Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2024 (90% Off + Coupon Included)

Hostinger Black Friday Deals

Cheap and Best Hosting


Super fast hosting at a very cheaper price


Provide great value for money hosting


Great customer support but should work on it


Good uptime but can be improved


  • Fast and Reliable Hosting
  • Super affordable hosting for beginners
  • Comes with DDOS security
  • Get Free domain and SSL


  • No phone support is available
  • Uptime should be improved
  • Daily backups are not available in premium and single shared hosting


Hostinger is a beginner-friendly web host. It is one of the A+ hosting providers available. This Black Friday, Hostinger is giving huge discounts on domains and hosting. It is giving you TLDs starting from $0.89 and shared hosting with a free domain at $1.70. Hostinger gives you 30 days money-back guarantee if you don’t find their hosting worthful.

4.2 Stars – A lot of great features but should work on uptime

30 Days Money-back guarantee

Black Friday or Cyber Monday is the time of the year when you get amazing deals on SaaS products.

At this time of the year, you get your favorite hosting, premium theme, and tools at the cheapest price.

In this post, I am going to tell you about Hostinger Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals 2024.

So, without any further delay, let’s jump into it.

Hostinger Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2024 (90% Off)

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on the verge, and it is the favorite time for each blogger and internet marketer.

As they can buy their favorite tools and accessories for their business at a super cheap rate.

On this occasion, Hostinger is giving two mind-blowing deals.

Deal #1 Domains Sale – Flat 90% off (Starts from $0.89)

The first Black Friday deal is on domain names, which is starting from 9 Nov to 22 Nov. This sale would be applicable on TLDs (Top-Level Domains) like .com, .in, .online, etc.

So, if you want to start a new website and want a domain for it, then this is the chance.

You’ll get the domains at a very cheap price, starting from $0.89.

So, that’s it, anything else for this Black Friday??

Yes, along with the domain, you also get 90% off on all hosting plans by Hostinger.

My favorite ones for beginners are:

  • 90% off on Single shared hosting (starting at just $0.89 per month)
  • Premium web hosting + a free domain (starting at $1.70 per month)

Here are all the plans for Hostinger’s shared hosting.

Along with that at the time of checkout, you can add the coupon code (BLACKFRIDAY) for an additional 10% off.

Great isn’t it.

So, here are the deals on Hostinger’s hosting.

Deal #2 Single Shared Hosting – 91% off (Starting from $0.89/mo)

If you are super low on budget and just want to try your hand in making a blog or website, then this plan is right for you.

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Here are some features you would get with this plan

  • 1 website
  • 30 gb SSD storage
  • Free SSL to secure your website
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • WordPress acceleration
  • 1 personalised Email
  • See more features

However, if you want to host multiple high traffic websites, then this plan is not suitable for you.

For that, you can check the other two deals.

Deal #3 Premium Shared Hosting – 82% off (Starting from $1.70/mo)

This is the plan of Hostinger that I personally use and recommend.

Because if you are a beginner and want to get serious into blogging then this plan would help do that with its great features.

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Here are some features that you get in this plan:

  • You can host upto 100 websites with this plan.
  • 100Gb SSD storage
  • Free Unlimited personalised emails
  • Free SSL for security
  • Free domain
  • Google ads credit to promote your website
  • Unlimited databases
  • See more features

Deal $4 Business Shared Hosting – 77% off (Starts at $3.59/mo)

If you want a shared hosting to host your small or medium business website online then this hosting plan would be right for you.

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You get all the features of the premium shared hosting that I have listed above.

Along with that, you get 2x SSD storage than premium shared hosting, daily backups, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) from Cloudflare.

Other Deals

  • Website Builder (85% off)
  • Cloud Hosting for heavy traffic websites (67% off)
  • Email Hosting (starts at 0.99$/mo)
  • WordPress Hosting (starts at 0.89$/mon)
  • VPS Hosting (70% off)
  • Minecraft Hosting (77% off)

How to get Hostinger Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2024?

Follow these steps during the purchase of your hosting from Hostinger to avail of a maximum discount.

Step 1 – Click here to get to Hostinger’s website.

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Step 2 – Choose a suitable plan for your needs (I recommend the premium one because it gives you a free domain).

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Step 3 – Here I have chosen premium hosting. To avail, max discount on it choose the 48 months plan in advance.

How to buy hostinger hosting
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It would cost you $81.60 for 4 years.

However, if you don’t have that much budget, then you should at least buy any hosting for 1 year.

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Step 4 – Want more discount?? Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY to avail 10% off on your hosting price.

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Step 5 – Make your Hostinger account if you haven’t made it yet.

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Step 6 – Pay for the hosting via Net Banking, Crypto, Credit card, etc.

payment methods in hostinger hosting
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And that’s it.


Which Hostinger’s hosting plan is for you?

As I have previously said in this article that I only recommend the premium plan if you are serious about blogging.

Also, I personally use this plan to host all my websites.

Here is the proof:

proof that I am using hostinger hosting
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I am fully satisfied with the amazing features of this hosting plan.

