Amazing Interview With Kirtish Vyas – Hardworking Blogger And Digital Guy

Welcome to the seventh episode of my interview series Expert Talks.

In today’s episode, I will do an interview with Kirtish Vyas sir who is a super blogger and digital marketer.

And if you are in the blogging or SEO industry, you must have heard about him once.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump to it.

Who is Kirtish Vyas?

Amazing Interview With Kritish Vyas - Hardworking Blogger And Digital Guy
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Kirtish Vyas sir is a super hardworking Blogger, YouTuber, and Digital Guy.

He has a lot of blogs but his main blog is where he gives in depth guides and tutorials about Blogging, SEO, and Affiliate marketing.

Kirtish sir is doing almost all the things in this digital industry.

Whether it is YouTube, Blogging, or PPC this guy is literally everywhere.

Along with these digital works he is also doing a full time job as an engineer in UK.

Kirtish sir is one of the most hardworking guys that I have ever met in my life journey.

Really hats off to his HARDWORK!

So, after this short and sweet intro let’s jump to the interview questions.

Expert Talks #7 – Interview With Kirtish Vyas (

This interview with Kirtish sir would give you an insight into how he does all such things along with his full time engineer job.

Along with that, he would be sharing some exclusive blogging tips that would enhance your blogging career.

Q 1: Kirtish Sir, I know that you are quite famous in the blogging industry. But can you please give a brief about yourself?

I am an engineer by profession and Blogger and Youtuber by passion.

Amazing Interview With Kritish Vyas - Hardworking Blogger And Digital Guy
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I do own very famous blogs like, and the YouTube channel Mr. Vyas.

Amazing Interview With Kritish Vyas - Hardworking Blogger And Digital Guy
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I started my blogging journey back in 2018 and my Youtube Journey in the year 2016. 

I would love to turn a common individual desire of making passive income into reality, creating content around the same topic on all the social media channels with live case studies.

Q 2: Please, can you tell me your story, from where you belong and so forth?

I am very grateful for whatever I have today which I was dreaming of, back in the year 2010 when my father sold his only shop for my Engineering education.

I am quite an ambitious and self-made person and did most of the education from the Govt school. 

Currently based in the united kingdom still working as a full-time software engineer and equally devoted my time to Blogging and digital marketing.

My birthplace is Dungarpur Rajasthan, did engineering from Jaipur and started my first job in Pune, and I am currently based in England (UK).

Rest all about my achievement, you can find from the About section of site

Q 3: Kirtish sir you are super active on social media, manage your blog, business, and job. Tell me what is your daily schedule and how you stay productive?

Well, this is a frequent question I have been asked in many of my interviews and my answer is pretty much common to all.

At this moment I have over 9 different Revenue streams and I am managing them all very wisely.

The action I took every day, in the beginning, is to list the tasks I need to finish on the same day.

And I devote more than 16-18 hrs every day managing my all tasks. 

Considering one thing in my mind that to build your business the only way to do more is to find more time out from your existing schedule.

And create your own group of masterminds that helps you to solve most of the frequent things which do not require your active contribution.

I started partnering with people to share profit or commission and leveraging my skill to manage more tasks or generate multiple revenue streams.

Q 4: You are an amazing YouTuber who really provides quality content. Tell me some YouTube tips on how one can grow his channel from 0 subscribers?

More often people consider YouTube just a platform to gain views and likes but for me, every viewer is a qualitative lead who is really interested in making money online.

So my content talks more about how to grow technically and mentally and I put the truth upfront that nothing is a get quick rich scheme.

The success mantra with YouTube is don’t focus your content around mass production, instead focus on consistent delivery and quality information.

Make more videos out from the people’s comments and believe a lot on organic growth than manual sharing with family friends.

Don’t care about less number of views as long as you are making money, you are progressing in the right direction.

Use YouTube as a free organic traffic source to build your business.

So no matter how many subscribers you have, keep adding value as 1 potential viewer could be your $1000/month client.

Q 5: There are many goons in the YouTube and online world who misguide people in this field of blogging. What are your thoughts about them?

I don’t want to comment on them, instead, I want to share a different idea.

If you refer to my above answer, there I listed how I leverage YouTube as the best source for communicating with like-minded communities.

So you as an individual first define your definite goal and your action plan and then start following different learning sources and see if they fit your Goals. 

If any of them share you short-term tips to grow quickly that means you are following the wrong individual.

Instead, focus on long-term growth, if you want to build your online empire.

Rest most of the Online Gurus are there to generate more views for the sake of money.

So here is a simple hack to filter your best channel, go to their channel homepage and check if the thumbnail says more about Money Money Money for 50% video, you will find the intention of that YouTuber is only for the sake of views.

Q6. Traffic is the pain in the neck for new bloggers. So, can you give some tips for them to generate traffic to their blog?

Simple doesn’t rely on Google SEO instead starts focusing on the below channels as well.

