An Exclusive Interview With Chayan Chakrabarti (Simplefactsonline)

Today I have got the chance to interview my blogger friend Chayan Chakrabarti in the fourth episode of Expert Talks.

He is a part-time blogger who is managing his blog along with his full-time job.

Like all the other episodes of Expert Talks, you will also get to learn something from this one as well.

So, let’s jump to it.

Who is Chayan Chakrabarti?

Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti - Simple Facts Online
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Chayan is a part-time blogger from India who is managing his full-time digital marketer job along with his blogs.

Along with blogging, he is great at networking with other bloggers too.

You would find him helping and connecting with other bloggers on his social media channels as well.

And at last thanks Chayan for letting me interview you.

Now let’s jump to the interview part.

Expert Talks #4 – Interview With Chayan Chakrabarti (Simple Facts Online)

Q1. Please, Chayan introduce yourself to my audience?

Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti - Simple Facts Online
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Hi Nishant, thanks a lot for allowing me to share my story here.

Hey friends, my name is Chayan. I am a digital marketer by profession and a blogger by passion. I have been blogging for the last two years at simplefactsonline.

Q2. Chayan can you tell your blogging and digital marketing story in brief to my readers?

Interview with Chayan Chakrabarti - Simple Facts Online
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Well, this is interesting.

I was an average student, and after my graduation, I got into the information technology sector. I worked in domains like telecom, sales, billing, tech support, etc.

Eventually, In 2015, I got introduced to digital marketing from corporate training, and I realized the potential of this industry.

During my project, our team had to create a blog and show the growth roadmap.

I enjoyed the process and thought this is something that I can do and manage on my own.

I wanted to start, but I was clueless. I watched more than 200 videos to gain the concept.

I was under the notion that a blogger needs all the tools right initially.

So eventually in 2019, I thought of trying blogging. I did not have high hopes; I intended to apply my knowledge and do the same thing.

Q3. Do you pursue as a blogger and content marketer full time, or you do it with a job?

I am managing my blogs and my job at the same time.

Though there was a thought that after getting one decent paycheck, I could quit the job. But the reality is that you have to work hard to make a consistent income in blogging.

Blogging is fun, but it may not be rewarding always, so I decided to carry it along with my job.

Q4. Chayan tell me your daily routine, what you do all day?

I work for Canadian clients, and this work from home takes a lot of time of mine.

I wake up at 10 pm, have my dinner, start my office work from 11.30 pm to 8.30 am. Then from 9 am till 1.30 pm, I work on the blog; after that, I have my lunch and sleep.

That’s pretty much all during weekdays.

During weekends, I prefer to work on the blog for at least 8 to 10 hours a day. At times, I watch Netflix, spend time with friends and family.

That’s all.

Q5. Tell me something about your future ventures, where you see yourself in next 2 to 3 years?

I have a lot to learn and want to explore E-commerce, e-book selling, and the money market. Also, I need a stable work and family life.

Q6. Do you read books and what impact it has on your mindset?

Book reading is a good habit that anyone can develop. I read books a lot during my school days.

Right now, I prefer listening to audiobooks and podcasts. My friend Santosh Gairola is a fantastic author, and I always make time to read his book.

Q7. In the beginning of your blogging career, how you motivated yourself to go into blogging career after facing so many failures in it?

As I stated earlier, I did not have high hopes for blogging. And primarily, I did not start blogging to make money.

Maybe because of my fixed paycheck, I was not that insecure like other bloggers when I started.

I wanted to get involved in the process and become a better blogger. I am doing the same thing even today.

Q8. Can you tell me your article writing process, from keyword research to writing and posting the article on social media?

I try to keep it simple.

I believe in long-term goals, so I don’t write articles based on keyword difficulties.

I prefer to write detailed content.

So even if after a few years of writing the post, if anyone looks at that keyword on any search engine, my article should be recommended as a legit source.

I believe in analyzing the top 10 articles, then researching the topic and brainstorming the facts about making it helpful. I enjoy the process.

People say skyscraper posts, ranking, and all other things.

But understand one thing, you will get an audience over time.

Someone will read your post to gain knowledge, someone will comment on your posts for a backlink maybe, someone will share your content on social media just to be connected with you.

So it’s your content, how much it is serving the audience on that topic is necessary. I have seen a 10,000 words post not doing much on SEO and algorithm.

Where a decent 3000-word post is doing well. It’s what makes and breaks your authority. Now, If I talk about my article writing process.

I do the following things.

  1. Get A Keyword That Is Matching My Knowledge
  2. Explore The Top 20 Articles On The List
  3. Analyse The Sites That Are Ranking & Also Check The Backlinks They Get For The Article
  4. Create Article Outline
  5. Share The Article On Social Media
  6. Write A Similar Article For That Topic On Sites Like Quora, LinkedIn.
  7. A Few Guest Posts

It is difficult to fall everything in place when have started. But everything will sync with time.

I use premium tools like Frase to create an article outline, but I would expect any new blogger to follow these processes before getting any premium tool.

Q9. What are the future blogging trends according to you? What are you doing for it on your blog?

Let’s think about it, there are billions of sites on the internet, all of them can’t be stopped like this.

But people are more into consuming video content and there will also be a struggle when someone starts their video journey too.

So I believe a blogger should keep realistic goals and create his content creation strategies.

Q10. What do you want to achieve in life, peace of mind or a lot of money which you can’t spend?

I have a long-term goal.

When I was introduced to digital marketing, I faced a lot of challenges.

I don’t want anyone to face the same thing that I have encountered. In a nutshell, I want to add more value to this industry.

Q11. What tactics you use to increase your blog traffic and sales as many beginners face this issue?

Let’s admit one thing.

A new blog will not get much traffic when there is competition. So a blogger should not write without keyword research and also should focus on getting referral traffic.

For affiliate sales, a blogger should choose his winning products and then create multiple contents on them. If possible, provide some freebies to attract users.

Q12. Tell me about your sources and income and how much you earn monthly combined approximately?

I don’t set a benchmark for earnings.

I share my income proofs on social media at times, and If I calculate my blogging earnings for the last couple of years, I made around $10k to $13k in total.

I did not make much during the initial phase of my blogging days. But I stayed there and got some results.

In my opinion, a blogger should be courageous enough to be consistent.

Q13. Which blogs and YouTube channel you follow to increase your blogging knowledge?

These Are My Favorite:

  1. Bloggingqna Blog And Youtube Channel
  2. Blogging Lift
  3. Blogging Cosmos
  4. BloggingFrom Paradise
  5. Bloggingpond
  6. nikolaroza

Q14. Some motivation for my new bloggers and one secret blogging tip for my readers from you?

Here are a few things that I wish a new blogger to follow:

  1. Focus On Niche Research
  2. Don’t start working in a niche seeing others.
  3. Competitor Research
  4. Site Speed Optimization

Q15. What are your view on micro niche blogging? Do you have some micro niche blog?

I have never tested micro niches yet.

But, yes, I know people are making good money from it. As I said before, I have a different blogging goal and pursuing it.

However, I would always suggest following the ideas and turn them into reality.

Q16. Testimonial about my blog Question Blogging.

Nishant is an amazing blogger.

He is consistently creating amazing content to share his knowledge and helping all becoming better bloggers. Do follow him to get more real blogging insights.

The END!

Thanks, Chayan for your kind words.

It was great having you on my blog.

So, that’s it for this interview. Hope you liked it.

Tell me your opinions about this interview in the comments below.

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