Semrush Affiliate Program Review 2023! – Is It Worth The Hype?

Semrush Affiliate Program (Berush) Review


Semrush affiliate program popularly known as Berush is a great affiliate program that you can use to make income from your blog.

If you are a blogger, affiliate marketer, funnel hacker or more then you can promote it to make money online.

However, Semrush is a high ticket product and there is a lot of competition around it so making a decent income from it won’t be a cakewalk for you.

However, once you start making money from it then there is no way back. For SURE!


Semrush is my favorite SEO tool of all time!

It is not a single tool but a bunch of tools that you can use to take your online journey to the next level.

Semrush is a great SEO tool but what’s greater is its affiliate program (BeRush) which you can use to earn a passive income through your blog.

And in this article, I am going to review the Semrush Affiliate Program and tell you that is it worth promoting in 2024?

So, let’s get started.

What is Semrush? (All in one Digital Marketing Tool)

Semrush is the go-to tool for all internet marketers around the world.

Many people think of it as an SEO or keyword research tool. However, Semrush has tools for all the fields of internet marketing ranging from SEO to PPC.

Semrush comes with more than 50+ tools in it which you can use to take your internet marketing journey to the next level.

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And all of these tools are categorized into different toolkits according to the purpose of the tool.

Semrush has in total 7 toolkits which are:

  • SEO Toolkit – Consists of competitor’s research tools, keyword research tools, link building tools, and more. It would surely help you improve your website’s SEO.
  • Local SEO Toolkit – Comes with all the tools that you need to take your local SEO campaign to the next level. It comes with tools such as list management, post tracking, and more.
  • Advertising Toolkit – It comes with market analysis tools, PPC keyword research tools, ad tracking tools, and more. All these tools would help you make the max out of your advertising efforts.
  • Social media toolkit – Comes with all the tools which would help grow your social media account from scratch.
  • Content Marketing Toolkit – Comes with tools such as SEO content template tool, SEO writing assistant, brand monitoring tool, and more which would help you create awesome content and distribute it properly too.
  • .Trends – It is basically a Semrush version of Similarweb where you can do market research, gain insights from your competitors, and more.
  • Agency Toolkit – Comes with all the tools that you need to run and scale your agency online.

You easily try all the tools of Semrush without giving a dime by taking the 7-day Free Semrush Trial.

You can read my unbiased Semrush review to know more about this tool.

Why you should use Semrush tool?

There are several reasons why you should use Semrush in your online marketing journey. 

And I can’t talk about all of them in this article.

So, here are some major reasons why you should use the Semrush tool:

  • You can easily find a bunch of low-hanging keywords for your blog with the Semrush Keyword Magic tool.
  • Helps you easily find the working things of your competitors and replicate them on your blog.
  • Helps you make social media content, track your social media efforts and make your social media ads under one roof.
  • Easily find backlink opportunities for your blog with the Semrush Link building tool.
  • You can easily amplify results out of your content marketing campaign with the Semrush content marketing toolkit.

Who use Semrush Tool?

Semrush tool is not only used by bloggers or SEOs out there but by people working in various fields of digital marketing.

Here are some people who use the Semrush tool:

  • Bloggers and SEOs
  • PPC marketers
  • Content marketers
  • Social media content creators
  • Agency owners
  • Content writers and more…

What is Semrush Affiliate Program (BeRush)? – – – Is it the best source of passive income?

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Semrush Affiliate Program which is popularly known as BeRush is an affiliate program of a popular digital marketing tool Semrush where you get a huge commission of $200 on every sale you get through your affiliate link.

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According to me the best thing about this affiliate program is the hefty $200 commission that you get when someone buys a Semrush subscription from your affiliate link.

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You just have to create awesome content on your blog, social media handles, and more around Semrush, and when someone buys any Semrush plan (Pro, Guru, or Business) from your affiliate link then you would get a commission.

Things to keep in mind – Adult, Gambling, and Coupon website are not allowed to promote the Semrush affiliate program.

