Amazing Interview With Anil Agarwal – Earn $10,000 From Blogging

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of blogging and achieving it takes a lot of time.

And if you really want to know the consistency then who’s better than Anil Aggarwal sir.

He is super consistent on all his blogs even after doing blogging for more than 10 years.

In this post, I would do an interview with Anil Agarwal sir where I would reveal the secrets of his success in this blogging game.

So, let’s dive right in.

Who is Anil Agarwal?

Amazing Interview With Anil Agarwal - Earn $10,000 From Blogging
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Anil Agarwal is one of the oldest Indian bloggers and he has been blogging since 2005.

Currently, he is working on his blog full time however till 2018 he has done blogging part-time.

He regularly posts amazing and valuable content on all his blog bloggers passion and I read his blog post whenever I face any problem in my blogging journey.

Thanks, Anil sir for this awesome interview.

Grateful always!

Now let’s start the interview questions.

Expert Talks #9 – An Interview With Anil Agarwal (Bloggers Passion)

I bet that this interview of Anil Agarwal will reveal his secrets how he scaled his blog from $0 to $10,000 per month.

Q1. Anil sir, you need no introduction but can you tell something about you and your blogging story?

Amazing Interview With Anil Agarwal - Earn $10,000 From Blogging
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Hey Guys, My name is Anil Agarwal and I’m the guy behind blog.

Apart from this blog, I also own a few more blogs including and

I started working on Blogs way back in 2005.

At that time I started with free blogger blogs and later moved to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

I have seen lots of ups and downs during my blogging journey. Hopefully, you guys can learn something from my blogging journey.

Q2. There are two things which are a pain in the neck for bloggers, sales and traffic. Can you give some tips about these two?

Traffic that we get from search engines is the highest quality traffic.

And to get that traffic, we need to write great content (10X better than ranked websites) and then market it. 

If you have a new blog, it’s a better idea to target long-tail keywords where you see few results being occupied by new blogs in your niche.

Once you can drive quality traffic to your blog, you can expect some revenue coming to your blog through the means you are trying to monetize your blog.

Q3. Guest blogging and white hat outreach has worked like a charm for me. What are your take on these two methods and mention some tips for my readers about them?

Guest blogging is really effective when it comes to building a better brand, getting better rankings for your target keywords, or introducing your content marketing skills to a new audience.

To get the most out of guest blogging, you should reach out to active blog owners that have some search traffic and should be relevant to your blog niche.

Stay away from general blogs or blogs that cover too many topics. 

Follow their guest blogging guidelines and submit your best content to them. Don’t make the mistake of sharing average content to blog owners.

Blogger outreach is something I’ve not yet utilized so far. Hopefully, I will give this approach a try soon.

Q4. Whenever Google rolls a new update, newbie bloggers panic a lot. Tell me what you focus on after Google announces new updates?

To be safe from Google Algo updates, we should keep improving the quality of our blog contents and at the same time, keep reviewing our backlinks.

We should update all the important content from our blog once or twice every six months.

Add more value to them, add images and get rid of outdated information. If there is any outdated content, delete or redirect to a relevant page.

Audit your backlinks from time to time and get rid of the backlinks that look spammy in nature.

I did a video on the topic of how to recover from Google Algo updates here:

I hope your blog audience will be able to get some action items from this video.

Q5. Blogging is a game of learning and implementing. So, can you tell me which blogs you read to increase your blogging knowledge? Do you implement more or learn more?

Blogging is all about learning, implementing, and analyzing the results of your implementations. Keep on implementing the things that are working for you.

I happen to visit a few SEO blogs to keep track of Google’s latest algo updates and to improve my SEO skills further.

On lots of occasions, I just type in my desired query on Google to get the information I was looking for. It could be about anything like how to get more affiliate sales, how to build high quality backlinks etc.

Q6. Can you tell me your favorite promotional ways which you use to drive traffic to your blog?

Sure let me quickly share with you few methods that I use to drive more and more traffic to my blog:

– Replying to relevant questions on Quora type of Question Answer platforms. My answers have already reached 1.7 Million views on the Quora website.

Anil Agarwal Quora Profile
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– Sharing important blog posts on my social media accounts. I have a decent following on Facebook and Twitter and also have an active FB group where I have 17K plus members.

Anil Agarwal Facebook Group
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– I also do guest blogging from time to time to send high quality traffic to my blog posts and to pass on the much needed SEO juice to them.

