Exclusive Interview With Kulwant Nagi – Pro Blogger And Affiliate Marketer

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Expert Talks Interview series.

In this episode, we have the Pro Blogger and Affiliate Marketer, Kulwant Nagi, with us.

I am super excited to interview Kulwant sir on my blog.

So, without any further ado let’s jump straight in.

Who is Kulwant Nagi?

Kulwant Nagi Interview - Pro Blogger and Affiliate Marketer
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Kulwant Nagi is a pro blogger and affiliate marketer from India.

He is one oldest member of the Indian blogging community.

He has started his blogging journey in 2011 and after that, he never looked back again.

Kulwant sir is a mentor to me, his perspective has changed my thinking about blogging.

First I thought of blogging as a way to earn quick money but after listening to him I now treat it as a full-time business.

At last, I would like to thank Kulwant sir for giving me this opportunity to interview him.

Now let’s jump to the interview questions.

Expert Talks #5 – Interview with Kulwant Nagi (Bloggingcage.com)

Benefits of reading this interview

If you’ll read this interview till the end you would get to know about:

  • Learn the right mindset to get success in life.
  • Get insights about Kulwant Nagi’s schedule
  • Future Trends about blogging
  • Is blogging dead or is still alive?

Now, Enjoy this

Q1. Kulwant Sir, please give a brief about yourself and your story to Question Blogging readers?

Kulwant Nagi Interview - Pro Blogger and Affiliate Marketer
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Hi, my name is Kulwant Nagi I am from a very small town in Haryana.

I started my blogging career in 2011 when I was looking for some make-money-online opportunities. 

After doing research for three months I found the word blogging and I started my blogging career in September 2011.

First three years I did not make any money, and in 2014 I made 20 lakh rupees.  Once I had the money I became unstoppable and till now I have made $700,000 with the help of affiliate marketing.

Q 2. Can you please my readers about your daily schedule, how you stay motivated while staying at home and doing work?

To be very honest, my daily schedule was very much cluttered around 2-3 months back. I used to get up at 9:30 AM, had breakfast, and ultimately start my daily routine.

I was wasting so much of my time during the trivial task, and ultimately I was not getting the desired results. 

But in the last 2 months, I have changed my schedule completely. These days I am getting up at 6:30 a.m. and the very first thing I do in the morning is to have 5 different types of fruits.

Once I have them, after 15 to 20 minutes I have 6 to 7 Almonds and few Walnuts.  And now during the morning time, I read 15 to 20 pages every single day. After that, I do my breakfast, and we start our office at 11:00 a.m. 

Here is one of my habits that is making me productive –  I have a good habit to not touch my digital devices before 9 a.m.

Because morning time is your most energetic time and if you waste that time scrolling your newsfeed, reading your emails, and checking Instagram then ultimately you will end up wasting a lot of energy in the early hours.

I keep myself motivated by reading a lot of success stories and by talking to my friends who are doing amazing work in their field.

Q3. Tell me some of your secret mantras to get success in affiliate marketing?

So the secret of success not only in affiliate marketing but every feed of life is – do one thing. 

Most people are occupied with so many things that they scatter their energy, and ultimately they end up getting no results. 

If you really want to bring some big changes in your life, then start focusing on one thing at a time.

Q 4. Give three best solutions to the two biggest problems faced by new bloggers that are “Traffic” and “Backlinks”?

Traffic and backlinks are something that you earn with your efforts.  Blogging is not about just writing the article and waiting for the backlinks and traffic.

If you really want to make money with blogging, then you will have to put in some extra effort to make the backlinks.

Because that is how Google is going to give the authority to your blog, and you are going to get the traffic.

Q 5. Can you tell me about your affiliate booster theme?

Affiliate booster theme is a theme created for the affiliate marketers in this theme you are going to get schema optimized platform microdata features and ultimately very fast speed which is going to make Google happy.

Affiliate booster has a plugin where we have created 25 pre-made blocks which you can insert in your affiliate blogs with just one click.

Our blocks are going to help you to increase your CTR, which ultimately is going to increase your sales.

Q 6. Can you tell some tools that you can’t live without and their free alternative for newbies?

One tool without which I can’t believe is monday.com.

We use monday.com to assign the task to our team members, and all of our team members are very much comfortable with this tool right now.  The free alternative of monday.com is Trello.

Here are a few more tools I use:

  1. Loom screen recorder
  2. Rock.so
  3. Notion
  4. Todoist

Q 7. Please tell some reasons why our young generation starts something but quits it afterward?

The young generation is very much fascinated by seeing people on social media.

They always consume what they see, but they are never trying to know the backstage story. 

If you are seeing anyone doing good on Instagram on YouTube on Facebook or any other social media platform, try to find out that why has he or she become so successful.

What is the effort he or she is putting to deliver that content to you? 

People are not ready to know the backstage stories, and they are always fascinated with the success, with the fame, with the money.

So, they look for the shortcuts to make their life amazing and to generate extra money by putting in the minimum possible effort.

One thing you should remember,

“Success has no shortcuts”

If you want to bring some change in your life, you’ll have to put in some extra effort to make things work.

Q 8. What is the role of mindset in achieving something in life according to you?

Your mindset is everything.

What you feed your mind gives you back, if you feed the negative thoughts it will give you the negative life. If you feed yourself with positive thoughts, then it will give you a positive life.

Q 9. People have started saying “Blogging is dead, don’t start blogging in 2024”. Do you think with content forms like reels, videos and podcast blogging would exist in future or not?

When I started my blogging career in 2011 those days people were saying that blogging is dead. 

But without listening to all those people, I started my blog and made it successful, and generated a lot of money just by writing articles.

Now we’re sitting in 2024 right now and this is the time of the video, but I see the text content is never going to die.

If someone is sitting in his classroom, he or she can never play the video, all they have to do is just open the article and read the content. If you are sitting in any conference, you cannot play the video on YouTube.

So you open the article start reading, and there are so many cases there are so many circumstances where it is not possible to watch the video.

All you have is do is just read the content and consume the information.

Q 10. Give Some tips for newbies to succeed in blogging?

Be consistent, be ready to learn, and always be ready to experiment with new things.

Q 11. Last but not the least, Please tell 5 future trends in blogging and SEO in 2024 and beyond?

Here are 5 future trends in blogging and SEO according to me:

  • Video trends are going to increase.
  • The health niche is going to grow.
  • Work from home is going to distrupt the market.
  • Crypto is going to become mainstream.
  • AI content creation is going to make the things easier.

The END!

Kulwant Sir is a great blogger and human being, his valuable piece of advice has helped me a lot in my blogging career.

You can follow him on his social media if you want to get a regular dose of blogging and marketing tips.

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Twitter – Kulwant Nagi

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At last, tell me which part of this interview do you liked the most?

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