Pros and Cons of Semrush Affiliate Program


  • Comes with a hefty commission rate of $200 per sale.
  • You will get paid for every stage of the funnel.
  • Comes with an awesome affiliate dashboard from Impact Radius.
  • The support staff is always there to help you with your affiliate problems.
  • Semrush is one of the trusted SEO and digital marketing tool in the market.
  • This affiliate program is free to join.
  • Free trials are provided to every Semrush affiliate (Starting from the 7-day trial).
  • A lot of affiliate contests are there for affiliates.
  • You can easily promote Semrush affiliate links to your social media account, email lists, and more.
  • Comes with a 120 days cookie duration.


  • It is a high ticket product for which you won’t get sales easily.
  • A lot of affiliates are promoting it which means high competiton.
  • You have to fulfill some requirements to get approved by the Semrush affiliate program.

How does Semrush Affiliate Program work?

Here is a short and sweet explanation of how the Semrush affiliate program works:

1. Join

To promote the Semrush affiliate program, you first have to join it.

Semrush affiliate program or BeRush has now shifted to Impact Radius to provide a seamless experience to its affiliates.

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So, to promote Semrush, you first have to join its affiliate program through Impact Radius and if they approve your application then you can start promoting it.

I have told the whole process of joining the Semrush affiliate program through Impact Radius later in this article.

So, stay tuned!

2. Promote

Next after getting approval from Semrush Affiliate Program you have to get your affiliate links and start promoting them.

For getting affiliate links in Impact Radius you first have to go to the Ads and links option under the content tab.

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After that click on the brand tab, choose Semrush, and click on the search option to get its affiliate links.

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Next, you can choose the Ad (Affiliate link) type for example I have chosen a text link because I want to add it to my blog and social media posts.

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You can choose other ad types according to your needs.

Next, you have to click on the get code option and after that just click on the copy code button to copy the affiliate link.

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You can also choose HTML if you want to display the affiliate link in form of a sidebar banner on your website.

Along with that, you get the advanced tracking of your affiliate links, promo codes, and other essential details of the Semrush affiliate program on Impact radius.

3. Make sales

At last, you’ll be paid by Semrush for every user who has bought a Semrush subscription from your affiliate link.

You’ll get a $200 commission for every new subscription you provide to them.

Pro tip – Making sales is not rocket science you just have to provide valuable content to your audience, tell them how the product will help them and you will get some sales coming in.

Also, to give your readers an honest review of this tool should definitely get your hands to Semrush through 7 days free trial.

How to join Semrush Affiliate Program?

As I have told you that the Semrush affiliate program has been moved to Impact radius and added some requirements to join their affiliate program which are:

  • Have a website or social media handle with 1k followers or traffic.
  • Write about SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC, and more.
  • Regularly update your blog posts.
  • Don’t only promote by email list.
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If you fulfill all these criteria then you would have no problem joining this affiliate program.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how you can join the Semrush affiliate program:

Step 1 – Click here to go to the Semrush affiliate program page on Impact Radius.

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Step 2 – After that, you have to fill in your information, company information, promotion information, and more.

First, in your information section, you have to fill in your personal information like full name, email, and more.

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Next in the company information section, here you have to add your display name, country, website URL, and more.

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At last in the promotion information section, you have to choose the methods you would use to promote Semrush affiliate program like SEO, email marketing, social media, and more.

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You can even join the Semrush affiliate program with the help of your social media account only.

For that, you just have to scroll on the top and click on sign up with your social media account.

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And if you have an account on Impact then you can log into it and from there you can join the Semrush affiliate program.

For example, they provide $0.01 for new signup, $10 for every new trial, and a freaking $200 commission on every new Semrush subscription.

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After you have filled in all your information you have to click on the signup button.

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After that, you would get a mail to confirm your affiliate account and once you are done with it you have to wait for 24 hours to know if you have got the approval or not.

After getting the approval of the Semrush affiliate program you have to complete your Impact profile and the payment information so that you could get paid without any problem.

Why you should join Semrush Affiliate Program? (7 Awesome benefits)

Semrush affiliate program is ♥.

There are several reasons why you should join the Semrush affiliate program but it is impossible to cover all of them in a single article.

So, here are 7 major reasons why you should join the Semrush affiliate program:

1. Bunch of wonderful tools

Semrush is not a single tool but a bunch of more than 50 tools so whatever type of audience you have in the digital marketing niche everybody would love to use Semrush.