It helps my website to load fast as lightning.

Here is the speed test of this website:

speed test of question blogging website
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But I know that you might not have enough money for this plan and if that is the case, you can also go for single shared hosting too.

It also has some good features to start from.

Why choose hostinger over other web hosts?

Hostinger was founded in 2004 and was a bootstrapped web hosting company.

Hostinger web hosting company focuses on providing real value to their webmasters through fast and reliable hosting.

It has a 29 million user base from 178 countries and every day they get 15,000 new signups, which means 1 new client in every 5 seconds.


Also, it tells how much users like this affordable yet fast hosting for their website or blog.

You can read my Chemicloud vs Hostinger Comparison to know more about Hostinger hosting.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Hostinger over other web hosts:

1. Affordability

hostinger hosting plans most affordable in Black Friday sale
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If you are a beginner and want to get hosting to start your website or blog online then affordability is the most important factor to consider.

And this is the thing that has resulted in such a fast growth of Hostinger in the competitive market of web hosts.

Hostinger shared hosting plans start at a mere $0.89 on Black Friday which is one of the cheapest in the whole market.

2. Faster Loading time

Hostinger is super fast!

And I mean what I say.

question blogging speed on shared hosting
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Bitcatcha has run a speed test on Hostinger’s hosting by benchmarking against Google’s recommendation of 200ms.

And for all the Hostinger servers around the world, it was far less the Google’s recommendation of 200ms.

Here is the result of the speed test of Hostinger’s Singapore server.

hostinger server speed test
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Also, Hostinger has servers in different parts of the world.

And if you buy hosting from them then they would connect your hosting with the nearest server which ensures a faster loading website experience.

3. Free domain and SSL

With all Hostinger’s hosting plans you get an SSL which helps you adds a layer of protection to your website.

Along with that, you get a free domain too with the premium and business shared hosting which helps you save even more bucks.

4. Full of features in premium and business plans

In all the Hostinger hosting plans, you get an ample amount of features that help you properly get your website online.

However, if you really want to get the most of the features, then you must go with either premium or business plans.

It gives you a lot of features like 50 to 100 GB of hosting space, CDN, domain, SSL, WordPress acceleration, and a lot more.

5. Free website builder

Zyro is the website builder that comes with Hostinger hosting, which you can use to design your logo and website.

zyro website builder free with hostinger hosting
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It has a lot of free website templates that you can use on your website after making some minor changes to it.

6. Free website migrations

Hostinger in all its plan gives you free website migrations which you can use to transfer your whole website from any other host to Hostinger.

How to add migration request in hostinger hosting
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To do website migration, you have to mention your:

  • WordPress, cPanel, WHM etc.
  • Domain Name
  • Credentials
  • Previous Hosting provider

Just put in your website migration request and Hostinger’s support team will do that for you in no time.

7. Great SSD storage and Bandwidth

This feature of Hostinger’s hosting is the primary reason why it is categorized as A+ hosting provider.

Hostinger hosting black friday deals 2021
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Hostinger provides SSD storage with all its shared hosting plans, which helps your website to load like a cheetah.

Along with that it also provides unlimited bandwidth with its premium and business hosting plans to handle more visitors as your website grows.

8. GIT access

If you are a developer and want to code your website on your own website then you would need GIT to manage your website’s code.

And with Hostinger you get that with all its hosting plans.

9. Easy to upgrade

Want to upgrade your Hostinger’s hosting plan??

You can easily do that with the help of Hostinger.

For that, you just have to get into your Hostinger account and click here.

Hostinger hosting black friday sale
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Along with that you can go to your hosting’s hpanel, scroll down and click on upgrade.

Hostinger hosting black friday sale
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And after doing all the billings your hosting would be upgraded shortly.

Best features offered by Hostinger

Here are some features which you get with this A+ hosting provider

  • Make personalised email address for your business free
  • CDN integration with cloudflare with premium and business hosting
  • One click WordPress installation with auto installer
  • Git support which help you manage your website code efficiently.
  • Unlimited Websites in premium and business plan
  • New and user friendly hpanel for beginners
  • Easy DNS management
  • Unlimited cronjobs for business and premium web hosting

Advantages of Hostinger

Here are some advantages of Hostinger web host:

1. Data centers around the world

Hostinger has 7 data centers or heavy-duty servers around the world which ensures fast website speed and uptime around the globe.

Data centers of hostinger around the world
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It has servers in the US, UK, Singapore, Lithuania, Brazil, Netherlands, Indonesia.

You would hardly see the slow speed of your website if you use this hosting.

2. Premade website templates in website builder

As I have mentioned that with Hostinger’s hosting you get access to Zyro website builder with which you can design your website in no time.

It comes with a whole range of website templates that you can use on your website to give it an awesome look.

Hostinger hosting black friday deals 2021
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Gone are the days when you need to code every single element to design your website.

With Zyro builder, you can easily design your website without writing a single line of code.

3. 24/7/365 support

Support staff of hostinger hosting
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Hostinger’s hosting plan comes with 24/7 support for 365 days.

