15 Popular Indian Blogs To Learn Blogging From [2023 Edition]!

In this post, I am going to tell you 15 Popular Indian blogs to learn blogging from in 2024!

So, if you want to learn:



Digital Marketing.

And, if you are an Indian blogger, then you should read this blog till the end.

So, let’s dive right in.

1. Master Blogging – Practical Learning Only

About the Author

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Ankit Singla is the author of MasterBlogging. He is a practical blogging dude who only gives practical SEO and blogging tips through his blog.

This website is one of the most actionable blogging websites around the web.

There is a lot of content on this website related to blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

His blog master blogging has one of the simplest and beautiful blog design.

Along with great blog design, he doesn’t use ads on his website as well to provide the best user experience (UX) to readers.

His blogging journey is one of the most inspiring journeys for all the new bloggers out there.

You can check it out in this video:

His blogging journey has personally inspired me not to quit blogging in my worst time.

He says that if we fail in something doesn’t mean that we should quit it, instead the lack of knowledge of that subject is the reason for our failure.

So, we should learn it.

He is in this blogging industry for the last 11 years, which proves his iron in this industry.

Along with blogging, he is a super expert affiliate marketer because he can make a lot of sales even in low traffic.

He is not like other bloggers and affiliate marketers who give cheap tricks to become quick rich with blogging.

Instead, he always tells to think blogging as a business.

You can check out his content rulebook which gives a lot of tips that can make you a better productive blogger.

Along with that, you can also check out his premium e-books and courses to achieve success fast in blogging.

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Author: Ankit Singla

Social Channels:

Facebook Group – Master Blogging

Twitter – Ankit Singla

YouTube – Ankit Singla

2. Bloggingx – Professional Blogging Tips

About the Author

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Akshay Hallur is the author of this blog who is a practical blogging dude.

He is a college dropout to fully focus and make a career out of digital marketing.

And I can surely say that it is the best decision of his life.

Bloggingx (previously known as gobloggingtips) is a very well know blogging blog in India.

Akshay has rebranded his previous blog to bloggingx in 2018 to make it more branded.

Despite being in this competitive industry, his new blog scaled in record time due to his consistency and juicy blogging tips that he gives on his blog.

His blog is one of the best-designed blog in this Indian blogging industry.

The specialty of this blog is its SEO and affiliate marketing articles, which you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

His blog is one of the few blogs in the market which provide actionable Amazon affiliate marketing tips.

Like Ankit Singla, he is also a vivid follower of learning and due to his constant learning, he has now scaled his blogs to generate him income of more than 10,000 dollars consistently.

He has invested in learning blogging, SEO, and digital marketing right from the time his blog was generating $100 per month.

Along with his blog, he is also quite active on his YouTube channel, where he gives blogging and SEO tips.

You can subscribe to this channel from here.

Along with blogging, Akshay is an expert in a lot of skills such as inbound marketing, copywriting, and digital marketing.

He and his blog Bloggingx has been featured on many big websites such as Astra, SEMrush, etc.

Along with bloggingx, he also has some Amazon affiliate websites and a digital marketing company Infosparkle where he gives blogging and SEO services.

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Author: Akshay Hallur

Social Channels:

Facebook Group – BloggingX

Twitter – Akshay Hallur

YouTube – Akshay Hallur

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3. Blogging Cage – Well Written Blogging Blog

About the Author

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Kulwant Nagi is the author of this blog who provides quality blogging tips in a very easy manner.

He is a blogger, digital marketer, and an avid traveler.

Through his blog, he discusses topics about blogging and affiliate marketing in which beginners struggle.

Blogging cage is one of the most on-point digital marketing blogs on the web.

Readers of this blog say it is one of the easy-to-understand blogs.

He tells his personal blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing tips through his blog which are literally gold.

You can enroll in his 10-days free affiliate marketing course to learn affiliate marketing from scratch.

Kulwant Nagi believes if you really want to achieve something in life then you have to be an action taker.

See his interview:

Along with generic blogging tips, this blog goes one step further and gives a lot of actionable copywriting and advertising tips as well.