Here are some tools that you get in Semrush:

  • PPC Keyword research tool.
  • Keyword magic tool.
  • Competitive research tools.
  • Content gap and backlink gap tool (To see which topics or backlinks your blog don’t have but your competitor has).
  • Semrush sensor to monitor Google updates.
  • Technical SEO audit tools (To fix technical errors on your website).
  • And the list goes on and on and on…

It makes it easier for you to promote this product to your audience as they would get all the tools they need for their digital marketing business under one roof which would help them save some cash.

And helps you get more sales too!

You should definitely get its 7-day free trial to experience all the Semrush tools to their fullest.

2. 120 Days Cookie period

Semrush comes with a 120 days cookie duration.

This means that you would get a commission if the user would buy any Semrush plan in 120 days after he or she first clicked your Semrush affiliate link.

Also, this affiliate program works on the “Last-click attribution model” which means that if a user first clicks on your Semrush affiliate link and then buys a Semrush subscription from some other affiliate link then the commission would be given the last affiliate link owner.

In the past Semrush affiliate program worked on the “First click cookie wins model” which was not good according to me.

Glad to see that they have changed it now.

3. $200 per subscription

Till now many articles on the Semrush affiliate program tell you that you get a 40% recurring commission with this affiliate program.

However, this is not the case anymore because due to high competiton Semrush now gives a single-time payment of $200 on every new subscription.

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Yes, I know that it is not good as recurring commissions but now by generating a single sale for Semrush would help you get a huge commission of $200.

Also, you get a commission of $10 when someone enrolls for a Semrush FREE trial from your affiliate link.

Which is like the icing on the cake.

4. A lot of wonderful contests

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Semrush regularly organizes contests for their affiliates which is a great way to earn some cash and popularity among other bloggers.

In the past Semrush organized a lot more contests but nowadays due to the increase in affiliates they have lessened it.

However, still, they organize enough contests which you should definitely take part in. 

I have too participated in these contests but failed to win them ????.

5. A lot of FREE Trials

Semrush offers a lot of free trials to its users which can be of different duration such as 7 days, 14 days, or even 30 days too.

It is a great way to earn more sales for Semrush affiliates.

Also, you can extend the trial duration from 7 days to 14 days to even 30 days based on how many sales you have generated for Semrush.

6. Absolutely awesome customer support

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Semrush comes with awesome customer support for its users and affiliates too.

You can market this point to your readers to gain more affiliate sales and also you can take their help in case you have some problem related to their affiliate program.

7. Easy to use dashboard

Impact offers an intuitive and beginner-friendly dashboard to its affiliates.

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You can easily track affiliate sales, generate affiliate links and do more such things easily there.

Who should join the Semrush Affiliate program? (And who shouldn’t)

Semrush affiliate program is a great way for bloggers to earn some cash but the sad truth is that it is not for everyone.

Here are some people who should join this affiliate program and who shouldn’t: 

Who should join?

Here are some people who should join the Semrush affiliate program:

  • Bloggers who blog about blogging – Semrush affiliate program is like gold for bloggers who blog about blogging. If you are one of those bloggers then go for it.
  • Affiliate Marketers – For all the affiliate marketers out there Semrush affiliate program is a great way to make money by promoting this tool to your audience.
  • PPC Marketers – PPC marketers can also join this affiliate program, design a landing page to promote it, and run ads to get sales.
  • YouTubers – YouTubers can also join this affiliate program, make videos around it, add its affiliate link to the description, and make some sales.

Who shouldn’t join?

Here are some people who shouldn’t join the Semrush affiliate program:

  • Adult Website owners – If you are an adult website owner then please stay away from this affiliate program.
  • Gambling website owners – Gambling-type websites are not allowed in the Semrush affiliate program either.
  • Coupon website owners – Coupon-based website owners are strictly prohibited to join this affiliate program as Semrush doesn’t provide any kind of coupons.
  • Less than 18 years of old – To join this affiliate program you should be at least 18 years old.
  • No self-referrals – Self-referrals are strictly not allowed in this affiliate program and it can lead to a termination of your affiliate account.

Ways to promote Semrush affiliate program (And drive sales)!