So, if you have any queries related to their hosting you can easily contact their super friendly support.

And they would give you all the answers to your queries fast.

4. FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL

All the hosting plans of Hostinger come with free let’s encrypt SSL, which helps you migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS.

Along with that, it gives your website extra protection from hacking and spam.

5. Inbuilt cache manager

Hostinger’s hosting comes with an inbuilt cache manager, which you can turn on if you want to remove the cache of your website regularly.

In built cache manager in hosting hosting
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It leads to a faster website which is an important Google ranking factor.

To turn it on you first have to go into your website’s hpanel, click on cache manager and turn it on.

6. Protection from DDOS

Hostinger’s servers come with DDOS protection which adds a super thick layer of protection to your hosting.

Their servers have an extra firewall that protects your account from any potential attack or risk.

7. Litespeed server

Hostinger’s shared hosting comes with LiteSpeed servers which have two major benefits.

Hostinger hosting black friday deals 2021!
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First, it gives your website a faster speed than traditional shared hosting servers.

Second, it helps Hostinger add exclusive features to their hosting which is difficult in old school servers.

It is actually a great thing that Hostinger’s hosting comes at a cheaper price than other shared hosting and also gives you LiteSpeed servers that are much more reliable than traditional shared hosting servers.

8. 30 Days money back guarantee

Didn’t like Hostinger’s hosting?

Yes, there are both pros and cons of this hosting, and you have all the right to withdraw the hosting if you don’t like it.

Also, Hostinger supports it too and that is the reason why Hostinger gives you 30 days money-back guarantee.

You can get all your money back if you withdraw your hosting after 30 days of buying it.

Disadvantages of Hostinger

Here are some major disadvantages of Hostinger:

1. No daily backup for premium and single hosting plan

Hostinger’s hosting doesn’t give you the daily backup feature in their premium and single hosting plan.

Hostinger hosting black friday deals 2021
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However, you can do it manually through the hpanel of your website.

2. Inconsistent uptime

This is actually a serious issue caused with Hostinger’s servers in recent times.

From the last year, Hostinger has delivered an uptime of 99.74% with a downtime of a bit more than 22 hours.

Uptime chart of hostinger hosting
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After digging down, I found that it was due to a long downtime of 14 hours in September 2020.

It might not sound so big, but it is a super serious problem because uptime is one of the key elements of any hosting.

So, I would request Hostinger to look into this issue and resolve it asap!

3. No phone support

You can only contact Hostinger’s support either to chat or email as they don’t have any phone support yet.

It can cause you a problem if you want a super quick solution to your hosting-related problems.

However, they are planning to introduce it in the future.

Real user reviews for Hostinger

Now it’s time to see how real users are reviewing Hostinger on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In the first image, you can see that Pravakar Singh is suggesting Hostinger hosting to his audience.

Hosting hosting reviews
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The next image is of a Facebook Poll where Hostinger ranks #1 as a cheap and best web host.

Hostinger black friday deals 2021
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Some more webmasters who are using Hostinger are praising it on Facebook.

Hostinger shared hosting reviews
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Some more people are expressing their views about this European web host in Facebook comments.

Hostinger hosting reviews
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Now at last Des Walsh on Twitter is also praising Hostinger web hosting.

Hostinger hosting reviews
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This means that real users of this web host are also super happy with its features, support, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Black Friday or Cyber Monday is the time of the year when there are super heavy discounts on SaaS and other physical products as well.

So to avail the discount people madly buy their favorite products.

Hostinger hosting comes with DDOS protection which gives an extra edge of protection to your hosting over any spam or hacking attempt.

No, you shouldn’t have any major technical knowledge to start a blog or website on Hostinger.

Just install WordPress on your website and make gorgeous looking websites without writing codes all day.

It takes a mere 10 to 15 minutes to set up your Hostinger account.

You just have to install WordPress, do some changes to it, and you are done.

There is no official announcement of the Black Friday sale 2024 from Hostinger yet. Most probably it would take place in November 2024.

Hostinger offers 2 major deals on Black Fridays. First is its domain sale where you get all the TLDs from $0.89.

Along with that you get hosting sales too. In this sale, you get shared hosting at 91% off which starts at $0.89/mo.

If you are a beginner and want to seriously start a profitable website then you should go with premium shared hosting which starts at $1.70/mo.

However, you can take any other hosting such as cloud or VPS if you have a Budget and want to handle high-traffic websites.

No hidden charges are there which you have to pay after buying the Hostinger’s hosting.

You just have to buy the hosting and enjoy your online journey.

Yes, for sure you should buy Hostinger this Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It is super cheap and also offers a lot of features that even costly web hosts don’t give.

Yes, you can easily host any type of website like a business website, eCommerce website, etc on Hostinger.

However, if your website has high traffic, you need either a cloud or VPS server to handle it.

Bottom Line

I have fully summarized all the Hostinger’s Black Friday deals till now.

If you really want to start your online career, then there is no better time than now.

With single-click WordPress installation to lightning website’s speed.

It’s all possible with Hostinger.