  • Google SEO
  • YouTube
  • Social Media – Prefer FB Groups.
  • Forums site: Quora, Reddit
  • Email marketing

If you will spread your content around all the above channels you will have lifetime traffic.

Q7: What are your thoughts on Adsense Vs Affiliate marketing, and which method is future-proof according to you?

Since the beginning of my blogging journey, I have never focused my earnings around Ad revenue.

I have created a detailed comparison video around Adsense vs Affiliate blogging there I explained how each one of us is doing affiliate blogging.

Whereas if you started promoting any third party product in your Blog you have ultimately started affiliate marketing.

However, earning from AdSense is only possible if you can drive traffic in millions.

Simply on average 1000 visitors on a blog monetized with Adsense have earning potential of just $2-$6 based on from which country you are getting traffic.

However for an affiliate blog with the same amount of 1000 visitors your earning potential is between $50-$1000 or even more.

Q8: What is your ultimate tip for newbies to get success in any field?

Here are three rules of success that I have learned throughout my life.

  • Have a definite goal and action plan to turn your desire into reality.
  • As long as you are progressing towards a worthy ideal or goal you are already on a successful path. 
  •  List the reasons on a paper, why you want this in life so anytime if you will find the people is trying to pull you back, you have your reasons to push forward nothing else.

If you will understand the deep meaning of these three things, I can bet on your success no matter where you are at this point.

Q9: Many say relationships ruin careers. But can you tell how Mam (your wife) has a role in the success you have in your career?

I would like to define the role of my wife in my life.

I am just a creator but she makes me the best creator and gets me plenty of time, so I can work on our dreams.

She ensures all devices including the Camera, mobile, laptop, earphones charge on time.

Makes sure I am having timely food and taking a healthy diet every day.

She is the only reason, why I am here and progressing further and we are a team working together to turn our dream into reality.

So all success goes to her, I am just the driver of our dream car but she fuels the engine which ensures I am able to drive so far.

Q 10: What are your future business plans and where do you see yourself in 2 to 3 years? In the future would you continue blogging or would quit it?

Blogging is just one wheel of my multiple income streams (MSI), I am already running all include 9 MSI.

Currently working as Full-time Software engineer as based in England, so would like to continue but in near future will start own coaching and consulting brand business.

Where would love to train young entrepreneurs on how to ignite their dreams to build an online business from scratch. 

That includes all ways including Blogging, affiliate marketing, or selling their own online business building their own brand.

Very soon, will be launching a company with my own community.

As far as quitting blogging, I never focused on just write merely content and publish online. I always focused on how to publish or broadcast content that makes money.

Q 11: With YouTube and Podcast on the rise, does blogging and content writing still have scope in future?

YouTube and podcasts are for those who love audio content and as long as Google exists blogging can not be dead.

For specific queries, the results displayed in Google are coming from most blogs.

I still prefer getting answers from Google as due to SEO only best content rank in top which answer user query.

However, anyone can manipulate the ranking in YouTube with a clickbait thumbnail, so the chances you will get an answer to your query in one go is not guaranteed in YouTube but for sure accurate answer in Google via blog.

I recently published a case study on Zero click searches there you will find the searches in Google increased from 2 trillion in 2019 to 5 Trillion in 2020.

So more people are started using the internet and obvious each one of us has a different taste of consuming content, few prefer video while others go for textual content like a blog.

So it’s a never-ending niche and will remain forever but I highly recommend you to must leverage all the platforms.

Q 12: Can you tell me some trends of SEO and blogging according to you?

SEO is all about quality Content and Backlinks.

These days google more focusing on user experiences, so make sure your site has the best UX and UI features.

In addition, focus on the intent of the keyword and cover detailed analysis around that topic.

But don’t try to stuff the keyword as with BERT algorithm Google understand keyword or its phrases more than ever.

In addition, stay away from shady link-building techniques specially PBN, and try to avoid link exchange and focus on organic link building.

Q 13: Give some motivation to my blog readers on how they can achieve the success they dreamt of in blogging?

You are not merely creating a website like others instead treat the blog as your business, like building your own digital property. 

Which you can sell later or offer services around that blog.

In addition, if you will try to become somebody then one day you will become nobody.

So separate yourself from the crowd and build your dream business for long-term strategy.

Q14: Some testimonials about my blog questionblogging, good things, and what I should work on?

Nishant is working hard to collaborate with Bloggers and affiliate marketers to bring awesome learning from industry experts.

Your blog has the potential to guide beginners to paved the right path in a blogging career, all the best !!

Bottom Line

Kirtish Vyas sir is one of the most genuine and hardworking people in this digital marketing sector.

Through his content, he always tries to help beginners to make a mark in this blogging world.

I personally love to watch his content on YouTube, read his valuable blog posts, etc.

And I would like to really thank Kirtish sir so much for helping me out in the initial stages of my blogging journey.

Now, at last, tell me which part of this interview you liked the most.

Through the comment box given below????

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