Now after knowing what the Semrush affiliate program is and how you can join it now it’s time to know how you can promote it to your audience to drive sales.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to promote Semrush Affiliate Program:

1. Write Amazing reviews

Writing amazing reviews around Semrush is a great way to generate more sales and earn some cash for yourself.

However, writing awesome reviews that could bring in more sales requires more than just writing.

To do that your review article should be persuasive, on point, and contain a lot of screenshots.

Here are some tips to write awesome review articles:

  • Cut out unnecessary fluff from your articles.
  • Add memes, videos, screenshots, and more to your review articles.
  • Add clicky CTAs to drive more sales.
  • Craft a great intro and conclusion for your review articles.
  • Add great subheadings to your review articles so that your readers would read your article till the end.

2. Incorporate Semrush into your in-depth guide

Not only review articles but in-depth guides are also a great way to generate more affiliate sales.

I know that in-depth guides are more of an informational type of content rather than a promotional one but they can help you make your audience aware of the product you are promoting.

Here are some tips to properly add products to your in-depth guides:

  • Provide a step-by-step tutorial on how your audience can use the product you are promoting.
  • Don’t promote products aggressively in step-by-step guides because it is for informational purposes.
  • Add the word “Free” in CTAs if the free trial is available for the product.
  • Make your guides in-depth and knowledgeable for your audience.

3. Distribute FREE E-book or Course

You can promote your Semrush affiliate links by making a Free ebook or course around Semrush for your audience.

You can add its affiliate links to your ebook or course at various places and when someone buys a Semrush plan from it then you would get a commission.

Anil Agarwal sir has used this tactic to generate a lot of Semrush sales by providing a lot of free courses to his audience.

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4. Make a free course for your Email list

Similar to free ebooks you can also create a free course for your email list around Semrush.

The email list is one of the most precious audiences for any blogger or marketer out there. It gives one of the highest ROI out of all the other digital marketing channels like ads, SEO, and more.

Do you know that the average CTR for Emails is around 2 to 5% and on the other hand the CTR for social media ads is 1.3%?

So, focus on building your email list from today!

5. Promote it on social media

Social media is another superb way to promote your Semrush affiliate links and get some sales.

I know that the average CTR of social media posts is not that high but if you provide awesome content to your social media audience then they will surely buy from your affiliate links.

Semrush pricing and commission structure (7-days Guru Trial Included)

Semrush tool is quite affordable when you compare it with the features it provides.

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Here are the monthly pricing of Semrush plans:

  • Pro – $119.95/month
  • Guru – $229.95/month
  • Business – $449.95/month

Along with the monthly plans, Semrush offers annual plans too which come at a flat 17% discount.

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Here is the yearly pricing of Semrush plans:

  • Pro – $99.95/month
  • Guru – $191.62/month
  • Business – $374.95/month

To know more about the Semrush pricing plans you can click here.

The commission structure of Semrush is quite straight forward they give flat $200 to its affiliates for each new subscription, $10 for trial activation, and $0.01 for every new user registration.

What Pro Affiliates are saying about Semrush Affiliate Program?

Before telling you what pro affiliates say about the Semrush affiliate program let’s first see the earning of pro affiliates from this affiliate program.

Here are the earnings of Anil Agarwal from the Semrush Affiliate program.

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And here is the earning of Ankit Singla from the Semrush affiliate program.

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Along with that here is a video testimonial of Ankit Singla about Berush affiliate program.

Now here are some testimonials of the Semrush affiliate program from pro affiliate marketers.

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Top Semrush Affiliate Program Alternatives

Nowadays getting approval from the Semrush affiliate program has become a lot tougher than it was in the past.

It is due to the increase in the number of Semrush affiliates.

So, if you haven’t got approval from the Semrush affiliate program then don’t lose hope.

Just try its alternatives!

Here are my four favorite Semrush affiliate program alternatives that you can join:

1. Mangools Affiliate Program

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Mangools affiliate program is my favorite Semrush affiliate program alternative.

It is a set of 5 SEO tools which consists of:

  • KWFinder
  • SERPChecker
  • SERPWatcher
  • LinkMiner
  • SiteProfiler

Mangools provides you all the tools you need to improve your website’s SEO at one of the cheapest prices in the market.

