Interview of Ayush Mishra – Blogger and Passionate Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to the first episode of the Expert Talks series, where I will interview famous and successful bloggers.

So that my readers can get to know the mindset of a successful blogger.

It is a different kind of interview where I will be covering a lot of topics.

Not just telling you the income of the blogger I will interview.

In this interview, we have Ayush Mishra from Bloggers Desire.

So, let’s get started.

Who is Ayush Mishra?

Ayush Mishra is a young blogger and affiliate marketer from India.

He is a new guy in this industry, but he is one of the hardworking and knowledgeable guys that I have met.

His blogging story would give motivation to my readers who have faced a lot of failures in the past in blogging.

He has got a lot of failures in blogging, but he maintained his persistence in blogging until he got success in it.

Also, I would like to mention that Ayush is really a very sweet guy.

He easily accepted my request for his interview on my blog.

So, Thank You Ayush for that!

Expert Talks #1 – Interview With Ayush Mishra (Bloggers Desire)

1. Please, Ayush, tell me something about yourself and your blog to my readers?

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Hello Nishant, thanks for inviting me to your blog.

I’m Ayush Mishra, a passionate Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, and founder of Bloggers Desire & Youtube Channel.

Bloggers Desire is a space for bloggers and affiliates who want to monetize their skills and make money online.

2. Tell me in brief about your blogging journey, ups and downs, etc.

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I started blogging after I passed 10th grade and bought a new phone. On YouTube, I discovered blogging one day while searching for “good career options.”. From mobile, I made a couple of blogs, but they didn’t work for me.

My first blog was on Blogspot that I purchased a domain from GoDaddy, but at that time I had no clue how to optimize it for SEO and all other stuff. I sold that blog after working for a month.

Due to my interest in business since the beginning, I didn’t want a job that I had to put in 9 to 5. Therefore, blogging and affiliate marketing were very appealing to me.

3. Tell me which monetization ways you use to monetize your blog, Bloggers Desire.

Bloggers Desire is primarily monetized with Affiliate Marketing, and sometimes I also publish sponsored posts.

4. Tell me the full procedure which you follow on your blog from keyword research, writing, and promotion, etc?

Here is my full blogging procedure:

  • I use Ahrefs for keyword research. I put some seed keywords and also do competitive research to find keyword ideas.
  • After choosing the main keyword and LSI keywords, I’ll do some research and create an outline in
  • Now it’s time to write an article.
  • Once the article is finished, I’ll compress all the images and publish the content.

5. Do you think blogging has a future in this world of audio and video content? And are you doing branding along with your blog?

The blogging industry is changing. Competition is increasing, as well as the possibility of monetization.

To succeed at blogging in the future, you need to produce high-quality content, establish a strong brand, use multimedia, and adopt a multichannel approach.

To get a more clear idea I have published a detailed video on my YouTube channel. 

You can watch it from here.

6. What are your take on zero click searches? Do you believe in branded blogging or normal blogging?

Rand Fishkin did a study on the number of clicks any website receives from organic traffic from Google search results.

Thus, in 2020, 65% of all global search terms are not giving any organic traffic to any ranking website.

Bloggers are worried about zero-click searches as a result of recent data analysis.

Search volumes are on the rise every year, which means more traffic is possible.

So start adding more valuable content and keep working.

And yes, I believe in the branded blogging.

7. How do you drive traffic to your blog in this competitive niche?

There are various ways to drive traffic to my blog, and I am using the following ways.

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. Email marketing

My recommendation is that create your own ecosystem, so you don’t need to depend on Google or any other platforms.

8. Some tools that you use in your daily blogging tasks

Here are some of my favorite tools.

  1. Ahrefs and Semrush for keyword research
  2. Grammarly for writing
  3. Dynalist for outline
  4. Surfer SEO for SEO 
  5. Google spreadsheet for management
  6. MonsterInsights
  7. WP Rocket for speed

Here is a full list of tools that I use.

9. Do you read books and what kind of effect they have on your mindset? Also, do you believe in spirituality?

Yes, I read books to increase my knowledge to get other people’s perspectives on a specific topic. Yes, I believe in spirituality.

We all agree that by being spiritual we end up becoming successful in life, realizing our true purpose and attaining it through spiritual means.

Furthermore, it can also assist us in achieving success more easily in this world of materialism.

Everyone should believe in spirituality!

10. According to you, which are some future trends in blogging for 2024?

Here are some blogging trends according to me:

  • Authority blogging will be on the rise
  • Personal branding is more important
  • Need more high-quality content
  • Need to diversify 

11. Please, can you tell me your favorite blogs you read to increase your blogging knowledge?

Sure Nishant,

Here is a list of blogs that I read:

  • Backlinko
  • Neil Patel
  • Ahrefs Blog
  • Blogging Qna
  • Blogging Beats
  • Shout Me Loud
  • Blogging Cosmos
  • Blogging Lift
  • Ryrob

12. At last, can you give my readers a gist of your blog income for motivation?

Approx $500 to $1000.

Remember, you need to put effort and learn how the system works to achieve the same or more.

The End

So, that’s it for this great interview with Ayush Mishra.

Hope you got some value on how you can be a successful blogger from this interview.

Tell me your feedback on the Expert Talks Interview series in the comments below.

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