Exclusive Interview With Shakil – A Passive Blogger And Affiliate Marketer

Blogging is a great way to make a passive income while doing a job or study.

And today I am going to interview such a passive blogger who is making handsome money blogging working passively along with his studies.

In this post, I will do an interview with Shakil who is a part-time blogger and affiliate marketer.

Let’s dive right in.

Who is FD Shakil?

Exclusive Interview With Shakil - A Passive Blogger and Affiliate Marketer
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FD Shakil is an owner of Passive Blogger who does blogging and affiliate marketing part-time.

Through his blog, he provides quality blogging tutorials that help new bloggers to make a living online with blogging.

His blogging journey is one of the inspiring one and you should definitely read it once it would surely give you motivation to not quite blogging.

Click here to know about his story.

Thanks, Shakil for giving me this interview.

Now let’s jump to the interview questions.

Expert Talks #11 – An Interview with Shakil (Passiveblogger.com)

Read this interview with Shakil till the end to know how you can make money online while working part-time.

Let’s dive to the first question.

Q1. Shakil, Can you tell in brief your blogging story and how you started the passiveblogger.com?

First of all, Thanks Nishant for having me to share my story here. 

Hello Everyone, this is Fd Shakil a 23 years old Part-Time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer, and Founder of Passive Blogger.

My story begins back in 2018 when I first came up with passive income. And I started my first blog in 2018 on Blogspot and the same year I started another blog with WordPress but I failed. 

After failing two blogs I started an Amazon affiliate blog back in 2019 on 24th March and it was successful. I got motivated, and I decided to build another blog to help people start a blog and make money blogging.

On October 15th, 2020 I started Passive Blogger and started pursuing blogging to the next level. This is how Passive Blogger was born.

Q2. Can you tell me the story of your first successful blog? What niche it was in?

As I mentioned earlier, After failing two blogs I started an Amazon affiliate website back in 2019. It was successful because of the niche I had chosen, I have good feelings and interests. 

The niche was in (Photography). You know what?

In my free time, I love photography and traveling. And I built the blog around the topic, so I never feel bored in writing. This was the main reason I made the blog successful.

Q3. How do you drive traffic to your blog? Can you give your personal traffic generation tips to my blog readers?

In my case, I mostly drive traffic to my blog from search engines via SEO. After trying some of the methods I found organic (search traffic) works best in affiliate convert. 

I also started focusing on social traffic via Facebook page or group (join Passive Blogger), Twitter, and Quora.

My top suggestion for your readers is to (write for readers and solve readers issues using long-tail keywords). 

Q4. Tell me your blog writing process, from keyword research to editing?

I keep it simple; I use these five steps to write blog posts on Passive Blogger. 

  • Figure Out What My Reader’s problem (keyword research)
  • Make a Rough & Good Outline
  • Complete my First Draft (as soon as possible)
  • Using Writing tools (Google Docs, Grammarly)
  • Write First, then Edit

Pretty much the process I’ve been using to write all my blog posts. Before I start writing I do keyword research according to my readers’ help. 

Q5. Do you build backlinks for your blog? Mention some techniques that you use to build backlinks for your blog

I often build backlink only if I get a backlink opportunity. In my cases I use only 3 methods;

1. Guest Blog Post: I often write guest posts only if I found a relevant and authoritative site. But It is a heavy task but you get a good quality backlink. 

2. Link Exchange: Link exchange is the fastest way to create a quality backlink.

3. Blog Commenting: I read a lot of other blogs in my niche. I only comment if I find great content. I think it’s not worth much.

You can try these methods, hopefully, this works best for me.

Q6. Can you tell me your schedule, what you do all day? Also, are you do blogging full time or part time with some job?

I start my day at 6:00 AM, then I spend one hour on myself, like Reading books, a bit of exercise, and meditation. Then from 7:00 to 10:00 AM, I write for my blog.

This is how I get started with my day. OH! One thing I forgot to mention is that I’m a university student and study marketing. So after 10:00 am I often have class or other academic stuff. 

In the evening I focus on blog promotion, networking, and more pretty much all of that. 

So, now your question: Am I blogging full-time or part-time with some job? 

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I do blogging part-time.

Q7. What are you take on AI content and copywriting tools? Is it worth spending a dime or not?

I never ever use any AI tools to create blog content. I write it manually so that I can feel connected with my readers. 

AI is in every sector but it never can do 100% of the job.

The same thing in the content AI tool, It does some tasks for sure but you have to do the rest to make user-friendly content.

So, before starting using AI tools, be good at blog writing. If you’re able to write well, then you can use AI to save some time. 

I believe that AI content tools are worth it but before spending money on AI tools, spend it on yourself. Spend it on how you can write better content without AI tools.

I won’t recommend beginners to use AI tools, if they are used to AI, they will never be good blog writers. 

Q8. Can you tell me how you kept yourself motivated through your blogging journey?

Set goals and take challenges, this is my motivation to keep active in my blogging journey.

Q9. Can you give some effective blogging writing tips to write persuasive blog post?

1. Read other successful blogs to understand how they write. 

2. Write Regularly

3. Use Writing tools to polish your writing (like Grammarly, Hemingway editor) 

Q10. Mention some of your favorite blogging tools that you use daily and also mention its free alternatives?

Well, there are some of my favorite blogging tools I use daily for Blogging.

  • Semrush for Keyword Research 
  • Google Docs for writing
  • Grammarly for proofreading
  • Hemingway App for polish writing 

Q11. Do you do networking and can you mention some tips on how a newbie can network with a pro blogger?

Yes, I do networking with same-minded people. To connect with Pro Bloggers, you can do… 

  • Use Social media (join Facebook Group in your niche)
  • Write Guest Post (for free for long term benefits)
  • Give Backlink (told them you give a link)

Q12. What are your take on guest blogging? Is it still valid in 2024 or is not worth it?

Guest Blogging is the best way to connect with other blog readers. It grows your blog popularity. 

When You write a blog post on an established blog, technically you get your blog name on that site and backlink as well. People will visit your site by knowing your blog name or via referral (backlink).

So, Is it still valid in 2024 or is it not worth it? 

Yeah, It is still worth it in 2024. But guest blogging is a heavy task and takes a long time to approach someone. 

Q14. Now comes the money question. Can you tell me your montly earning from all the digital work that you do? Can you share some screenshots

There are tons of ways people can make money blogging, but for me, I earn mostly via affiliate marketing. Also sponsor post, Content writing services (in free time). And All the digital work I earn Approx $700 to $1000. 

Q15. What are your future plans in this online world?

My plan is to explore digital marketing and building business around it. And of course, I will do blogging full time. 

Q16. Give some testimonial or opinion about my blog question blogging?

Your blog (Question Blogging) looks amazing to me. It has good quality content and a clean blog design. 

Also, Nishant is a good guy and he consistently brings valuable content for readers. Once again, thanks for having me, and Wish you very good luck for you and your blog.

The END!

Shakil is a perfect example for those who really want to make money online however they give excuses about their condition.

So, instead of giving excuses, Shakil took real action, and now he makes a handsome living online.

Now I would like to hear from you which part of this interview do you like the most?

Let me know your favorite part in the comments down below.

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