You can try its 10 days free trial to get a feel of its tools before investing in one of its paid plans.

The best part of this affiliate program is that you don’t need to get approval to promote it.

You just have to make an affiliate account on Mangools and after that, you can promote it.

It gives you a flat 30% recurring commission on all its sales.

Benefits of Mangools Affiliate Program

  • One of the cheapest SEO tools in the whole market.
  • To promote this tool you don’t need to get its approval.
  • Comes with a 10-day free trial to test the tools.
  • You get 30% recurring commissions for a lifetime.

2. Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

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Long Tail Pro is one of the favorite tools for bloggers to find long-tail keywords for their blog easily.

Just like Mangools you get 5 SEO tools with Long Tail Pro which are:

  • Keyword Research tool
  • SERP Analysis
  • Rank Tracker
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Site Audit

Despite all the tools present in it, Long Tail Pro is majorly known for its long-tail keyword research tool which helps you find long-tail keywords easily.

You can easily join the long tail pro affiliate program through Post Affiliate Pro which gives you a 30% recurring commission on every sale.

Benefits of Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

  • Helps you easily find long-tail keywords for your blog.
  • 30% recurring commission per sale.
  • You get a lot of affiliate materials like landing pages, text links, and more.
  • Trusted by bloggers and SEOs around the world.

3. Serpstat Affiliate Program

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Serpstat is a growth hacking tool for SEOs and PPC marketers around the world.

Similar to Semrush, Serpstat consists of a bunch of tools to be precise 30 tools for SEO and PPC marketers.

Here are some of the tools present in Serpstat:

  • Competitor analysis for both SEO and paid ads.
  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • Keyword rank tracking tools.
  • Site audit and on-page audit tool.
  • SERP crawling service and a lot more…

So, if you want an alternative to the Semrush affiliate program then make sure to give the Serpstat affiliate program a try.

Serpstat gives you a 10% recurring affiliate commission which can be increased up to 30% as you get more sales for Serpstat.

Benefits of Serpstat Affiliate Program

  • You get up to 30% recurring commission with this affiliate program.
  • They give their affiliates a lot of bonuses if you drive sales for them.
  • You get superb support to help you out with your affiliate problems.
  • Comes with 30+ tools for both SEO and PPC marketers.

4. SpyFu Affiliate Program

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SpyFu affiliate program is another great alternative to the Semrush affiliate program.

Spyfu is keyword research and competitive analysis tool for both SEOs and PPC marketers.

The database of this tool comes with 13 years of Google’s data which helps you get low-hanging keywords easily.

Spyfu consists of 6 tools which are:

  • SEO Research tool
  • PPC Research tool
  • Keyword Research tool
  • Backlink Research tool
  • Keyword rank tracking tool
  • Competitive Analysis tool

In the SpyFu affiliate program, you get 40% recurring commissions for life and come with an average conversion rate of 2.5% which is great.

Benefits of SpyFu Affiliate Program

  • A superb competitive analysis tool for both SEOs and PPC marketers.
  • Comes with a 40% recurring commission for life.
  • The average conversion rate of SpyFu is 2.5% which is great.
  • You will get paid twice a month in this affiliate program.
  • 1 year of cookie duration is there with the SpyFu affiliate program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Semrush affiliate program is free to join. You just have to sign up for its affiliate program through Impact Radius.

Semrush affiliate program is now hosted on Impact radius where you can set the payout date for your commissions.

The payment threshold for it is $50.

Yes, you can earn a good amount of money from the Semrush affiliate program.

For that, you just have to create awesome content around Semrush and for each new sale, you would get $200.

Semrush affiliate program pays you a flat $200 for each new sale through your affiliate link.

There are two payment methods of the Semrush affiliate program which are Paypal and wired transfer

Yes for sure Semrush affiliate program is much better than the Amazon affiliate program because they provide you a much higher commission per sale.

Over to you!

Making money with the Semrush affiliate program is not easy because of the rising competition in it.

However, if you make great content around Semrush on your blog then you would definitely see sales coming in.

Tell me in the comments that have you started promoting Semrush through your blog or are you planning to join it?

One request, please share this blog post on social media so that it can help more bloggers like you????

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