Exclusive Interview With Abhishek Padhi – A Rising WordPress Blogger!

WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) around the world in 2024!

Similarly, it is one of the most lucrative niches to start a blog as well!

And today we have one such blogger with us who blogs about WordPress.

In this post, I am going to interview Abhishek Padhi who is a rising blogger who blogs at Key2Blogging.com.

Let’s start this interview.

Who is Abhishek Padhi?

Abhishek Padhi is a rising blogger who blogs at Key2Blogging.com. He is one of my closest blogger friends who help me every time I need him.

His blog mainly talks about WordPress, product reviews, etc, and with the help of it, he has earned a significant reader base.

So, if you want in-depth knowledge of WordPress then I would highly recommend you to follow his blog.

After this brief intro about Abhishek let’s dive into the interview questions.

Expert Talks #14 – An Interview With Abhishek Padhi (Key2blogging.com)

Read this interview till the end to know some quality tips to grow your blog as a complete beginner:

Now let’s start with the interview questions.

Q1. Hey Abhishek bro, can you please introduce yourself to my audience?

Hello, I am Abhishek Padhi, the Founder of Key2blogging.com.

I teach people how to start a blog, customize it, do proper SEO for better visibility in search engines and earn decent money from Affiliate marketing.

I also have a YouTube channel named “Key2blogging” where I make videos about blogging, WordPress, and more.

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I am from Odisha, India and I am currently working as a Solo Entrepreneur and Freelancer in the field of digital marketing. You can connect me on Twitter or Linkedin.

Q2. Tell me something about yourself and your story of starting key2blogging?

I started key2Blogging Blog in 2020 to help people start their own website and make a digital presence for their business.

Here I teach mostly about WordPress tutorials, Affiliate marketing guides, and Search engine optimization (SEO) tips and tricks.

I always try to keep the process simple so even a beginner can understand and implement it on his blog.

Currently, the Key2blogging blog is on WordPress and before that, I started my first website on Blogger called “Techyleaf”.

If you don’t know, Blogger is a content management platform (CMS) like WordPress which is owned by Google and everyone can start their free websites on it.

But, I like the WordPress platform the most as it has improved a lot over time and comes with a lot of plugins which makes the process easier.

That’s why I started the “Key2blogging” blog on WordPress and it is currently hosted on Hostinger Hosting.

Q3. You rank for a lot of keywords in the WordPress niche. Can you tell me the step-by-step process of how this niche came to your mind and what steps you took to achieve this?

I started my first blog in the Technology niche and in the process of writing blogs and articles, sometimes I got queries from friends about how to start a blog or build a website.

That’s why I switched my niche to blogging and now I am helping newbies in their blogging journey.

I started my blog from the very basics of Blogging like what is a blog, what is domain name and hosting etc, and then started covering complex things like how to solve hosting cPanel-related problems.

According to Ahrefs, now my website is ranking over 900+ keywords where most of them are ranking in the United States, the Uk, and India.

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So, always focus on solving the user queries fast and then think of optimizing it for search engines. Backlinks also play a crucial role in blog rankings too.

Q4. Tell me your blog writing process step by step from keyword research to publishing it?

My blog writing process is very simple. I first make a list of seed keywords or topic ideas in notepad, then check for its search volume and demand.

After selecting the keyword, I do my keyword research mostly from Google along with some free chrome extensions like whatsmyserp, ubersuggest, etc.

I first check the top-ranking pages that are already ranking on those terms, then I start preparing my outlines to better deliver the content and eventually, outranking the existing ones.

Q5. Abhishek bro can you tell me how you drive traffic to your blog except for the organic one from Google?

Most of the traffic on my website comes from Google and Bing which is considered organic traffic.

Along with that, I get traffic from referral sites like YouTube and some other social media sites like Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Always try to build a community on all platforms in order to get a good amount of traffic to your website.

I also write content for other websites like Quora, Medium, Linkedin, etc and redirect visitors from there to my website.

Q6. Along with blogging, you make videos as well. Tell me some ways to rank your videos up on YouTube?

As a small channel, most of the traffic comes to my videos from YouTube searches.

So, I give more importance to title and description, and thumbnails which are the key elements of Video SEO.

Currently, around 57% of the traffic in videos comes from YouTube search and now I have started promoting my videos on social media platforms to get greater visibility.

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I also embed my videos on my blog posts, so I can rank the video twice in Google’s SERPs and get more organic traffic to my website.

Q7. Tell me some of your blogs that you follow to increase your knowledge of blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

I follow sites like Ahrefs, SEMrush, Backlinko to learn advanced blogging skills. I also learn from Youtube videos and sites like Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

Q8. You manage blogging and Youtubing simultaneously. It is a tough job. Can you tell me how you manage them together?

Yes, running a blog and a YouTube channel together is a bit tough but it is a killer combination to have both a Blog and a Youtube channel.

You can easily send traffic from Videos to blogs and vice versa.

Pro hack – I always try to make a blog and video on the same topic, so, I can save time on research and scripting.

Q9. Can you tell my readers about your daily routine and some productivity hacks which you use to make your day super productive?

I use the Notion app to maintain my daily routine and I put all topic ideas, research content, and workflow on it to improve my productivity.

Q10. Networking is super important. Do you network with other bloggers in your niche? And tell me some of your favorite blogging friends.

Yes, networking is super important as it helps build a community and helps you learn new ideas and hacks. 

Building a Good community of bloggers also allows you to build natural links easily. 

Some of my best friends are Rohit Thakur from Bloggerswidom, Dhruvir Zala from scale farming, and of course you Nishant.

Q11. Abhishek bro can you please give some motivation to my readers who are struggling to get success in blogging.

My one and only suggestion is to start your blog only if you are passionate about the topic and genuinely want to help other people. 

Give you full potential on it and don’t think about earning in the beginning (at least for 6 months). Deliver the value first and then you can monetize your content easily. 

Currently, most of my earnings come from affiliate marketing and services that I offer on freelancing platforms and social media sites.

In addition to that, I am planning to monetize my Youtube channel and do sponsor posts and videos.

Currently, I am not focusing on earnings that much but I will after reaching a certain stage in this blogging journey.

Q12. Some testimonials or suggestions for my blog Question Blogging

Question Blogging is undoubtedly one of the best resources for Blogging and SEO tips and tricks. I definitely recommend you to follow this blog to kickstart and grow your blogging journey. 

Nishant, I like the way you explain everything in detail and your blog design is quite nice.

Over to you!

Thanks, Abhishek for this awesome interview. I hope that my lovely readers have got some value reading this interview.

I would highly recommend you to read Abhishek bro’s website Key2blogging for quality tutorials about WordPress.

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