Kulwant is in this blogging game for more than 11 years.

Since 2015, he is continuously making more than 10,000 dollars from his blogs.

Along with the free course, he also provides two premium courses about blogging and affiliate marketing which is trusted by pro bloggers.

His blog has been featured in the biggest digital marketing websites on the web, such as Neil Patel, your story, etc.

Along with this blog, he is also running a digital marketing company known as Afflospark.

He has recently introduced the Affiliate booster theme and plugin which are designed primarily for affiliate marketing.

This theme helps you increase conversion and get the most out of their theme.

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Author: Kulwant Nagi

Social Channels:

Facebook Group – Bloggers Cage

Twitter – Kulwant Nagi

YouTube – Kulwant Nagi

4. Bloggers Passion – Old And Reputed Blog

About the Author

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Anil Aggarwal is the owner of this blog. He is in blogging since 2008 which makes him one of the starting members of this Indian Blogging community.

He has done blogging part-time until 2018 then he took it full time afterward.

Bloggers Passion is a den of content related to blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

He covers those topics on this website that other bloggers don’t discuss much such as negative SEO which makes this website unique.

This is one of the best blogging websites for beginners to learn blogging and SEO.

He is continuously earning more than 12,000 dollars per month from his blogs.

One of the best things about this blog is that it offers a lot of free e-books and courses related to blogging and affiliate marketing.

So, beginners can take advantage of it to learn blogging and affiliate marketing from scratch.

Also, if you want to go deep into these concepts, then you can buy their premium e-books as well.

Before bloggers passion, he also had a website which he sold for more than 35,000 dollars in 2008.

In 2019, he has started another blog hostingmonks which is a blog dedicated to hosting related queries.

Bloggers passion content has been featured in big websites like Forbes, SEMrush, etc.

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Author: Anil Agarwal

Social Channels:

Facebook Group – Bloggers Passion

Twitter – Anil Agarwal

YouTube – Anil Agarwal – BloggersPassion

5. Question Cage – Security At Its Best!

About the Author

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Navin Rao is the author of this blog.

He is a tech geek who has got into this world of blogging and made a mark on it.

Question Cage is super-duper different from other blogging blogs of India because it mainly focuses on WordPress security.

It provides great security guides so you can protect your website from hackers which is quite unique.

They provide a huge guide on website security, which you can get if you sign up for their email list.

Along with website security, this website has a lot of content about copywriting, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

All the content on this blog is written in a manner that every beginner can understand.

This blog has been featured in your story, template monster, and many others.

Along with this blog, Navin has 3 more blogs, which are:

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Author: Navin Rao

Social Channels:

Facebook – Question Cage

Twitter – Question Cage

Quora – Navin Rao

6. Blogging Lift – Quality Affiliate Marketing Tips

About the Author

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Sumit Sao is the owner of this blog.

This blog provides one of the best affiliate marketing tips to increase sales.

Along with that, it has one of the most engaging audiences as well.

So, kudos to Sumit for it.

Sumit has been in this blogging industry since 2015.

It was the time when he has learned a bit of coding and started a website that was coded manually.

But it didn’t work out, after 3 failed websites he started blogging lift, and the rest you know.

He tells that the main reason for his failure was that he was not investing his money and time in learning.

So, after realizing this, he invested his time and money in learning.

Now, you know how successful his blog is.

Also, I personally recommend you invest some time in learning this art of blogging.

This blog is quite different from other blogs because it talks about affiliate marketing, funnels, webinars, etc which is super unique.

Along with his blog, he also has a Facebook group with over 40,000 followers, which is a great community if you want to learn blogging.

I am also a part of this group and believe me it is one of the best blogging groups on Facebook.

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Author: Sumit Sao

Social Channels:

Facebook – Blogging Lift

Twitter – Sumit Sao

YouTube – Sumit Sao

7. Blogging Gyaan – In Depth Blogging Guides

About the Author

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The author of this blog is Santanu Debanth who is a part-time blogger.

He is in this blogging industry for 11 years now.

He is a very inspiring and hardworking blogger, as he does blogging part-time along with his full-time job for 11 years.

