, if you have money and want to invest in a premium theme, then you should definitely go for GP premium.

There are many reasons for this.

First, it is super affordable and comes with a lot of features at the same price as compared to other premium themes in the market.

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For example, Kadence pro which is the primary rival of Generatepress premium comes at the same price but doesn’t give you pro templates.

Kadence pro pricing
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Also, not only this but Astra Pro which is another rival of GP premium comes at a less price than GP premium.

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But it also doesn’t give pro demo site templates with it.

The second reason is it reduces the cost of buying a page builder to design your website.

As you can easily design your website with GP premium and generateblocks plugin.

Also, many big and popular websites are using this premium theme on their websites.

What users of Generatepress premium are saying about it?

Here are some reviews of real users of Generatepress premium which would help you make your mind if you should invest in the premium version or not:

Brain Jackson is telling why his Generatepress 3.0 purchase was worth the money.

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Jack Moolah telling Generatepress theme is one of the best themes in WordPress.

  • Save

Ben is telling that he will always recommend GP premium.

  • Save

Ralden Souza is showing that he has got 100/100 score in Google page speed insights with GP premium.

  • Save

Janty Ghosh has recently switched from Studiopress to Generatepress, and he is very happy with the purchase.

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Wes Peery is telling the reason why he has renewed his GP premium license for the 2nd year.

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Dawn Anderson asking for the fastest WordPress theme and results is in front of you.

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Pravakar Singh is telling that Generatepress is one of his favorite WP themes.

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Reddit users also like the GP premium so much that they don’t want to switch it soon from their websites.

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Choosing between GeneratePress Free vs Premium

Until now, we have discussed almost everything about GeneratePress Free vs Premium.

Ranging from customization to real-time customer reviews.

Still, have doubt which generatepress theme you should choose?

Choose the free theme if:

  • Site’s design is not your concern
  • Want to earn money just by making normal adsense websites.
  • Have great coding skills
  • If you have premium page builder like Elementor, Beaver Builder

Choose the premium theme if:

  • Want to build a professional looking branded blog without writing a single piece of code
  • Create a successful E-commerce website with this theme
  • Want to have impressive site’s speed
  • Don’t want to design site by yourself. So, you need site template library.
  • Don’t want to invest your money in expensive page builders

How to install and activate Generatepress Premium on your WordPress website?

I think if you are reading this section of this blog post then you might have bought the GP premium.

So, first, congrats for being an action taker.

But if you want to buy GP premium, then you can buy from our affiliate link.

It would help my website to deliver you such in-depth content and it wouldn’t cost you an extra penny.

Suppose after buying Generatepress premium, you would be thinking to build a world-class website with it.

But what would happen if you didn’t install the theme correctly on your WordPress website?

So, for that here is a step-by-step process to install GP premium on your WordPress website.

To install GP premium on your website, first, you have to download the free generatepress theme.

You can skip this part if you have the free theme installed.

For that, you have to navigate to Appearance > Theme.

There, click on “Add New” and type in “Generatepress” in the search box.

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Install and activate it on your website.

Next, click here to go to generatepress official website where you can buy the genuine premium plugin from.

After that, you have to choose which plan suits your budget and buy it.

Next after successful payment, you would be given access to the file which you have to first download and upload on your website.

For that, go to your WordPress dashboard and in the plugin, section upload the zip file there.

Wait for some time so that plugin would be installed on your website.

And that’s how you can properly upgrade from free Generatepress to premium.

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You can navigate to Appearance > Generatepress to see the premium modules of generatepress premium.

The END!

Both Generatepress theme free and paid are super and gives you some of the best features in the market.

But if you want to take your website design to the next level, then GP premium is what you want.

Tell me your opinion on this down below.

Which theme do you prefer more Generatepress free or premium?

I would love to hear from my lovely blog readers!

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