– Apart from these, I would love to create a video version of important content at least I’m doing on my blog. But due to time constraints, I’m not able to work much in this direction. 

Q7. What is your daily schedule from morning to night? Also, how do you maintain to produce such regular content on your blog even after being in it for more than 10 years?

I try to spend 5 to 6 hours daily on my blogs. I was able to spend more time before the covid pandemic. These days I mostly work from home.

I have a team that helps me with all blogging related needs. My aim behind BloggersPassion is to write on all relevant topics related to blogging, SEO, and affiliate marketing.

That’s the reason we can produce high quality content even after 10 years. Lots of our efforts went into improving the quality of already published content.

On a side note, I try to walk 10,000 steps daily to improve my health. After recovering from Covid 19, I also started doing Yoga.

Q8. Can you tell me some blogging and productivity tools that you use for blogging and productivity?

So far I haven’t used any tool or app to improve my productivity. Sharing below few blogging tools I use:

  • I use Google Docs for managing contents and all other data, 
  • Semrush and a few other tools for all of my SEO needs.
  • Drip for email marketing 
  • Rank Math as SEO plugin
  • Elementor as page builder.
  • Social Snap as Social sharing plugin.

You can find the master list of blogging tools from here.

Q9. Sir, can you tell me the reason why our young generation fails to make it big in blogging or any field?

Lots of bloggers fail to make any success with their blogs. And the main reason I see is they are not able to focus on their blogs for a longer period of time.

Their motivation level goes down after a few months.

That’s why it’s said, first six months of blogging are really hard.

During this time, you need to focus a lot on your blog while staying motivated. You should improve your blogging skills and try to implement all the learnings on your blog.

If you stay focused on your blog for longer periods of time, you will get positive results for the efforts you put into your blog.

Q10. Can you tell me some dos and don’ts for new bloggers to get success in blogging?

Sure Nishant.

Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s end. Try to learn from successful bloggers in your niche.

Try to build relationships with other bloggers.

Always do keyword research before writing any content on your blog and target long-tail keywords when you have a new blog.

Don’t forget to promote your content. You cannot get the desired results with your content by the time you are not promoting it.

Always remember the 80:20 rule. 20% of your efforts should go into content creation and the rest of 80% should go for its promotion.

In most cases, people forget the promotion part altogether. Don’t make that mistake.

Q11. Blogging is considered as an alienated thing in our Indian society. Can you tell us we can change it and do one can make a full time career in blogging?

From our end, we can try to explain to them the full potential of blogging. With time more and more people will become aware of blogging and its benefits.

We have to keep making efforts from our end. 

For sure blogging can be a good career option. The Future of blogging is really bright. With time, our means to blog may change but blogging will always remain there.

You can start blogging as a side hustle with your regular job and once you can survive from your blogging income, you can become a full time blogger.

Q12. Can you tell me something about your future projects? Also, what are your future goals for 2 to 3 years?

I want to keep the same level of focus on BloggersPassion while trying to take other blogs to a level where they can start contributing significantly to our revenue.

I’m planning to launch a few more premium eBooks, cover all important categories on and launch a premium product around blogging in the next 2-3 years.

Q13. Sir, please give some guidance to my lovely question blogging readers on how they can be successful in blogging?

Guys keep making efforts on your blogs without losing focus. And eventually, you will get a lot more than you expected from your blogs in the long run.

Consistency is really important if you want to become a successful blogger. If you are consistent, you will get desired results even with average blogging skills.

Q14. I know that you are making a lot but can you please tell me how much do you earn from your blogs?

Right now, I’m able to make over $10,000 from my blogs. And most of this revenue comes from BloggersPassion blog while selling affiliate products. 

If you guys are interested in knowing more about our income reports you can get more details from here.

Q15. Some suggestions or testimonials for my

Your blog has a simple and elegant design. You need to put lots of effort into your blog to make it successful. Publish lots of quality content. Long way to go.

Keep improving your blogging skills and best of luck with your blogging journey. 

Happy blogging

Anil Agarwal

The END!

Anil Agarwal was one of the few bloggers that I have looked up to whenever I needed any help for blogging.

He is really a mentor figure for me, and it is really an honour to interview him on my blog.

I really enjoyed every part of this awesome interview.

Now tell me in the comments which part of this interview you liked the most?

Also, let me know which bloggers you want me to interview next?

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Thanks in advance❤❤❤.

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