Santanu is a perfect example for those who want to start a blog but give excuses because they have a full-time job.

Santanu is earning more than 3000$+ from his blogs every month working part-time.

Along with his blogs, he also has two YouTube channels and a Facebook group which tells how hardworking this man is.


On his blog, Blogginggyaan there is a lot of content about affiliate marketing, link building, blogging, etc which you should definitely give a read.

But the unique thing about this blog is its link-building articles which are super detailed and easy to read.

You should definitely read it once.

You can subscribe to his YouTube channel where he gives blogging and SEO tutorials as well.

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Author: Santanu Debanth

Social Channels:

Facebook – The Blogger’s Team

Twitter – Santanu Debnath

YouTube – Santanu Debnath | Blogging Joy

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8. Bloggingqna – Quality Instead Of Quantity

About the Author

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This blog is made by Mangesh Bhardwaj who is a very humble and deep-rooted person.

He always shows his real personality in front of his audience and never does any kind of show-off.

You can understand his simple personality as he listens to Ragini in this world where people listen to hip-hop to look cool.

Mangesh is a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer who is earning good money from this blog and several other micro niche blogs.

The unique thing about bloggingqna is its link-building resources which you should definitely check.

His blogging journey also inspires me a lot to give my best in my blogging career.

You can check his journey here:

Bloggingqna is a very well-designed blog, and you would be shocked to know that it is not made with any page builder.

It is made with the help of the affiliate booster theme and add-ons from the Gutenberg plugin.

You can see how he has designed his website in this video:

One thing that I really liked about Mangesh is that he is a really hardworking dude because manages a lot of his blogs.

Along with his blogs, he is active on all social media and makes content for it as well which tells his dedication towards his work.

On his blog, bloggingqna you get a lot of detailed, in-depth guide about blogging, SEO and affiliate marketing which you should definitely read it.

He is super active on his YouTube channel, where he regularly gives quality tips on blogging and affiliate marketing.

You can check it out here.

Along with that, you can also enroll in his 10-day free affiliate marketing course, which can tell you how to do affiliate marketing from scratch.

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Author: Mangesh Bhardwaj

Social Channels:

Facebook – BloggingQnA

Twitter – Mangesh Bhardwaj

YouTube – Mangesh Bhardwaj | BloggingQnA

9. Simple Facts Online – Simplified Digital Marketing

About the Author

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This website is owned by Chayan Chakrabarti who is a professional digital marketer and blogger.

He provides quality SEO, blogging, and digital marketing tips through his blog.

Simple facts online is a website that gives quality SEO and blogging tips that hardly anyone tells online.

At the beginning of his digital marketing career, like any noob marketer, he also has done a lot of mistakes.

But instead of leaving this industry, he made a great career out of it.

Along with his blog, he is quite active in the content creation game as well.

He makes content for almost all social media and also has a podcast too which you can follow as well.

His blog has a lot of content about digital marketing, blogging, and SEO which every beginner can learn from.

Chayan and his blog simplefactsonline are featured on many big websites like your story, growth funda, etc.

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Author: Chayan Chakrabarti

Social Channels:

Facebook – SimpleFactsOnline

Twitter – Chayan Chakrabarti

YouTube – Chayan Chakrabarti

10. Traffic Crow – A Full Blogger Outreach Guide

About the Author

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This website is owned by Sathish Arumugam who is a professional web designer, blogger, and digital marketer.

He is in this online field for more than 10 years, so he knows how things work here.

Traffic crow is one of the finest blogging and digital marketing website around the web.

This website has a lot of content ranging from blogging to SEO to blogger outreach and much more.

The unique thing about this website is its blogger outreach guides which are super valuable.

Everybody who wants to know how to do blogger outreach should read their guides.

Along with his blog, he also runs a digital marketing agency known as Sgs Mediasoft.

He offers SEO services, consultancy, courses, etc there.

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Author: Sathish Arumugam

Social Channels:

LinkedIn – Sathish Arumugam

Twitter – Sathish Arumugam

11. Digital GYD – A Professional Blogging Website

About the Author

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The author of this blog is made by Swadhin Agrawal, who is a freelance writer turned digital entrepreneur.

