Interview of Amit Garg – Make Money Blogging Fast In 2023

Welcome to the third episode of Expert talks where I interview famous bloggers who are doing great in this blogging industry.

In this third episode, we have Amit Garg (Blogging Beats) with us who is a well-known blogger.

In this interview, you would get some exclusive blogging and SEO tips from Amit Garg.

So, read this interview till the end.

Let’s jump into it.

Who is Amit Garg?

Amit Garg founder of Blogging Beats
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Amit Garg is a famous blogger of India who blogs at

He has started his blog in 2019 and quickly it has become one of my favorite blogs to learn blogging and SEO from.

He has touched the milestone of making 2 million revenue from his blog which is a massive thing.

Along with that, his blog design is one of the best, and with no doubt, I can say that he has taken generatepress to the next level.

Thanks, Amit bro for giving me this opportunity to interview you.

Now let’s start the interview.

Expert Talks #3 – A Interview with Amit Garg (Blogging Beats)

Q1. Please tell me something about you and your blog for my readers?

Blogging beats homepage
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Hey all, I am Amit Garg. I am from Haryana and currently live in Delhi with my wife and a little son.

I blog at — that I started back in October 2019, where I share comprehensive content around blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

In addition to that, I am involved in the footwear business as well.

Q2. I see you haven’t mentioned much of your life story on your blog, can you tell my readers about your story?

About amit garg founder of blogging beats
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Typical story.

To pursue my career in software development I stepped into engineering. After finishing my graduation in 2012 I got selected as a software developer in a private organization.

Like everyone, I did not like the 9 to 6 routine. So, in Feb 2017, I quit the job and got into the footwear manufacturing business. But things did not go according to the plans and unfortunately, in May 2019, I had to close that business.

It was like a major heartbreak for me but after a few months, I started freelancing and eventually started my first ever blog BloggingBeats which is doing really well, touch wood.

Q3. What kind of blogging workspace do you have and what is your blogging schedule?

I don’t have a fancy one. A simple foldable study table with a MacBook Air and a water bottle mostly.

I usually work from 10 AM – 10 PM (includes regular breaks) and try to write 1000 words every day along with other optimization work.

Q4. I read in one of your interviews that you are about to hit 1 million blogging revenue? How have you done that and how many blogs do you have?

Well, It’s 2 million now. Yes, very soon I will hit this mark.

I have only one blog that’s BloggingBeats.

Talking about the revenue I generated — it’s accumulated earnings from content writing, affiliate marketing, contests, sponsored posts, and website designing.

Q5. You have started your blogging journey in 2019 and achieved success in it fast. How were you able to do that in such a competitive niche?

Competition is everywhere, be it an entrance exam, job, business, or blogging. Just keep in mind, Life is a DIY project and you have to deal with it yourself, anyhow. 

Honesty, consistency, and hard work are some basic ingredients of success.

Most importantly, love what you do!

Trust me, when you start loving the process, nobody can stop you from cherishing a happy and successful life.

Q6. Tell me something about your family and tell me the role of the family in achieving success in life?

I have a supportive and caring family that always motivates me and gives me the strength to keep going.

Q7. Mention some tools that you use to maintain your productivity.

Well, I try to keep my life as simple as possible and don’t get into the hassles of tools unnecessarily. 

I use Google Docs for writing, Grammarly for proofreading, and Semrush for SEO.

Q8. What monetization methods do you use to monetize your blogging beats blog?

From the beginning, affiliate marketing is the main source of income for my blog.

I never thought about monetizing my blog via ad placement which is another great way to earn money through blogging. 

The reason is simple, I am focussing on affiliate marketing, and for making a few extra dollars I can not mess up with my Blog UI and speed. That being said, if you have massive traffic on your blog, then you may take advantage of Google AdSense or other relevant ad networks.

Apart from that, some of my earnings came from affiliate contests and sponsored posts.

So far, I have won 4-5 contests which feels really good and resulted in decent revenue as well.

As my blog authority is increasing day by day, I have started getting sponsored post offers as well. So, I accepted a few of them which are genuinely relevant to my blog niche and made a good amount of money.

You may also check out one of my posts on how to make money blogging that has got some real value.

Q9. There are two things which newbies suffer from, one is traffic and the other is sales. Tell me some traffic and sales generation tips for my readers.

One thing is clear, to generate sales, you will have to drive the targeted traffic to your blog.

For doing so, either you can go for organic traffic or paid methods.

As of now, I have been doing it organically which is all about content quality and your writing style.

So, learn the art of copywriting and become a rare beast! 

And don’t skip the SEO part.

Here is a detailed post on how to increase traffic to a website that you may find helpful.

Q10. Do you read books and what effect do they have on your mindset?

No, I am not fond of reading books!

Q11. You started your business of footwear in 2017, did you feel fear of starting a business and going away from the corporate job?

There was no fear because the whole family was with me.

In fact, I was quite happy that I was finally leaving the corporate job and going to start my own business. It was like a dream come true moment for me.

Q12. Tell me about your future plans where you see yourself in the next 2 to 3 years?

Nothing as such. I will be putting more content to take my blog to the next level and also try to get new customers for my footwear trading business.

Q13. Which blogs do you read to increase your blogging knowledge?

BloggersPassion by Anil Agarwal. Furthermore, I am active on social media where I gain massive knowledge about blogging from other fellow bloggers.

Q14. Give some motivation for my blog readers who are trying hard to make a mark in this industry.

Motivation is all around us. When I go jogging in the morning and look at people younger and older than me pushing their limits to be fit, I feel motivated. 

When I come to know my fellow bloggers are making a hell lot of money from blogging, I feel inspired. 

It’s all up to you whether you take your surroundings positively or negatively. 

So, get rid of all the negative energy within you and try to become a better version of yourself every day.

Q15. Some testimonial about my blog Question Blogging?

Your blog looks good to me. It has got a neat & clean design along with valuable content.

Keep doing what you love and I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors.

The END!

Thanks, Amit for this awesome interview. This interview is one of the best interviews that I have hosted till now.

In the last interview with Mangesh, we found his secret blogging and YouTube tips. Whereas this interview shows more of the mindset aspect of Amit.

Tell me which part of this interview do you like the most in the comments down below.

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