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  1. Great analysis Nishant. I like how you have explained every bit to the minute detail!
    If you’re to take blogging seriously, take a step ahead and invest. These are some of the hard truths I had to learn before I had to switch.
    My blog on blogger falsely got shut down after being erroneously flagged as spam by the bots (Though I later got it back) That was an eye opener. Switching to WordPress, I’ve seen a tremendous spike in my SEO efforts.
    More control of my site as you have mentioned in this article.

    1. Thanks for your precious comment. Your experience is proof why you shouldn’t start a blog on blogger and go with WordPress. It is because WordPress gives you features, security, and full control of your website. Whereas blogger doesn’t give any of them full.

  2. Hi Nishant is hands down the best platform for blogging.

    I also started my first and only blog on WordPress and am fully satisfied with it.

    You have also done a great job with this post by comparing both WordPress and Blogger in the right ways.

    Amit Garg

    1. Hey Amit bro,

      Thanks for your valuable comment. Yes, I totally agree with you that WordPress blogs are truly awesome. I am still proud of my decision of shifting my blog to WordPress from blogger

  3. Blogging has been a great program for many people irrespective of their job and career. Yes, I have personally trained engineers, accountants, and even, artist to start their own blogging career. And most of them are earning a decent income from their niche-based blogging. But, still, there are so many people who think Blogging is just about starting a blog on the Google Blogger Platform.
    Since there is not enough awareness and marketing as Google does, people are pushed in the wrong direction. I am not saying it as a wrong, but, most difficult path. These types of articles are required nowadays to shed some light on starting a professional blogging business.
    Thanks for this great informative article.

    1. Thanks, Myilraj bro for commenting on my blog post. Yes, it is true that to make a successful blog on blogger is super tough nowadays and if you really want to start blogging as a career then you need WordPress to make your blog.

      Thanks again and keep visiting.