He has uplifted himself from nothing to a well-qualified digital marketer.

He is in the industry of blogging and digital marketing since 2013, so he knows every bit of this industry.

On Digital GYD you get a lot of content about blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, etc which you should definitely give a read.

But the best part of this website is its professional-looking design, which is very beautiful.

He is quite active in the blogging community and his advice has helped 1hindi.com to reach a massive 1 million page views per month.

You can visit his social media as he is quite active on it.

Links are given below.

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Author: Swadhin Agrawal

Social Channels:

Facebook – DigitalGYD

Twitter – Swadhin Agrawal

12. Bloggers Idea – Orthodox Digital Marketing Guide

About the Author

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The founder of this website is Jitendra Vaswani.

He is a professional digital marketer and keynote speaker.

He has interviewed some of the best digital marketing legends from this industry, such as Rand Fishkin and Neil Patel.

Bloggers Idea has a lot of content about e-commerce, courses, webinar tutorials, etc which are actually unique.

His blog has been mentioned some big names of this industry such as Simplilearn, digital vidya, etc.

Along with Bloggers Idea, he also has some other blogs as well.

You can also pay a visit to it.

Along with all that, Jitendra has also published some best-selling e-books about growth hacking.

He is also the host of the hustler brain podcast, where he has interviewed many big digital marketing legends.

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Author: Jitendra Vaswani

Social Channels:

Facebook – Jitendra Vaswani

Twitter – Jitendra Vaswani

Podcast – Inside the hustler’s brain

13. 99 Signals – Bunch Of Quality Articles

About the Author

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Sandeep Mallya is the founder of this blog.

He is a blogger and professional digital marketing guy.

He has created this website to document his blogging and digital marketing knowledge.

As he is an avid follower of Gary Vee’s principle of “document, don’t create”.

This doesn’t mean that he is not earning much from his blog.

He is actually making more than $6000 per month with this blog.

99 Signals has more than 200+ in-depth articles about blogging, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Along with his blog, he also runs a podcast about marketing, which you can listen from here.

He also runs a startup known as Startup Digital Café where he uses SEO, social media to drive leads.

His blog has been featured on many high-quality digital marketing websites such as SEMrush, growth bar, etc.

He is also quite active on social media, so do follow him on his social channels.

Links are given down below.

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Author: Sandeep Mallya

Social Channels:

Facebook – 99signals

Twitter – 99Signals

YouTube – 99Signals

14. IftiSEO – Unorthodox Blogging Tips

About the Author

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This blog is owned by Iftekhar Ahmed.

He started his blog in 2014 and now gets 5 million organic traffic per month.

Along with that, he has worked on more than 50+ online ventures in the past.

He has learned SEO and blogging through trial and error.

He is a self-learning dude!

IftiSEO has a lot of content about SEO, blogging, and affiliate marketing which you should definitely read.

The unique thing about this blog is its unorthodox blogging, SEO, and traffic generation tips which you won’t find anywhere else for FREE!

His blog is mentioned in some big names in digital marketing such as Neil Patel, Yahoo, Entrepreneur, etc.

Along with his blog, Ifthekar is also active on his social media where you can connect with him personally.

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Author: Iftekhar Ahmed

Social Channels:

Facebook – Iftekhar Ahmed

Twitter – Iftekhar Ahmed

Instagram – IftiSEO

15. Udit Goenka – Quality Over Quantity

About the Author

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This website is owned by Udit Goenka who is a paid ad and growth hacking expert.

He has been featured on a lot of big growth hacking websites on the web.

On Uditgoenka.com, you would only get 2 articles, but trust me it is definitely worth a read.

Especially the SEO copywriting article, which is thoroughly discussed in detail on this website.

You can join its email list to get regular growth hacking tips to your inbox.

Along with this blog, he has also started 3 successful startups and has stepped out of it.

He is currently running pitch ground and funnel brake, through which he is earning millions of dollars.

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Author: Udit Goenka

Social Channels:

Facebook – Udit Goenka

Twitter – Udit Goenka

YouTube – Udit Goenka

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